Ann Coulter Claims Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz Are Afraid to Debate ‘Smart’ Conservatives


Ann Coulter has completely departed from reality with her claim that Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz are not Republican slayers, but cowards who are afraid to debate smart conservatives.


Coulter showed up on Fox and Friends to explain away the story surrounding her comment that that mothership of morning lies won’t have conservatives on who can put two sentences together. She did this by claiming that Maddow and Schultz are afraid to debate conservatives.

She said, “I was talking about I had sent out a tweet, obviously I was talking 100% about MSNBC, it drives me crazy that they never have a half articulate conservative on, and which is you know, ok, you’re living in your little insular world and you end up saying crazy things, but then particularly Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz are always acting like these big Republican slayers, and Republican will argue with me. So I was up at 3 AM last week, and I see this thing from Ed Schultz saying Republicans are afraid to debate me, so I tweeted back put me on your show you lying there’s nothing wrong with the word I used, I know you’re going to bleep me, so I won’t say it, it’s a synonym for pansy.”

Coulter went on to claim that Fox has intelligent liberals while MSNBC gets conservative stooges like Todd Harris and Megan McCain to appear on their shows. Of course, Coulter is completely full of it. Rand Paul used to appear on Rachel Maddow until he made a complete fool of himself by opposing the Civil Rights Act on her show, and after Maddow pushed him on it, he has never appeared on her show again.

Maddow tries desperately to book Republicans on her show, but they won’t go on her show. Ed Schultz has the same problem. Republicans won’t go on his show. The reason isn’t because they are afraid that they will lose an argument. Republicans refuse go on these shows because they fear the questions that they will be asked. Republicans don’t want to discuss why they won’t extend unemployment benefits, oppose raising the minimum wage, cut food stamps, and keep blocking jobs bills.

With the rise of Fox News, most Republicans refuse to leave the perpetually softballing Fox universe. Even the GOP friendly Sunday morning shows have become too much for most Republicans to handle. Coulter reversed reality to fit her own motives. Maddow and Schultz aren’t afraid of Republicans, but Republicans are afraid of what would happen to them if they left the Fox News bubble.

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