Roger Ailes Claims That Democrats and the Left Want Sarah Palin Dead


Fox News head honcho Roger Ailes claims that Sarah Palin’s life is in danger because Democrats and the left want her dead.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ailes was asked why he hired back Sarah Palin. His answer was that Sarah Palin is a marked women,

The only two people I knew who got worse press than her were Richard Nixon and George W. Bush — some of it unfairly, much of it unfair to her family. She’s recognizable, she’s attractive, and she still has the message of stop raising taxes. The Tea Party started as a group that [the government] could make go home to bake meatloaf at any point in the last three years by simply doing two things: Stop raising taxes and stop stealing their money.

Congress can’t stop spending money. I’m not a defender of everything she says. I don’t hear everything she says. But I know she represents a certain group of people who rose up against their own party, which you rarely see. I probably hired her back, if you really want to get to the bottom of it, to give her a chance to say her piece and piss off the people that wanted her dead.

Let’s be clear. When Ailes referred to people in America who she pisses off and who want her dead, he was talking about the left and Democrats.

What never occurs to the conservative mind is that maybe people like Sarah Palin get bad press because they are uninformed, racist, vile excuses for human beings who are getting back exactly what they put out there. According to Roger Ailes, Sarah Palin has been persecuted by bad press. He leaves out the fact that Sister Sarah creates her own bad press every time she opens her mouth.

As far as people wanting Palin dead, I wish someone would ask Ailes who exactly wants Sarah Palin dead? It certainly isn’t Democrats. Sarah Palin remains one of the best fundraisers that the Democratic Party has. As soon as she gets involved in an election, donations to her endorsed candidate’s opponent skyrocket. Liberals don’t want Palin dead. She alternates between being unintended comedy and a source of shame for all Republicans on a daily basis. Palin makes all Republicans look bad. For that, Democrats are thankful that Ailes keeps her employed.

Sarah Palin has created a myth that the left wants her dead. The truth is that nobody cares enough about the half-term governor, failed VP candidate, and D list celebrity to want her dead. Ailes worked for Nixon, so no one understands how to appeal to the conservative mind’s need for victimization, threat, and persecution like he does, but what he was saying in this interview was total nonsense.

Ailes hired Palin back because she tried to make it on her own and vanished into Facebook oblivion. Palin couldn’t survive without Fox News, so she came back to Ailes grovelling on her hands and knees and took a massive pay cut. That pay cut is why Palin is back on Fox in a reduced role.

As long as Sarah Palin keeps getting media attention, Democrats will keep winning elections. Sarah Palin is the gift that keeps on giving, and there’s no way that Democrats would ever want that to end.

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