MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews Both Beat Fox News Last Week


For the second time this year MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has defeated Fox News in the coveted age 25-54 demographic, while Chris Matthews also defeated Fox News with younger viewers at 7 PM.

Maddow’s win wasn’t much of a surprise. Her coverage of Chris Christie and Bridgegate has led to a resurgence in her ratings with younger viewers. For the week, Madddow’s show averaged 341,000 viewers age 25-34, while Fox News’ The Kelly File averaged 335,000 viewers. Maddow also defeated Fox News for an entire week in January as well. The big surprise came with Chris Matthews beating Fox’s On The Record. For the week Matthews averaged 285,000 younger viewers, and Greta Van Sustern averaged 282,000. Matthews delivered the first win for MSNBC against Fox News since the 2012 Democratic convention in Charlotte.

Fox News’ big primetime lineup shakeup that was designed to attract younger viewers is looking like a bigger and bigger flop as the weeks go by. Fox just can’t young people to watch their ideology driven news network. By covering stories that Fox News won’t touch, MSNBC is winning over a demographic that is vital to their long term growth. One week ago, Maddow, Matthews and Lawrence O’Donnell all beat Fox News with younger viewers on Monday night. That one night of victory snowballed into an entire week of wins for Maddow and Matthews.

Fox News still doesn’t get it. The problem isn’t the hosts, or their timeslots. The problem is that the Republican talking points that they are pushing are wildly unpopular with the majority of the country. Fox News leads the cable news ratings because they have been able to keep other potential conservative competition off of the airwaves, and because Roger Ailes has convinced the conservative cable news audience that the only channel they can trust is Fox News.

It is interesting that Chris Hayes was given the 8 PM slot because it was assumed that he could attract younger viewers, but it is Chris Matthews who is winning his timeslot. The move to 7 PM, and the dropping of the replay of his show have both been a godsend to Matthews. He is no longer doing his show live when most people aren’t at home, and splitting his audience with a 7 PM replay.

Fox News will continue to dominate in terms of overall viewers until they get some real competition for their conservative audience, but MSNBC has stumbled on to a formula that works. Just as Fox News made their name with their coverage of the Lewinsky scandal in the 1990s, MSNBC is reaching new heights thanks to Chris Christie’s scandals.

As Fox’s audience continues to age, MSNBC is building a core audience of younger viewers. Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews are leading a revival at MSNBC, as younger viewers continue to reject the Republican agenda being pushed by Fox News.

17 Replies to “MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews Both Beat Fox News Last Week”

  1. Wow, twice in a year! Doesn’t sound like a pattern is developing. But, if you’re grasping at straws I guess twice is some type of victory in Liberal terms.Chris Matthews is a joke and Rachel Maddow is just plain freaky. I think people tuned in for entertainment as opposed to an expectation of serious, credible news being imparted. FOX has been first for at least 13 years and there’s a reason for that.

  2. Who is fair and balanced? Al JaZeera America is, thats it

    But do you have anything of content to say?

  3. Fox don’t rock,fok fuks the fools who believe while being deceived…get some political education,unless rethugism is your game..MSNBC doesn’t go around makin’ up stuff.

  4. MSNBC is fair & balance and they tell it like it is..
    unlike fake news, the blind leading the blind who are brainless…truth to power=MSNBC..

  5. Hey Wayne. Fox doesn’t ‘rocks’, it sucks! The won a court case in 2003 that gave them the green light to mislead, obfuscate, and outright lie. The very definition of journalism is to report what HAPPENS, not to report on shit you make up. How much they paying you? I guess you’re not blond, eh? No matter, you’re ignorant, and that’s what faux noise counts on, the ignorance and idiocy of their viewers. The reason MSNBC beat them, is because they use actual facts, and you won’t hear one of them say “some people say”, instead of using a reputable source, or as faux loves to do, have someone write a blog, post it on their website, and then use that as their ‘reputable source’. Yeah, keep swallowing, ’cause faux noise may not be a bastion of true journalism, but they got a big cock, and it’s your turn in the barrel.

  6. I think those ratings must be rigged. There’s no way MSNBC rated higher than Fox. (Unless it was kiddie night as only juveniles would be interested in that kind of entertainment.)

  7. As lunatics is interested in fox? Riddle me this fox nightly audience is 3 million that’s 1% of the US population. And you think they speak for the American public?

  8. Contrare… the educated listed to MSNBC, while those who drink the Koch Kool-Aid and swallow it all, lean to the FAUX, where facts are strangers and not important to their messages.

  9. Not true at all. MSNBC has much higher standards in journalism than Fox, that’s just a fact.

  10. But in total viewership Fox crushed both of them. Nice spin. And typical….

    You cherry pick a single demographic and claim a victory. It is hilarious yet also pathetic at the same time, and very misleading…but then again you only expect people to read the headline.

  11. Hey, pisanno, one program All Things Considered on NPR by itself crushes the Fox all day numbers. So what?

    Maddow and Mathews beat their competition one week. Doesnt that bother you that the lie and dance network is vulnerable?

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