Election Thief Karl Rove Says Chris Christie Is What We Want In a President

On Fox News Sunday, Karl Rove claimed Chris Christie’s scandals are a good thing that represent what the American people want in a president.



Rove desperately tried to spin Christie’s troubles. The former Bush’s brain said, “There will be reasons why conservatives will have disagreements with Chris Christie. I don’t think the tea party is going to seize upon Fort Lee and the George Washington Bridge as their defining difference with Christie. In fact, I think his handling of this, being straightforward and taking action. Saying I’m responsible, firing people probably gives him some street cred with tea party Republicans who say, that’s what we want in a president.”

Chris Christie’s handling of this scandal has drawn comparisons to Richard Nixon from both the left and right.

The right wing Daily Caller noted the similarities between Christie and Nixon, “Both would win by landslides. Neither the Watergate break-in or the George Washington Bridge closing were about winning votes. The motives of the Watergate burglars and those who directed them are still not clear. No one is sure why Christie’s henchman closed the George Washington Bridge, either. Christie invited this comparison when he said “I am not a bully,” evocative of Nixon’s famous “I am not crook.” We know how that worked out.”

Rove is trying to sell Christie so hard because he and his Crossroads groups have already put all of their eggs in the Christie basket. For Karl Rove and the rest of the Republican establishment, Chris Christie is their candidate. If Christie doesn’t run and become the nominee, establishment Republicans have nothing. Rove needs the tea party to embrace (pun intended) Christie, but the New Jersey governor’s chances of ever being embraced by the right were always slim. After all, he did commit the ultimate sin of hugging President Obama.

On top of all the already mounting evidence, MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki is reporting that another friend of Chris Christie was present at the GWB lane closures. The facts are suggesting that Chris Christie is the exact opposite of what Karl Rove is selling.

Chris Christie is more like the last thing that we want in a president. America doesn’t a president who governs through fear, intimidation, pettiness, and consistent abuses of power. Leave it to noted election thief Karl Rove to fall in love with Chris Christie. Corruption and abuse of power is an aphrodisiac to disempowered and disgraced political operatives like Karl Rove.

Karl Rove is saying yes, which is a great reason why America should say no to Chris Christie.

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