Conservative Cretin Erick Erickson Once Again Refers to Wendy Davis As ‘Abortion Barbie’

erickerickson-GageSkidmore founder and Fox News contributor Erick Erickson took to Twitter on Tuesday to dispute Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis’ fundraising totals for the last-half of 2013. Once again, as he has done repeatedly since this past summer when Davis gained national prominence due to her filibuster on the Texas Senate floor over reproductive rights, Erickson referred to Davis as ‘Abortion Barbie.’ Below is the tweet:



While Erickson has been doing this for five months now, it doesn’t make it any less offensive and disrespectful. Erickson tries to pass himself off as a legitimate voice in the conservative movement. But what he really is is a scared little boy who finds humor in being as offensive and unsavory as he possibly can to minorities, liberals and women. It is really the only thing he knows how to do somewhat well (other than quote bible passages.)

Erickson started this whole ‘Abortion Barbie’ nonsense back in early August of last year. With Davis grabbing more and more headlines and becoming a national Democratic and feminist figure, Erickson decided to do his best to make a wholly inappropriate phrase become a buzzword on Twitter. So he took to his blog and asked his readers to tweet out #AbortionBarbie to make it trend on Twitter. When he was taken to task for it, he went with the tried and true conservative defense: I was just joking. Feminists and liberals just don’t have a sense of humor.

Erickson will continue to defend his use of this phrase when referring to Davis. My advise is that when you see him use it on Twitter, call him out on it! There is no excuse for him to continue on being a chauvinist pig who only gets patted on the back by his fellow right-wingers. He should feel a little heat for his constant level of offensiveness.

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