CNN Disgraces Journalism With Hit Piece That Tries to Get Melissa Harris-Perry Fired


The “new” CNN revealed their true colors today by running a hit piece on Melissa Harris-Perry that is designed to get her fired.

Video of the CNN segment:

CNN claimed that there has been a firestorm of people calling for Melissa Harris-Perry to be fired, but the only evidence they offered was one tweet. The entire segment was a thinly disguised hit job on MSNBC that was intended to pander to the pseudo-Fox News audience that the former cable giant is once again desperately courting.

The CNN piece tied the Harris-Perry flap to Martin Bashir and Alec Baldwin. The point that CNN was trying to drive home was that MSNBC is the home of horrible leftwing extremists. CNN went the full Fox News route, which included the infamous claim that “some people” want Harris-Perry fired. Of course, what the report didn’t say is that CNN itself would like to see the competition that is beating them in the ratings fired too.

CNN’s story was a deplorable piece of television that was intended to pander to the right, and prop up a scandal that is already dead. CNN’s hourlong interview with Glenn Beck last month was the first sign that Jeff Zucker was getting desperate, and ready to swing the network back to being Fox News junior.

The former cable leader is a pathetic shell of itself that is devoid of vision, leadership, and integrity. The fact that Harris-Perry never said what CNN and others are accusing her of saying is irrelevant to the reality challenged Cable News Network. CNN needs ratings, and they are trying to get them with a dishonest attempt to get Melissa Harris-Perry fired.

This is CNN. An absolute disgrace of a network that doesn’t deserve your viewership.

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