Bobby Jindal Goes Palin, Accuses Obama of Waging War Against Civil Rights

Bobby Jindal Photograph by Scott Olson/Getty Images.
Bobby Jindal
Photograph by Scott Olson/Getty Images.

If you’ve wondered if Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) thinks the country will forget his failed State of the Union rebuttal and allow him to run for that mighty White House with the even bigger staircase, wonder no more.

And since he’s got nothing else, he’s going Palin.

Last night, Jindal went to the Reagan Library to deliver a speech about “The Silent War on Religious Liberty,” which of course translates to how Obama is waging a silent “war against the faith that motivated the Civil Rights struggle.” No kidding.

Jindal told the audience according to prepared remarks that he could think of “no better place to give this speech than the Ronald Reagan Foundation and Library”, because of course, Reagan did not attend church while in office (he said he didn’t want to pose a threat, but if that were true the man wouldn’t have gone anywhere). Shhh, don’t tell Jindal.

So we get to the red meat of the thing. Obama is evil, and he is waging a silent war against the faith that motivated the Civil Rights movement (you can’t make this stuff up):

What happens when our government decides it no longer needs a “moral and religious people?”

Today the American people, whether they know it or not, are mired in a silent war.

It threatens the fabric of our communities, the health of our public square, and the endurance of our constitutional governance.

It is a war against the propositions in the Declaration of Independence.

It is a war against the spirit that motivated abolitionism.

It is a war against the faith that motivated the Civil Rights struggle.

It is a war against the soul of countless acts of charity.

It is a war against the conscience that drives social change

It is a war against the heart that binds our neighborhoods together.

It is a war against America’s best self, at America’s best moments.

It is a war — a silent war — against religious liberty.

Here’s where Jindal especially reeks of the same desperation as Palin, “Their vision of America is not the vision of the Founding. It’s not even the vision of ten years ago. It’s a vision in which an individual’s devotion to Almighty God is accorded as much respect as a casual hobby — and with about as many rights and protections.”

Jindal claims this war is being waged by a “group of like-minded elites”, something Republicans love to lob at Obama whilst they insist that racism is dead. Their party, the party of the top 2%, they are not the elites. (LOL)

Sounding like he’s declaring war on America or her President, Jindal announced, “We are facing a threat to the very idea of America.”

Then Jindal made his case, citing the Obama administration’s case against Hobby Lobby. You see, being forced to follow the law is hard for Jindal’s friends. In making the case, Jindal referred to birth control as an “abortifacients”, claiming the Obama administration is forcing Hobby Lobby to pay for them.

So, that’s a NO on birth control under a Jindal presidency, just FYI.

I mean, so what if birth control is used for MEDICAL PURPOSES and this is America and no one wants their boss up in their sex life anyway Mr. Liberty, but to Jindal, this proves that it is Obama who seeks to steal religious liberty. (Mirror. Stat.)

Jindal and the entire Republican Party fail to admit that they are making an argument for allowing Muslims to take identification photos with their faces covered, but they seem pretty confident that this cherry picking of laws will only apply to them. But it’s Obama who is the elite. (LOL)

Just in case you didn’t know who Jindal was talking about without him coming out and saying it (same cowardly traitor-adjacent talk as Palin), Jindal made it clear he was speaking about the President, “The person who is at the tip of the spear prosecuting this quiet war on religious liberty spoke at the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington. The topic he chose to speak about was defending religious liberty.”

We knew Republican heads were exploding when Obama spoke about religious liberty at the Prayer Breakfast, because it was also clear that Obama is a Christian. This fact should be irrelevant, but Republicans have long accused the President of being a Muslim, which they imply is a terrible thing, as they whine about religious liberty being under attack.

Republicans can’t afford to let Obama be known to the public as a Christian, because it makes it harder for them to play Tent Revival Savior to the base. And if Jindal knows anything (he can’t give a televised speech, he tried to scam his people with a tax give away to corporations and use charter schools as yet another scam), he – like all Republicans – knows how to toss that shiny ball of distraction at Obama while waxing on about evil and America being under assault.

It’s so 2010. Bobby Jindal will be running for President on the stale platform that Obama is the devil, even though he won’t be running against Obama. No issues will be discussed, per usual.

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