Jon Stewart Slams Congress By Calling Them the Justin Bieber of Government



On Wednesday’s edition of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart brilliantly intertwined two stories that, on the surface, have absolutely nothing to do with each other. At the beginning of the show, Stewart brought up two big news stories: the impending Iran nuclear deal and police speaking to pop superstar Justin Bieber about an egging of his neighbor’s house. Obviously, these two stories are completely unrelated, but Stewart was able to find a way to make a comparison.

Below are clips of the segment:


Stewart pointed out that with the majority of the US Senate supporting further sanctions on Iran, at a time when America’s international allies are getting ready to ease sanctions thanks to the Obama Administration’s talks, that they are essentially throwing eggs at the rest of the world. Therefore, they are the Justin Bieber of government.  What looked like a disjointed segment that wasn’t going anywhere turned into an amazing bit of sharp-edged comedy just like that.

Overall, Stewart rightly took the Senate to task for sabotaging the international efforts to help broker peace with Iran. The easing of sanctions is supposed to take effect on January 20th, yet 59 Senators, including 16 Democrats, are now saying that they support imposing more sanctions on Iran. Stewart stated that Republicans will be for more sanctions just because they oppose everything that President Obama does. However, it appears that the Democrats supporting further sanctions are doing it based off of pro-Israel lobbying groups putting pressure on them.

One other point that Stewart brilliantly made was in regards to when do we stop with sanctions. He showed Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) saying in early November that we needed to keep sanctions on Iran to bring them to the table. He also showed a clip of Graham saying that we needed to maintain sanctions on Iran AFTER they came to the table and made a deal. It appears that Graham’s stance on this is similar to his stance on fiscal matters. When it comes to the budget and the economy, we only hear ‘cut taxes.’ For Iran, we only hear ‘more sanctions.’ The solution, no matter the problem at hand, is always the same answer, never changing.

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