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George Zimmerman Claims He is a Victim in the Murder of Trayvon Martin

In an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo released Monday, right wing hero George Zimmerman claimed that he was the “victim” in the murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. He also believes that the government and President Obama are out to get him.

When Cuomo referred to Martin as the “victim”, Zimmerman grew agitated and insisted that he was the victim. “No, I certainly was a victim when I was having my head bashed into the concrete and my nose broken and beaten, I wouldn’t say I was not a victim.”

But George Zimmerman only suffered a few bruises and Trayvon Martin is dead. In terms of apologies, he re-offered his “I”m sorry for their loss” non-apology to Trayvon Martin’s family.

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Watch CNN’s “New Day” interview with Zimmerman here:

After bizarrely dodging Cuomo’s question asking if he regretted killing Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman claimed a DOJ investigation was keeping him from answering. And while they are investigating, CNN reports that they say charges are unlikely.

So Zimmerman was unable to say that he regretted killing a 17-year-old boy, but he is quite sure that he is a victim, the government is out to get him, and he wishes he had stayed home on the night of February 26, 2012 – the night he killed Trayvon Martin for carrying a bag of skittles. But he doesn’t wish he had stayed home so that Trayvon would be alive.

Asked that specifically, Zimmerman replied that he wishes he had stayed home so that he wouldn’t have been attacked either, “He probably wouldn’t have ended up attacking me either if I would have stayed home.”

A very persecuted feeling Zimmerman claimed he was the victim of a “miscarriage of justice” and then, lost in conspiracy theories and self pity, he claimed that the President and Eric Holder are out to get him.

Zimmerman claimed it was not about the law, “I know it wasn’t, yes.” Cuomo asked him how he felt, and he replied, “Like a scapegoat.”

Who is scapegoating him? “The government, the President, the attorney general.”

Cuomo asked, “And they would be scapegoating you, why? Just to show that they’re taking a position on something that matters to a lot of people?”

Zimmerman said that he had no idea why they are scapegoating him.

Later on, when Cuomo referred to Trayvon Martin as the “victim”, Zimmerman lost all contact with reality and petulantly insisted that he was the victim, “No, I certainly was a victim when I was having my head bashed into the concrete and my nose broken and beaten, I wouldn’t say I was not a victim.”

Zimmerman is clearly not well. This is right up there with the moment that George Zimmerman demanded an apology from African Americans after he killed Trayvon Martin.

So, let’s see if it looks like George Zimmerman has an issue with those he deems as “less than” him, specifically black people in this situation (he has also consistently demonstrated violence toward women, a common history with someone who is looking to scapegoat those they deem weaker or more vulnerable than themselves). Zimmerman feels that he is the victim in a situation where he took the life of a 17-year-old who was wearing a hoodie and eating Skittles.

Now that he is being investigated for that killing to see if he violated the civil rights of Trayon Martin, he feels persecuted by the first black Attorney General and the first black President, both of whom he has decided are out to get him. This belief reveals that both Holder and Obama are guilty of something in Zimmerman’s mind.

And right there, you can see exactly what got Zimmerman to the place where he killed Trayvon Martin.

It was clearly race. And that suggests that there was a violation of Trayvon Martin’s civil rights.

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