Nancy Pelosi Gives Republicans a Taste of Their 2014 ObamaCare Nightmare

nancy pelosi

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) gave Republicans a taste of their 2014 ObamaCare nightmare today, giving Republicans a hint of just how big of a fail their plan to run against Obamacare this election will be during her morning presser.

Ms. Pelosi expressed optimism regarding 2014, saying Democrats raised a lot of money in an off year, and that the money raised is a “statement of strength”. A reporter then asked her the predictable question from a media that don’t understand how a glitch in a rollout to a program that millions need won’t have a huge impact in 2014.

Pelosi has no plans to hide from ObamaCare. Instead, she owned it as a pillar of security. You heard that correctly — a Democrat owning one of their policies that will benefit the people. It’s a new day in politics.

The Democratic leader had clearly been waiting for someone to ask her this question about ObamaCare hurting Democrats in 2014. She beat the narrative to a pulp, and managed to claim the founding fathers while she was at it, “The affordable care act upholds the values of our founders… The legislation and the law is very strong, it sits right there as a pillar of security along with Medicare and Social Security.”

Yes, that’s right, the Speaker compared ObamaCare to two beloved safety nets, Social Security and Medicare — both of which the public won’t let Republicans privatize/kill no matter how they frame it. Republicans are well aware that the people will really like ObamaCare if they get a taste of it, which is why they’ve worked so hard to obstruct it, repeal it, delay it, and demonize it before 2014.

Pelosi continued explaining that the website glitch is a small piece of ObamaCare, “It’s a small piece of a very big, transformative piece for our country that will succeed.”

This attitude is the exact opposite of what Republicans were banking on for 2014. The entire Republican plan for 2014 was to run against ObamaCare. They thought they had Democrats on the run over the website glitch. Darrell Issa is still hoping to manufacture a few more witch hunts that will provide great sound bites for Republican ads, but the reality is that ObamaCare is a much needed program that should succeed.

The reality is that now that ObamaCare is here, and people have access to it, running on taking away access to affordable healthcare without an alternative is a really bad idea.

Nancy Pelosi is correct to boldly own ObamaCare and the positive change it will bring to millions, barring any huge problems. Republicans were hoping to force Democrats into running away from their biggest legislative success in years, but Nancy Pelosi isn’t going to let that happen.

Pelosi threw down the ObamaCare gauntlet. Game on.

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