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Mika Brzezinski: Republicans Attacking Hillary Clinton Are Misogynistic, Sexist Hypocrites


During a segment on Monday morning’s edition of Morning Joe, host Mika Brzezinski slammed Republican politicians who are trying to go after Hillary Clinton due to the Monica Lewinsky scandal from the late ’90s. While speaking with the panel, which included Mark Halperin, Jon Meacham and AP White House Correspondent Julie Pace. In a passionate moment, Mika stated that Republicans who feel they can use Bill Clinton’s marital indiscretions against Hillary during the 2016 campaign are nothing but “misogynistic, sexist hypocrites.”



Throughout the segment, Mika accurately noted that this is still a man’s world. She asked Halperin if Bill Clinton would be able to run and win in 2016 if he was legally able to do so. Halperin stated that he’d defeat every Republican out there with no problem and would be able to serve two terms with little difficulty. Mika was then able to contrast that with the notion that if Hillary Clinton would have had an affair with a younger man while First Lady, there would be no chance at all that she could run. She’d be crucified for it.

Now, perhaps this segment of Morning Joe was made better with the lack of Joe Scarborough, allowing Mika and the others to have more air in the room and not be drowned out by the loud, bombastic bully that is Scarborough. But the whole panel had a very serious and reasoned discussion about how this will seriously backfire on the GOP if politicians and conservative pundits continue to try to use the Monica Lewinsky scandal against Hillary. It didn’t work against Bill Clinton at the time (he was extremely popular then and now) and it only shows them as the woman-hating misogynists they truly are.

The fact is, Hillary Clinton has her own record to run on. Her time as First Lady really doesn’t even rate when deciding if she is Presidential material. She has served as a US Senator and as the nation’s Secretary of State. It is her time in those positions that really should be looked at, not as wife of Bill Clinton. To try to employ Bill Clinton’s personal indiscretions as a negative towards Hillary shows how simple-minded Republicans really can be. They think that it is a perfectly reasonable tactic to utilize.

As Mika said on Monday to Rand Paul, if you want to go this route, bring it on. It will only backfire in the end. How does Rand Paul expect to garner any female votes during a Presidential run if he is out there blaming and criticizing Hillary Clinton for an affair her husband had nearly 20 years ago? Even getting past the obvious sexist nature of attacks like this, do Republicans really think attacking a very popular ex-President is a good tactic? Frankly, that also seems idiotic to me.

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