Democrat Charlie Crist Continues To Hold Commanding Lead Over Rick Scott In Florida


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In a poll released on Wednesday by the University of Florida, Democrat and former Florida Governor Charlie Crist holds a 7-point lead over current Republican Governor Rick Scott. This is pretty much in line with other recent polls showing Crist with a comfortable lead over Scott as we start inching towards Election Day. The UF poll showed that Florida voters prefer Crist 47-40 over the current officeholder.

Another thing that the poll showed is that there is quite a bit of interest in this year’s election. 95% of those polled stated they had either strong or a fair amount of interest in the race for Governor. This would seem to indicate that Crist has an even stronger advantage than his poll numbers may show, as typically large voter turnouts turn into Democratic victories. Another big plus for Crist is that Floridians generally approve of his past performance as Governor. Crist was given a whopping 63% job approval rating compared to Scott’s 45%.

It also appears that Crist is reaching the lower and middle class voters more than Scott. 53% stated that they feel that Crist understands them and their problems. Only 39% feel that Scott understands them. Unless Scott can do something to turn around the voters’ sentiments toward him, it looks more and more likely that he is going to be a one-term Governor.

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