Republican Lies Rejected: 73% Say Congress Has Done Nothing To Help the American People


A new CNN poll found that the American people aren’t buying what Republicans are selling as 73% of those polled said the GOP has done nothing to address the nation’s problems.

Every demographic group in the poll agreed that this Congress is the worst that they have ever seen in their entire lives. Women, men, African-Americans, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, rich, poor, old young all agree that this Congress is the worst.

The bad news for Republicans is that they aren’t fooling anyone with their rhetoric about doing the work of the American people. 73% of respondents said that this Congress has done nothing to address the nation’s problems. The negativity cuts in every direction. 52% believe Democratic policies would take the country in the wrong direction. 54% believe Republican policies would take the country in the wrong direction, and the same 54% believe President Obama’s policies would take the country in the wrong direction.

It may not look like it, but there is a possible advantage available for the president and the Democrats. While John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and congressional Republicans are trying to convince the American people that doing nothing is a productive political agenda, Democrats are hard at work on a platform for 2014 that is centered on job creation, tax fairness, and raising the minimum wage.

As the healthcare rollout continues to smoothly progress, President Obama’s poll numbers will rebound. The president is still being hurt by the barrage of bad media coverage that surrounded the ACA website rollout, but he also has a growing economy working in his favor. If the economic message takes center stage in 2014, Democrats will be in a great position come Election Day next year.

What this poll reveals is that the American people aren’t stupid. People are paying attention, and they understand obstruction for political gain when they see it. Republicans have been successful in creating the kind of toxic political climate that holds down turnout in a midterm election year, but they have damaged themselves so badly that the Republican brand may be virtually unelectable in 2016. The GOP’s short sighted strategy looks to be dooming them to a best possible outcome of controlling the House and nothing else for years to come.

The more likely scenario is that Democrats run on their jobs, fairness, and anti-income inequality agenda and end up being the only party discussing the issues that voters care about. Republicans should be very worried about these poll numbers. They may think that they are getting what they want, but in reality Republicans are sowing the seeds for Democratic victories for years to come.

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