Stephen Colbert Brilliantly Mocks The Neo-Con Fascination With Neverending War



On Monday night’s episode of The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert brilliantly took down conservatives’s positions on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Recently, neo-con politicians and pundits have taken to the airwaves to discuss the recent book released by Robert Gates and using it to discuss the President’s war strategies. Essentially, conservatives have stated that because we have ended the war in Iraq and are withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, violence has increased in those regions. Therefore, we need to keep troops there until we can ensure that all the bad guys are gone.

Colbert used one of his most beloved regular segments, The Word, to completely satirize the idiotic position of constantly being at war that neo-cons always end up pushing. Below is a clip of the entire segment in its brilliance:



By using his classic, satirical method of comedy, Colbert tore apart the argument that neo-cons have used for increased military action in Iraq and Afghanistan. Basically, they argue that because extremest groups may move into previously occupied areas and cause an increase of violence, that proves that American troops need to stay until they can be satisfied that the enemy is completely eradicated.  As Colbert showed, that pretty much means that you commit yourself to neverending wars in various parts of the world.

If it were up to John McCain or John Bolton or Dick Cheney, we would commit our military force to being an imperialistic army set on conquering nations one by one. The United States would have a permanent presence in Iraq, Afghanistan and a number of other countries, all of which would be under American rule permanently. In their mindset, there would only be a handful of sovereign countries, with all the smaller and weaker ones at the mercy of the United States.

Thankfully, we have comedians like Stephen Colbert on the air taking people like this to task by mocking them in brilliant fashion on a daily basis.

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