Compulsive Liar Mitt Romney Says Chris Christie Is Telling The Truth


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Compulsive liar Mitt Romney was on CNN today standing up for Chris Christie and telling the world that just like Jeep was moving to China, Christie is telling the truth.


Transcript from CNN:

BLITZER: Well, the last time you had to make a decision like this and you vetted a whole bunch of Republicans, you thought Paul Ryan, after you, was most qualified to be president of the United States.

You still believe that?

ROMNEY: Well, I think Paul Ryan was the absolute right person for me to have as the vice president. And I say that because I was a governor. I had not had the kind of experience in Washington to know who I could trust there, who would get the job done, how the budget process would work most effectively. And — and Paul is not only a man of character and courage and vision, he’s also a person of great experience.

And that Washington experience, combined with my experience leading as a governor, I thought, was a good combination.

But in terms of who’s the best person to be our nominee, I’m going to wait to make that decision a little later.

BLITZER: Do you believe Governor Chris Christie is telling us the truth?

ROMNEY: Oh, I sure do. Chris is a — is a friend of mine. Chris is a straightforward guy. When he tells you something, you can count on it. And I’m counting on Chris and — and believe that he — if he decides to get into national politics, he’ll do very well, indeed.

Mitt Romney won the PolitiFact 2012 lie of the year by claiming that Jeep was moving its production to China. When Romney was caught in his lie, he stood by it, and even repeated it in ads that ran all through Ohio during the 2012 campaign. Romney made his own jobs numbers, claimed the president took Detroit to bankruptcy, claimed Obama raised taxes on the middle class, and flat out made things up during the first half of just one presidential debate.

Mitt Romney is a compulsive liar, who seems to lie just to lie. Yet, he told CNN that he thinks Chris Christie is telling the truth. Apparently, Mitt didn’t see Christie’s 2 hour press conference. All the governor did was duck, dodge, weave, and avoid facts. I guess in Romney’s mind that passes for flat out truth telling.

When Mitt Romney is your character witness, you’ve got a lot of problems.

Compulsive liar Mitt Romney singing the virtues of his honesty was probably the last thing that Chris Christie needed.

Chris Christie is telling the truth alright, and Jeep is moving to China.

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