2016 GOP Hopeful Bobby Jindal Makes a Fool Out Of Himself After White House Meeting

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Republican Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal tried to utilize media coverage of the nation’s governors meeting with the President on Monday to his advantage. Instead, he just came off looking like one of the leaders of the Stupid Party after getting smacked down by Democratic Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy. Jindal tried to say President Obama was making the country a ‘minimum wage economy’ and then later brought up Obamacare.


Jindal made the following statement on the White House steps shortly after most of the country’s governors had met with President Obama in what was considered to be a generally cordial affair.

“I think there are things we can do instead of waving the white flag of surrender, instead of declaring this economy to be a minimum wage economy. I think our economy, I think America can do better.”

It was obvious that Jindal was implicating that Obama did the wrong thing by signing an executive order raising the minimum wage for federal contract workers to $10.10 an hour. It also seems clear that Jindal does not agree with the President and Democrats that the minimum wage for all workers should be raised.

At this point, Malloy pushed past Jindal and slammed the Louisiana Governor for using that moment to make an extremely partisan statement and draw notice to himself. Malloy destroyed Jindal with this statement:

“Just one second. Until a few moments ago we were going down a pretty cooperative road. Let’s be clear there are differences here and you just heard what I think ended up being probably the most partisan statement that we had all weekend.

I don’t know what the heck was a reference to white flag when it comes to people making $404 a week. I mean that is the most insane statement I ever heard quite frankly. Let’s be very clear that we have had a great meeting and we didn’t go down that road and it just started again and we didn’t start it.”

Jindal’s response to Malloy was even worse than what he said to start it all off.

“If that was the most partisan statement he heard all weekend, I want to make sure that he hears a more partisan statement which is I think we can also grow the economy more if we delayed more of these Obamacare mandates.”

Did you get that? Jindal, who fancies himself as the smarter, savvier alternative to the Tea Party madness within the GOP, sounded like nothing more than a Ted Cruz clone. He wasn’t able to keep his cool after rightly getting called out for drawing attention to himself for partisan gain. So all he knew to do was go to that same old tired staple–rip on Obamacare.

Conservative pundits love to bring up Bobby Jindal as someone who is very intelligent and full of fresh new ideas. ‘He is someone that can bring conservatism to the younger generations. He can help bring more diversity to the Republican Party and inject it with life.’ However, you don’t even have to scratch the surface to see that all he does is parrot the same old well-worn ‘ideas’ that the Republicans have been pushing forever. Jindal is really no different than the wacko birds he claims he wants to save the GOP from.

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  1. Wasn’t he the one who said his party needed to stop saying stupid things? Sometimes it’s just so hard to take your own advice! SMH

  2. Jindahl. like Rubio, is trying oh so hard to fit in with the whacko birds of his party. “please, please….like me, I can out loony you”….but, their two sotu after speeches were such epic fails,that they really have become the two lost boys of their party…..am I wrong to be smiling?

  3. Piyush, you’re just not ready for prime time! every time you open your mouth it’s a train wreck! heres some advice Piyush, A- stop talking, B- go earn a REAL living, C- look in the mirror and ask yourself, was the MONEY really worth being a sellout TOKEN???!!

  4. Just another comment by a Republican who will never, ever be President. Bobby Jindal needs to look for another line of work after 2015, politics doesn’t seem to work for him…

  5. Anytime you put more than five people and a microphone in front of these people, like Cruz or Jindal, there’s no telling what idiocy will come flying out of their pie holes. They live and breathe for attention and as soon as they see an opportunity to plug a sound bite into the propaganda jukebox called the mainstream media, they simply cannot help themselves.

  6. Do the writers here have to meet a minimum word length for an article to get it posted?

    Not that the article wasn’t good.

    It’s just that, let’s be honest here, it could’ve just stopped at the headline.


  7. He is the one who supports Duck Dynasty. so what else can we expect. he is never in Louisiana always trying to be the president and continues to make a fool of himself. DUMB RHODES SCHOLAR take the diploma back

  8. Piyush Jindal just being himself… what else is new?

    I am an Indian; I even went to LSU Baton Rouge in the ’80s and all I want to say is how glad I am that this stupid guy is no longer an Indian. He’s your problem now!

    Him and Dinesh D’Souza, please make sure you keep them. Never let them leave your country.

  9. My comment needs a correction. I do know that Piyush Jindal is a born-in-the-USA citizen. But still, I disown him with all my heart!

  10. I absolutely love watching these Repuglicans self-destruct in front of my eyes. It’s so nice to know that the Tea Party is finally over. Bring it on, you right-wing nuts, bring it on!

  11. Jindal reeks of desperation. Just like Rubio everything he touches turns to shit. Who had the worse State Of The Union response? I think it was Jindal’s bizzaro Mr. Rodgers imitation. He’s saying what he thinks will get him in the 2016 game. Disrespect President Obama while he remains classy, eloquent & above the nastiness. Next Jindal have the racist child molester Nugent surrogate for his 2016 primary. isn’t he like the most hated GOP governor in a the state of LA where they are rock bottom on every list of accomplishments since he took office.

    Besides Malloy fighting back I read the governor of Hawaii was pissed & muttered insults toward Jindal that Jindal could hear. Another Dem Gov called him the king of cheap shots. Thank you Dem Govs!

  12. Every word that comes out that man’s mouth comes out stupid. He really looked and sounded ridicules. He’s trying so hard to sound intelligent. He’s lucky for some reason he became governor.

  13. If Jindal thinks we can do better, why is his state one of the worst in the country at just about everything, jobs, education, pollution and healthcare.

  14. Gov. Jindal, supporting the worst of poor states. Highest unemployment, worst education, worst health care, has the lowest wages. He is on the bottom of the 50 states and he is telling other Governors what to do. Jindal is a shame on the nation. HIs people should reject him and elect a Governor who wants to help the people.

  15. Republicans elected a Felon Governor in Florida, Rich Scott and elected a 2 time rapist from Florida to the Idaho Senate. They don’t care who they elect as leaders.

  16. Jindal seems like other Republicans because they all take their talking points from the same playbook. His comments are not thoughtful because he playing a part not thinking.

  17. Jindal is just another wacked-out, batshit-crazy smeghead politician with delusions of grandeur.

    A pox on Jindal and his ilk forevermore.

  18. I followed the story of 2 time rapist Mark Patterson. They even let him keep his guns! Un-freakin believable he stayed in office until some of his female co-workers (Republicans) said he was “inappropriate” toward them. They would’ve kept him forever.

  19. I live in Connecticut(born & raised), but I don’t really like it here. I’ve been wanting to move to someplace on the west coast. But this has made me remember that I used to like my home state.
    That my governor so forcefully and spontaneously called out Republican bullshit, it gives me hope. It makes me reconsider leaving and never coming back here, as I’ve wanted to do for over six years; move away from the urban sprawl from Hartford to Rockville, sure, but not run away from the whole of Connecticut.
    I am proud to have Dannel Patrick Malloy as my governor. He makes me remember that my State isn’t a socially stagnant idiot farm; that’s just this town I’m in, and my father’s family.

  20. You know as well as I that not many Americans are going to vote for this Asian Indian for President of the United States, They just using this jiggaboo.

  21. I’m republican, and I can’t stand this clown Jindal. Piyush Jindal is a sellout, so embarrassed of his religion and culture he converted to Christianity and changed his name. I have no respect for sellouts and crass oportunists like him. At last Obama doesn’t go around calling himself Barry.

    America will never vote for this clown who is not even present more than half the time to govern his poverty stricken state.

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