GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter’s District Rejects Him As Voters Submit Video To Bill Maher

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As we’ve highlighted a few times on this site, Bill Maher is using his show to do some ‘political meddling’ over the next few weeks and months. Essentially, he is asking viewers to provide him with the names of terrible members of Congress that should be run out of office. He will then feature the ones deemed the worst and have them compete against each other in a bracket during the month of March, whittling it down to one Congressional member. Maher will use his SuperPAC to advertise and campaign against that Representative in order the ‘Flip a District.’

Recently, Maher asked viewers to submit videos detailing why their Representatives deserve to be featured on ‘Flip a District.’ One resourceful and concerned voter in California’s 50th District put together a video showing why she thought Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) needs to go. The video is below:



The person who created the video, listed as Catherine Sun on YouTube, is a passionate supporter of Democrat James Kimber’s campaign. Kimber is looking to oust Hunter in November and bring respectability and accountability back to his district. We have featured Kimber on this site a couple of times and have definitely taken aim at Hunter in terms of getting him defeated. Last week we posted an article about Hunter begging Maher to focus his attention on him for a number of legitimate reasons.

Hopefully, Maher will point his razor-sharp wit and large checkbook in Hunter’s direction and get him out of Congress this November. While it can be fairly stated that there are crazier and perhaps more dangerous people in Congress than Hunter that need to go, almost all of them are in districts that, even with Maher’s public help, will not go Blue. California’s 50th District has that opportunity and Kimber is a legitimate candidate who has been extremely engaged with the people of his district.