Throw It Down FLOTUS: Michelle Obama Dunks on The Miami Heat

michelle obama let's move

First Lady Michelle Obama dunks on the Miami Heat and a priceless gif was made.

Two time defending NBA champions the Miami Heat joined First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House to talk about how eating healthy can help you perform better… and while they were pontificating on the benefits of water, behind them FLOTUS dunked into a basket held by LeBron James. Her game face was priceless.

Watch the Let’s Move campaign video here:

Chris Bosh, Dwanye Wade and Ray Allen grin wildly at FLOTUS as she does her post dunk intimidation face. LeBron says, “In your face!” to the guys talking about the Let’s Move program, with a portrait of George Washington hanging in the background.

There’s already a gif of that and it’s being called the “Gif of the year”:


You just know FLOTUS has that on auto play for the President, just in case he thinks he’s all that.

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