Rush Limbaugh Goes Insane and Attacks President Obama for Watching Television


Rush Limbaugh hit a new low, even by his standards, by attacking President Obama for betraying America by watching television.

What got Rush all worked up was a CBS This Morning story about President Obama’s favorite television shows. Limbaugh used the fact that Obama watches television to attack the president for being lazy.


LIMBAUGH: Okay, so Obama’s got time for golf. He has time for college and pro-basketball on television. He has time for endless fundraising. He has time for endless vacations. He has time now, we find out, for several TV shows. And, in fact, we’ve now learned that the best way to get yourself invited to a state dinner is be an executive or producer at a TV show Obama likes so he can get advanced copies from you.

But look at what he doesn’t have time for? He didn’t have time to deal with Benghazi. He turned that over to Hillary and whoever else. He was off the grid. Even today nobody knows where he went. He didn’t have time for Benghazi. We don’t know what he was doing the night four Americans were murdered in Benghazi. Now, I’m not begrudging him all this, but I am questioning his priorities. The president of the United States and we’re getting news stories on what he watches on TV and the fact that he uses his power to track down executives and producers to get advanced copies.

Rush Limbaugh’s hatred for President Obama is so intense that he attacked the president for watching television. What makes this bit of insanity especially interesting is that every other president since the growth of the medium has watched television.

Democrats didn’t blame the Iraq war on the fact that George W. Bush loved to play golf and watch baseball. No one blamed Ronald Reagan’s love of the TV show Family Ties for the Iran Contra scandal.

Limbaugh’s argument that Obama’s television viewing habits make him a bad president was not so subtle way of saying that the president is lazy. The notion that Obama is lazy goes back to Limbaugh’s favorite topic. Barack Obama is black. Rush Limbaugh can’t go a day without giving his audience some reason to fear the nation’s first African-American president.

However, this attack shows what has happened to the Republican Party. They are so wrapped up in their hatred and fear of this president that they resort to attacks that are flat out crazy. George W. Bush took more vacations than any president in American history, but Republicans defended his poor work ethic. Republicans called Bill Clinton every name in the book, but they never claimed that he was lazy.

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