Kansas GOP Candidate Gives The Worst Apology Ever For Posting Dead People Internet Pics


Tea party Republican Senate challenger Milton Wolf offered the worst apology ever for posting pictures of dead people on the Internet.

According to The Topeka Capital-Journal,

U.S. Senate challenger Milton Wolf sought forgiveness Sunday from anyone offended by his posting to Facebook of gory medical images of dead and injured people, and attacked primary rival Republican Sen. Pat Roberts for allegedly engaging in character assassination.

“Several years ago, I made some comments about these images that were insensitive to the seriousness of what the images revealed,” Wolf said. “Soon thereafter, I removed those images. However, my mistakes are my own and I take full responsibility for them.”

The Republican candidate also held a “political adversary” — Roberts — responsible for igniting controversy about the images. He said Roberts “wants to attack me as a doctor rather than giving Kansans a reason to vote for him.”

Um, no, this isn’t a political smear tactic. Wolf doesn’t get that what he did was beyond wrong. That kind of behavior might be just socially unacceptable for somebody who is trolling the Internet and looking to get a rise out of people, but nobody wants a candidate for the United States Senate posting x-rays of dead people and making jokes about them.

Republicans are infamous for their non-apology apologies, but this one takes the cake. There was no apology in his remarks. He doesn’t bother to pretend that he is sorry. This is just a conspiracy by establishment Republicans to convince the voters of Kansas not to vote for him in the Republican primary.

Sen. Roberts doesn’t have to anything. Milton Wolf has already done plenty to convince voters not to support him. If Wolf would by any chance win the Republican nomination, this would be a sure pick up for the Democrats because nobody wants the creepy guy who posts images of dead people on the Internet representing them in the Senate.

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  1. So another Republican who must be forgiven. Only those who are unworthy of forgiveness are Democrats. (This makes me sick!)

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