Chris Christie’s Comeback Tour Flops as Scandals Follow Him to Florida

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie speaks to media and homeowners about the ongoing recovery from Hurricane Sandy in Manahawkin, New Jersey

Chris Christie thought that he would put himself on the comeback trail by going to Florida and raising lots of money. Instead, new scandal allegations followed Christie to the state, and sent him hiding from the public.

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A weekend trip to Florida, where he would show the world he could still drum up top-dollar checks for Republican candidates across the country even as his administration faces a swirl of scandals, subpoenas and allegations of abuse of power.

But instead of highlighting his fundraising chops, Christie, in his new role as the chairman of the Republican Governors Association, spent the day besieged by new claims of political retribution — and shuttling quietly around the Sunshine State as far as possible from the public eye.

There is no escape for Christie. These scandals aren’t going away. If he thought that he would be able to flee to Florida and impress the donors, he was sorely wrong. Gov. Christie keeps trying to change the subject, while back in New Jersey his presidential ambitions keep edging closer and closer to oblivion.

The great irony is that Chris Christie is getting the mainstream media attention that he set himself up for. After his reelection victory, Christie gave a series of national television interviews. He appeared on the Sunday morning shows. He was on the cover of Time. Christie didn’t shy away from 2016 talk. He anointed himself the Republican frontrunner. His strategy was designed to both scare off other potentially strong Republican candidates, and make it seem like his nomination was inevitable.

The decision to play frontrunner began backfiring on him as soon as Bridgegate went national. Christie’s problems might not be a national story right now if he hadn’t bent over backwards to turn himself into a national political figure. Christie’s aides are now blaming the scandal allegations on Democrats who have a partisan ax to grind. The claiming of partisan motives is always the main card to be played by Republicans who drowning in the deep end of the pool. The GOP mantra that is taught to every elected official and candidate is that when all else fails, play the victim.

Christie’s dodging of the media allowed DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz to address the throng of reporters that are following him around. Rep. Wasserman Schultz called out Christie’s pattern of bullying and intimidation and retribution. Democrats are already busy defining Christie for 2016. Chris Christie can’t run, and he can’t hide. His scandals will continue to follow him for the rest of his career.

Whether he wants to admit it or not, Christie’s dreams of being president are slowly fading away.

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