Jon Stewart Hammers Conservatives For Their Hypocrisy On Income Inequality

Jon Stewart


Jon Stewart came out with both barrels blazing on Thursday night’s episode of The Daily Show. He had the right-wing squarely in his crosshairs and he had no qualms firing upon them. The first segment of the show was regarding income inequality and how the right seems to show complete disdain for the poor and find excuses not to help them, all the while constantly making excuses for giving more and more to the rich. It was a beautiful display by Stewart of showing the complete hypocrisy the right shows when it comes to discussing income inequality, as well as basically showing how totally cruel and insensitive they really can be.



The whole segment was essentially a montage of conservatives saying douchey things in regards to poor people, while at the same time making sure to constantly come to the defense of the rich. It started out with clips of pundits and politicians railing on about the takers. Then, it segued into Republicans providing reasons why long-term unemployment benefits shouldn’t be extended. First, he showed them saying this was just supposed to be temporary relief. After that, it went into them saying that this was something that needed to be paid for. However, as Stewart highlighted, things were different when it was suggested that Bush-era tax cuts needed to be paid for.



Stewart really got into a groove after that. He did little to hide his anger and frustration at the clips he was showing of conservative pundits and Republican lawmakers saying idiotic things regarding social programs and poor people. He pinpointed how conservatives think that welfare programs provide too much to poor people, giving them less incentive to work. However, at the same time, they feel that it is fundamentally unfair to raise the minimum wage. Obviously, since there are some people taking advantage of social welfare programs and committing fraud, it is reason to not provide benefits for ANYBODY. Yet, we should not judge Wall Street for the actions of a few bad apples and make the industry adhere to more regulations.

This is when Jon Stewart is at his best. When he is passionate about something and displays true righteous indignation, nobody is better. When he aims his comedic gun at a deserving target, watch out! Stewart truly is a master at highlighting hypocrisy and completely shredding those who practice it.

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