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While Lying About Obamacare Mitt Romney Calls President Obama a Dishonest Liar

Mitt Romney resurfaced on Fox News Sunday to call President Obama a dishonest and deceptive liar. The absurdity was compounded by Romney completely lying about the ACA while he attacked the president.


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Romney was asked what bothered him most about Obamacare. He answered, “I don’t like the idea that the government tells people that they have to have a gold plated health insurance policy if they want something that is more specific to their needs. The idea that a 70 year old has to have birth control provisions, or that they have to have maternity coverage. I mean these are the kinds of things that people ought to be able to select on their own, and this is at the heart of the president’s deception and dishonesty with regards to Obamacare. And that is he told people you can keep the insurance you have if you like it, and that was not honest. That was deceptive, and the American people recognize that, and they’re rejecting Obamacare.”

Romney went on to lie about the ACA. He broke out the standard Republican talking points that premiums are going through the roof, people can’t keep their doctors, and they can’t keep their policies. Romney called the ACA a government takeover of healthcare, and claimed with that Obamacare is delaying the economic recovery.

Mitt Romney was lying about the ACA’s impact on the economy. Economists on the left and right agree that the ACA is creating jobs. For example, in California the ACA has created over 100,000 jobs and added $4.4 billion to the state’s economy. An October study by the RAND Corporation found that consumer out of pocket expenses are dropping under the ACA.

It is also a lie that millions are losing their policies. A report by Democrats on the House Energy and Commerce Committee found that of the 4.7 million Americans who received cancelation notices, only 10,000 were going to lose their healthcare. That means that 99.8% of those who received cancelation notices will be able to re up with their existing plans, or they will qualify for subsidized coverage.

The math proves Romney wrong. 1.1 million people have signed up for the ACA, while only 10,000 are losing their coverage.

Mitt Romney had the nerve to accuse President Obama of dishonesty, while he told an endless stream of lies about the ACA on Fox News Sunday. Romney is a man with no conscious, who will lie about anything and everything, all the while accusing his opponent of the same dishonesty that comes as easily to him as breathing.

Romney is coming close to venturing into Sarah Palin bitterness territory. It is clear that he feels that he would have won the 2012 election if only he could have lied about people losing their healthcare. Mitt Romney is showing just how unfit he is to be president, and everytime he speaks America should be grateful that they dodged the bullet of a Romney presidency.

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