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Ted Cruz Would Get Absolutely Destroyed By Hillary Clinton in 2016 Per PPP Poll


In a poll released by Public Policy Polling on Thursday, New Hampshire voters favored Hillary Clinton overwhelmingly to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) in the Presidential election in 2016.  The results weren’t even close for Cruz, as the poll showed Clinton leading by 19 points, 51-32. While this is just one state, it is also an important primary state. The poll also showed Clinton with double-digit leads over Jeb Bush, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio.

Interestingly, the poll did show that New Hampshire Republicans prefer Chris Christie over any other GOP candidate. In fact, he has double the support (24%) than the next leading candidates Jeb Bush and Rand Paul who are both at 12%. Christie also comes the closest to Clinton in a general election standoff, as Clinton only leads by four points, 43-39. Those numbers pretty much are in line with where Christie stood in New Hampshire prior to Bridgegate.

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However, on a national level, as well as dealing with the GOP nomination process, it seems more and more unlikely that Christie is going to survive his scandals, especially with new revelations coming to light seemingly everyday. That is why Republicans should be alarmed with these poll numbers. New Hampshire is a swing state, and only Christie appears to have any real chance against Clinton in toss-up states. With him gone, the GOP is looking at a very dire situation if they end up nominating someone like Cruz or Paul. Sure, they will take reliably red states, but that will be it. It will be a complete shellacking.

Perhaps the GOP can hope that former Florida Governor Jeb Bush will run. He seems to have more moderate positions and has been out of the political scene for a bit, giving him the opportunity to not say or do anything incredibly offensive or idiotic. However, there is still a bit of stink attached to him from being the brother of George W. Bush. Also, there is something very Romneyesque of him, in that he’s kind of sat on the sidelines and waited his turn to run, he’s from an extremely wealthy family and he is willing to do and say whatever the GOP establishment wants.

Anyway, the GOP better figure out something. Otherwise, the primary voters will start heading towards any shiny object that is out there. And before you know it, Ted Cruz is standing on stage at the 2016 Republican Convention accepting the party’s nomination. If that happens, champagne bottles will be popping at Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters, as the election would already be sewn up.

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