Democrats Rally Behind President Obama’s SOTU to Demand Action on Jobs

al franken

Democrats rallied behind President Obama’s powerful State of the Union speech, pushing forward his goals of job creation and renewing the extension of unemployment insurance.

Sander Levin (D-MI) called for action on unemployment insurance in a statement, “The President spoke forcefully of the value of the 1.6 million unemployed millions whose insurance has been cut off and the urgent need for Congress to re-start the federal unemployment insurance program that is a vital lifeline during their job search.” Levin pointed out that there is only one thing standing in Obama’s way. “The only thing standing in the way of the President’s call that these unemployed Americans ‘need our help right now’ is the resistance of Congressional Republicans.”

Levin said that the President’s speech demands action. “Tonight’s speech and the stories of so many job-seeking Americans demand action. The President extended a hand to Republicans in a number of vital areas and I hope they will take him up on the offer to act together. If not, he made it abundantly clear — and rightfully so — that as President he will act in every other way possible to advance opportunities for middle class families.”

Senator Al Franken (D-MN), who has been pushing legislation (Community College to Career Fund Act) to this effect, rallied behind Obama’s call for job training. “I’m very pleased that the President highlighted job training in his speech,” said Sen. Franken. “There are more than three million jobs in this country that could be filled today if workers had the right skills, and with too many people still unemployed, we have to find a way to train Minnesota workers and fill these open, high-skilled jobs.

Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) agreed with the President’s focus on jobs, saying in a statement, “I am gratified that the President made jobs and the economy the central focus of his State of the Union address.” Casey also backed the worker training concept that Franken is trying to get done, “I was encouraged by the President’s emphasis on worker training programs, hiring incentives and pay equity to ensure workers have the chance to get ahead.”

What we’re seeing here is a party solidly unified behind its President. This is a party that knows that if they want to get anything done for the people, they’re going to be battling Republicans every step of the way. The only way to win that war is to stand together, and demand action.

This is all designed to get the people demanding action, in order to put so much pressure on Republicans in an election year that Republicans feel they must actually do something for the people. If the people make enough noise, even this Congress will have to listen.

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