As Calls Grow For Him to Resign Chris Christie Gets Booed At Super Bowl Ceremony


For the second time this week Chris Christie was booed by a Super Bowl audience, as the first editorial was published that argued that Gov. Christie should resign or be impeached if David Wildstein’s Bridgegate allegations are true.

Christie was first booed early this week at the Jersey City Super Bowl party:

Today, Gov. Christie was also booed at the Super Bowl handoff ceremony in Times Square:

Both the AP, and the Star-Ledger wrote that Christie was booed at the event. The New Jersey newspaper reported, “Gov. Chris Christie was booed by a huge crowd gathered in Times Square today for the ceremonial ‘handing off’ of the Super Bowl to Arizona, next year’s host state.”

Yesterday, the Star-Ledger Editorial Board published an editorial that called on Gov. Christie to resign if the allegations that he knew about Bridgegate turn out to be true,

If this charge proves true, then the governor must resign or be impeached. Because
that would leave him so drained of credibility that he could not possibly govern effectively. He would owe it to the people of New Jersey to stop the bleeding and quit. And if he should refuse, then the Legislature should open impeachment hearings.

By the governor’s own standard, lying is a firing offense. Here’s what he said about his deputy chief of staff, Bridget Kelley, at the same press conference: “There’s no justification for ever lying to a governor or a person in authority in this government. As a result, I’ve terminated Bridget’s employment.”

One hopes that he would consider lying to the people of New Jersey as an offense of equal magnitude.

Super Bowl week was supposed to be another victory lap for Christie on his road to the White House. Instead it has turned into public booing and blink, and you’ll miss him public appearances. Christie’s approval ratings have plummeted both nationally and in New Jersey. The governor is now trailing Hillary Clinton by 12 points in the hypothetical head to head 2016 matchup.

If Wildstein has the proof that the governor knew about the lane closings, Christie is finished. There are no more big cheers. Gov. Christie has gone from the popular everyman who gets things done to the jerk who intentionally caused traffic jams for political payback.

The damage has already been done to his 2016 hopes. The only question left unanswered now is will Chris Christie hang on to his governorship in New Jersey.

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