Kentucky Tea Party Senate Candidate Matt Bevin Has No Clue What The National Debt Is

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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is dealing with a GOP primary challenger in his bid for reelection this year. That challenger is businessman Matt Bevin, who is running on a Tea Party platform. For the most part, Bevin has not fared well in most polls in the state, as it appears that Republican voters still prefer McConnell over the ultra-conservative neophyte Bevin. Still the fact that a powerful Senator like McConnell is even dealing with a primary challenger shows just how vulnerable he is for the general election.


Now, Bevin does have some powerful friends in this campaign, as conservative groups like FreedomWorks and the Senate Conservatives Fund have backed him in this race. This week, Bevin decided to release an attack ad against McConnell regarding his vote on the debt ceiling increase that took place earlier this month. While McConnell didn’t actually vote to increase the debt ceiling, he did vote to allow the measure to come up for a vote. This all occurred due to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) threatening to filibuster the bill.

Below is the video of the ad:




In the video, the narrator says the following:

“Matt Bevin opposes raising the national debt. Period. The choice is clear. Conservative Republican Matt Bevin for U.S. Senate.”

I think somebody needs to explain to Bevin what the national debt is and how it is calculated. See, raising the debt ceiling doesn’t give the federal government a ‘blank check’ to spend money however they want. What it does do is it allows Treasury to pay the bills that have already been determined and racked up via prior legislation. Agreeing to raise the debt ceiling just permits the Treasury Department the ability to take the necessary steps to payout the already authorized spending of the US government.

Increasing the debt limit does not mean that Congress is authorizing the nation’s debt to go higher. That is beyond their control at that point. As long as there is a deficit in the yearly federal budget, the national debt will continue to increase. The only way to get the nation’s debt to reverse course and decrease is to bring in more revenue than what is being spent. That is done on the budgetary scale. When you have a deficit, debt will continue to accrue. When you have a surplus, you are able to eat away at the national debt.

Voting against raising the debt limit is basically like advocating for our nation to be a bunch of deadbeats. We already know what needs to be paid out and have the ability to repay it, but we are just deciding that we don’t want to do it anymore. It is the epitome of irresponsible governing.

Of course, it shouldn’t surprise many that Bevin either doesn’t understand the national debt or is just being dishonest. Throughout his campaign he has hammered McConnell for his support of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), saying that we need less people in government who support bailouts. However, in 2008, Bevin wrote and signed a letter to investors supporting and praising TARP. He essentially wanted to let his firm’s investors know that TARP would help them all out.

Bevin doesn’t really have a chance against McConnell. However, he is forcing the Minority Leader to focus his energies and funds on defending attack ads and dealing with a GOP primary challenger. This can only bode well for Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes, who has been either even or ahead of McConnell in most recent polls. If McConnell gets beat up a bit in this primary and has to take on extremely conservative positions to defend himself, it could hurt him dearly in November.

11 Replies to “Kentucky Tea Party Senate Candidate Matt Bevin Has No Clue What The National Debt Is”

  1. He doesn’t know what the national debt is? Perfect Tea Bagger candidate…they really ought to call themselves the Know Nothing Party.

  2. Thing is: I do believe that these GOP candidates understand very well what the debt ceiling is. But since they are talking to the voters, most of whom DON’T and associate increasing debt ceiling and increasing the debt, these GOP candidates simply play the game, whatever it takes to DISCREDIT their opponents.

  3. No surprise at all! I’m sure that when they have a bowel movement they are just as confused as smelly fecal matter comes from both ends equally and have the same amount of substance.

  4. The truly scary thing is the fact people actually vote for these candidates. What frustrates me to no end is how a majority of Americans are unaware of the fact our nations deficit has fallen at the fastest pace since WW2 under president Obama. Does Meet the press mention this fact(yeah right!). Does NBC or ABC bring this fact to Americas attention? What about Faux news? That would be a nope nope and nope. Meet the press is now nothing but a conservative talking point hour for conservatives to go on national TV every Sunday to vent fake Obama conspiracies. Oh but wait! Conservatives cry non stop over the “liberal tilted media”.

  5. There is nothing we in Kentucky want to see than Alison Lundergan Grimes win. She is well on her way to ditching Mitch!

  6. Come on Kevin, you stats are misleading. After WW2, the US went from spending more than it had to spend (borrowing money via War Bonds), to returning to a balanced budget and paying off those War Bonds. WW2 was a legitimate emergency by virtually any standard, and borrowing money to survive as a nation makes sense. Our deficits are still at record levels compared to any year prior to Obama taking office. Now, you can blame this guy, or that party, or the federal reserve, or some crisis somewhere, but the facts remain the same, our deficits are at historic record levels. And the only reason the “drop” in deficit this year from what it was in 2009 and 2010 seems to be such a big drop is because it was so dad-gummed huge in 2009 and 2010. Sort of like when gasoline prices fell to $3.50 from $5.00 — $3.50 was (and still is) a historically high price to pay, despite the “record drop” in gasoline prices.

  7. The debt ceiling is the maximum amount of debt allowed by law. This would compare to a credit limit on an individual’s credit card — the maximum debt a person is allowed to accumulate on the card.

    In contrast, the deficit typically refers to the amount of new debt intentionally entered into in a specific timeframe — most often a fiscal year running from October 1st through September 30th of the following calendar year.

    The deficit and debt ceiling do interact with one another. If the debt ceiling has been reached already, then continuing to operate a deficit is not permissible — sort of like if you’ve reached the credit limit on your credit card, you can only spend money that you actually have, instead of borrowing more.

    This article has a bold title, yet it lacks substance in the article itself. And yes, it does effectively give a blank check to the government apparatus to spend what it wants, since this most recent bill took away the debt-limit entirely.

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