Ted Cruz Tells a Lie So Big Even Jonathan Karl Can’t Let It Pass

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Even Benghazi email propagandist Jonathan Karl couldn’t let Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) version of the government shutdown pass by without calling it out.

During an interview in which Cruz was named a 2013 This Week “game changer” for his government shutdown and Wacko-Birdness, Jonathan Karl asked the Republican Senator from Texas if his government shutdown was a mistake. Cruz did what the GOP does best; he blamed Obama and the Democrats for his own actions.

“I think it was absolutely a mistake for President Obama and Harry Reid to force a government shutdown,” the freshman Senator said.

Karl couldn’t let that lie sit. It was that big. The conservative Karl, who trained to get conservative messages into the media, reminded Cruz that even Republican John Boehner blamed conservatives for the failed strategy.

Watch here:

Cruz had an answer for Karl. It’s the answer every first grader knows: “I can’t help what other people say.” This implies that Cruz, who made about 2 million for himself while he damaged the Republican Party brand even further than legitimate rape and contempt for the 47% damaged the party, thinks he can avoid taking responsibility for his shutdown of the government by blaming others.

It’s wackobird world, where it was all Cruz’s shutdown when the money was rolling in, but now that it’s been deemed a total fail, he blames Obama and Reid.

“What I want to do is to serve 26 million Texans, I want to do my job. That’s really my focus,” Cruz intoned, wearing his Mr. Smith Went to Washington earnest face. This is the face he dons when he’s selling corporate lies for the 1%. You can tell because his eyebrows go up at his inner brow in a perma-expression of persecution that often accompanies his fundraising efforts.

Do you know why people say mean things about Cruz? Because he’s just like Jesus.

“Nobody should be surprised, if you’re trying to change Washington that the Washington establishment pushes back.” These are words we would expect from the man whose father thinks he’s Esther from the Bible.

In his mind, people are pushing back not because Ted Cruz is wrong, but because he’s so good. But even Jonathan Karl isn’t buying it.

Just when will President Obama take responsibility for that GOP government shutdown, and forcing Ted Cruz to fauxfilibuster for hours anyway? Come on, Mr. President. We all know you make Ted Cruz dance like a puppet for the big money behind “conservative” (aka, corporate) causes.

Image: ABC

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