Obama Slams Fox News For Pushing Conspiracy Theories During Super Bowl Interview


Bill O’Reilly and Fox News tried to use their Super Bowl interview with President Obama to push conspiracy theories like Benghazi and the IRS, but Obama pushed back slamming Fox News repeatedly for spreading false information.


O’Reilly began by asking about the ACA website. Obama said, “Now we got the website up and running.” O’Reilly disagreed because of a poll that says that Americans don’t think it is working. O’Reilly wanted Kathleen Sebielus fired. The Fox News host tried to get Obama to admit that his biggest mistake was saying that if you like your insurance you can keep it. The president wouldn’t bite.

Bill-O then turned to Benghazi. (This interview is nothing more than a 2014 Republican campaign ad.) Obama said, “Understand that by definition, anybody who is attacking our compound is an act of terror.” O’Reilly then tried to play the Susan Rice card, and he claimed that he was just a confused American. Obama accused Republicans of creating a political agenda over protecting Americans. O’Reilly got hammered when he asked if it was a terror attack. O’Reilly used the patented Fox News folks believe line, and the president replied, Folks believe it, because you are telling them that.

O’Reilly tried to grill Obama on the bogus IRS scandal, and royally flopped. On the IRS, O’Reilly used the Fox News line, “some people are saying.” Obama said things like the IRS keep resurfacing because Fox News keeps promoting them. Obama said there were boneheaded decisions, but not a smidgen of corruption at the IRS.

Bill O’Reilly broke out the fundamental transformation of America line via a viewer letter, and Obama said, “I don’t think it is necessary to fundamentally transform America.”

Fox News tried to use the Super Bowl interview as a partisan vehicle to attack the president. This was a totally different interview from the last time these two men sat down at the Super Bowl.

The president seemed to catch on very quickly to what their intentions were a blasted Fox News twice for dredging up dumb conspiracy theories that have no basis in truth.

This is how far out of touch with reality Fox News and the Republican Party are. They got their chance to sit down with the president, and don’t bother to ask about the things that the American people really care about, like jobs and the economy. Instead, they use the time with the president to talk about nonsense like the ACA website, Benghazi, and the IRS.

The O’Reilly interview wasn’t a tough discussion of issues. It was crazed conspiracy theories. O’Reilly was so far out of touch with reality that he should have asked Obama about alien abductions, and the whether the moon landing was real or faked.

President Obama did a great job, as O’Reilly and Fox News fell flat on their faces in front of the biggest TV audience of the year.

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