Women’s Rights Activist and Limbaugh Victim Sandra Fluke Poised For Congressional Run



A spokesperson for Sandra Fluke confirmed that the 32-year old attorney has filed with the California Democratic Party and is seeking their endorsement in the Congressional race to replace the retiring Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA.) A statement released by Abigail Gardner, Fluke’s spokesperson, stated that this does not necessarily mean that Fluke is running for office, but that she wants to keep her options open.

“It is not the same as filing to run or declaring that she is running. It was something she felt she had to do on Friday to keep her options open due to CA Dem Party deadlines.”

It is true that Fluke has not filed with the Federal Election Commission yet. However, let’s be honest here. She is going to run for this seat. Filing for this endorsement makes that abundantly clear. Frankly, she has an extremely good shot at taking it down. The 33rd District is expected to stay in Democratic hands, even with the long-serving Waxman retiring. While it is expected to become a crowded field, Fluke has something the rest of the candidates that have already filed don’t–a national profile.

Fluke came to national prominence in 2012. After speaking to House Democrats about contraception coverage, she had to endure a three-day long tirade from Rush Limbaugh on his radio program. While much coverage was made of Limbaugh’s use of the words ‘slut’ and ‘prostitute’ when he discussed Fluke, it was much worse than just those two words. It was a character assassination, plain and simple. It also helped put into focus the Republicans’ ‘War On Women.’ Besides helping to lose Mitt Romney the 2012 Presidential election, Rush has seen the majority of his big name advertisers jump ship, costing his radio network millions of dollars.

Fluke showed a ton of grace under pressure, and became a powerful figure for women’s rights. She showed she could handle the big-time with a remarkable speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2012. Her entering this race will bring national attention and money from around the country to help her win. While it isn’t a foregone conclusion that she would romp to an easy victory, it does seem likely that she’d win handily. Fluke found her calling when she stood up before Congress and discussed women’s rights. It is time for her to take the next step and get herself into Congress.

Justin Baragona

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