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Bill Maher Slams Ted Cruz and Rand Paul By Labeling Them The Insane Clown Posse

Bill Maher was on CNN today, and when asked who he would like to see run for president in 2016, he slammed Ted Cruz and Rand Paul by labeling them the insane clown posse.

When Jake Tapper asked Maher who he would like to see run for president in 2016, he answered,

Well, you know for my own selfish reasons, I would like to see Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and the rest of the insane clown posse run, and I’m sure there will be some people on the right who are you know great fodder for us, but I’m a patriot first, I’d like to think,so I want the most qualified people.

I don’t know who that is anymore on the right. I mean there was Chris Christie on the right. He was going to be the guy to bridge, no pun intended, the gap between you know, the crazies and the potty trained Republicans, but he doesn’t look like he is going anywhere anymore, so I don’t even know who to root for on the Republican side. On the Democratic side we all know that it is going to be Hillary, so what are we even talking about that for?

If the early rumblings are any indication, the Republican field is going to be chock full of crazies. With all due respect to the Juggalos out there, the Insane Clown Posse is the perfect name for the potential Republican field.

Chris Christie’s downfall has resulted in Rand Paul and Ted Cruz trying to out crazy each other in an attempt to woo GOP primary voters. Cruz is trying to ouster Mitch McConnell, and Paul is filing plagiarized lawsuits against the NSA. Both men are engaging in cheap publicity that are intended to do nothing more than give them each a perch to launch their campaigns for the Republican nomination.

It could be so bad on the Republican side that delusional Ayn Rand fan boy Rep. Paul Ryan would be considered the sane one if he ran.

In just about a year, the Republican freakshow will be gassing up the buses and coming to a town near you. If you thought the 2012 Republican field was full of crazy, wait until you get any eye full of the GOP’s “best and brightest” for 2016

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