Jon Stewart Highlights The Racist Idiocy Behind Stand Your Ground Laws

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During Tuesday night’s episode of The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart started the show off by discussing the verdict in the Michael Dunn trial. Dunn was convicted of attempted murder, but not convicted of the actual murder of Jordan Davis, who was killed by Dunn after Dunn fired nine shots into the teenagers’ fleeing car. Stewart showed clips from the trial and pointed out the silliness and outright lunacy of Dunn’s defense.

Stewart picked out moments from the trial to show just how outrageous Dunn’s defense of his actions really were. Dunn said he has ear sensitivity from a diving incident and that the teens’ loud music hurt his ‘good’ ear. Yet, he also said that once he asked the teens to turn down their music, they did. He rejected that he referred to their music as ‘thug music.’ Instead, Dunn said he would have most likely called it ‘rap crap.’

Stewart also highlighted how Dunn seemed to state that the courts have a bias towards blacks. Because, apparently, blacks really want to go to jail more often than whites. The courts are doing black people a real favor by incarcerating them at a greater clip than the white population, per Dunn’s reasoning. The courts are obviously racist towards white people by keeping them out of jail.



Stewart then stated that even though Michael Dunn chased after the car while it was fleeing and kept shooting, even though none of the teens inside were armed, Dunn was still able to not be convicted of murder. He said how could Dunn be considered standing his ground when it appeared that he was gaining ground on the teenagers trying to get away. He then brought on Jessica Williams to discuss the aftermath of the trial.

Williams completely killed it in her segment. She proclaimed that this verdict was the cherry on top of the sh*t sandwich that is Black History Month. After making some jokes about how crappy it is for African-Americans to be given a terrible month like February to celebrate their history, she then moved into discussing what black teenagers can do to avoid scaring white people and being shot. Essentially, they just need to stay inside, avoid hanging with other black teenagers and never listen to music.

She ended the segment by literally dropping the mic after stating that “Stand Your Ground defense is like bleach, it works miracles for whites but it will ruin your colors.” This was after pointing to the fact that the Stand Your Ground law only works one percent of the time for blacks.



Once again, you have to hand it to Jon Stewart and his team. Whenever we need someone to cut through all of the BS, he is the man.

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  1. I was googling how many blacks have been killed since the syg law was enacted How many whites. This SYG law is just legalized lynching.

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