Ann Coulter Calls Wendy Davis ‘A Gold-Digger Who Found A Sugar Daddy’

ann coulter


In an article that was published on Real Clear Politics Thursday morning, Ann Coulter claimed that Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis is nothing more than “a gold-digger who found a sugar daddy” who took advantage of her ex-husband Jeff Davis to get her way in life. Essentially, in her article, Coulter frames Davis as someone who never had a tough time in her life and who has always taken advantage of others to get what she wanted. In other words, this is a typical conservative hit piece meant to slander someone that Republicans are scared to death of.

In standard Coulter style, this article starts off with her attempt to be ‘funny’, which of course falls completely flat. Perhaps old, racist white people who keep Fox News on 24/7 may get a hoot out of it (and, let’s face it, that is Coulter’s only audience) but the normal, functioning adult will just roll their eyes at her attempts at satire and humor. After her initial paragraphs, she goes right into hammering Davis as being a gold-digging, lying whore who created a completely fictitious set of events in her life to gain sympathy with voters and build her popularity.

The jealousy in Coulter’s piece is palpable. Whenever she sees a progressive female politician that starts gaining traction with not just liberals, but uncommitted, independent voters, it just makes her seethe. That is when she has to go out of her way to denounce and trample on the person’s reputation. She is basically a junkyard dog for the right who will do whatever she can to rip apart someone who might be seen as a hero to those on the left.

Recently, Coulter made some waves by saying that those on the left, especially at MSNBC, were scared to debate with ‘smart conservatives.’ Of course, she was referring to herself as being one of the ‘smart conservatives.’ However, with Coulter, she has become so reviled, that nobody other than the safe haven of Fox News will have her on. Her nasty demeanor and penchant for blatantly lying makes her an unwelcome guest anywhere that isn’t speaking the gospel to the far-right. The reason she doesn’t get invited to appear anywhere but Fox these days is because nobody can stand her. She is seen as completely unreasonable.

This article she wrote is a perfect example of her nastiness. A ‘smart conservative’ wouldn’t sit there and write a tabloidesque, gossip column about a politician. A ‘smart conservative’ wouldn’t go into the gutter and focus completely on how she views someone else’s personal life. That is all Coulter did with this piece. She completely judged Davis’ life based on the version she wants to believe. She treats Wendy Davis as if she is a character in some two-bit trashy romance novel, trampling over men and family to get what she wants.

Coulter cannot discuss substantively about politics. Instead, her bread and butter is taking low-blows and personal pot shots at her targets on the left. While it might make the far-right happy, it also makes her a pariah. She has boxed herself, only able to speak and reach a super specialized audience due to her antics. Nobody can take her seriously, and this article shows why. She only knows how to write trash and speak in hateful tones.

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