Jon Stewart Is Disappointed In Chris Christie’s Third-Rate Level Of Corruption

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On Wednesday night’s edition of The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart tackled the day’s biggest political story. Stewart decided to go into detail about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s growing scandal over the politically motivated traffic jam caused by his aides due to Fort Lee’s mayor not endorsing him in last year’s election. As Stewart rightly pointed out, it seems downright silly that an incumbent governor up 24 points in the polls at the time would feel the need to exact revenge for a purported slight.  (Seems even sillier when you realize that Christie is a Republican and Fort Lee’s mayor is a Democrat.)

In the segment, Stewart showed the emails and Jake Tapper’s report on CNN detailing the absolute pettiness that Christie’s office stooped to. He also pointed how it even got to a level of evilness when you saw his subordinates not caring about children if they were from Democratic voters. He then took Christie to task for not having the ability to actually apologize for this political stunt, instead blaming others and doing everything he could to distance himself from it.

However, the best part of the segment was when Stewart turned it over to his Senior New Jersey Correspondent: Jon Stewart. Christie was taken for task for the third-rate, low-rent level of political corruption he was sinking to. Stewart pointed out how New Jersey has a long history of massive corruption, political and otherwise, and that Christie was doing his state a disservice by fighting petty battles using traffic jams. Per Stewart, New Jersey is so noted for corruption that HBO has used the state as a setting for two hit series set in different time periods centered around the subject.

It’s always seemed pretty transparent that Stewart’s been a fan of Christie’s, so seeing him take the Jersey governor to school like this is pretty darn refreshing. He was also deadly accurate when he stated that this whole thing shows a certain level of pettiness by Christie. For him to inflict damage on a town just because its mayor didn’t offer full-fledged support when he was clearly going to win the election anyway reveals a lot about his character.

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