Chris Christie Is Toast as Hillary Clinton Opens Up a 16 Point Lead In 2016 Match Up


A new CNN/ORC poll finds Chris Christie slipping further into the never going to be president netherworld, as Hillary Clinton has opened up a 16 point lead on the New Jersey governor.

Christie has gone from holding a two point advantage over Clinton in December 2012 (48%-46%) to trailing the former Sec. of State 55%-39%. Gov. Christie has seen his support plunge by 20 points with Independents (59%-39%). In the last three polls taken, Hillary Clinton’s lead has gone from eight points to twelve points to sixteen points. After Christie was booed twice at public events during Super Bowl week, Republicans are finally starting to get the hint that the New Jersey governor is seriously damaged.

In their time of freakout, Republicans are begging Jeb Bush to run. Any time a Republican was asked about 2016 on the past week’s Sunday shows, they immediately tried to tilt the conversation towards Bush. If you think you’ve heard this song before, it’s because you have. When the Republican Party was disappointed with John McCain in 2008, they longed for Jeb Bush. Mitt Romney was such a disappointed that they were openly begging for the former Florida governor. After Chris Christie’s collapse, they are now hoping that Jeb Bush is their 2016 savior.

Republicans appear to be moving on from Chris Christie, but they are in for a rude awakening if they think Jeb Bush will defeat Hillary Clinton. The destruction done to the Bush family name by George W. has not been forgotten by voters. Republicans have been reduced to finding a name that might seem somewhat electable to voters. The last thing the party wants is to see Rand Paul walk off with the Republican nomination and then get totally crushed by Clinton.

A lot can change over the next year plus, but currently Republicans are losing the only electable presidential candidate that they had. Hillary Clinton looking the an even stronger candidate than she was in 2008, while Republicans are still refusing to admit that it is the message not the messenger that is their biggest problem.

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