Lone Star Lunacy as ‘Obama=Hitler’ Candidate Leads Democratic Senate Primary

Kesha Rogers


The Texas Democratic Party is flirting with disaster in the U.S. Senate race. The March 4th primary is fast approaching, and the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll finds that the state’s progressive Democrats are not reaching voters. The headline story from the poll is that Republican Greg Abbott leads Democrat Wendy Davis 47-36 in the probable November Governor’s race. While that is troubling news, the more disturbing news found in the poll, is the Democratic Senate primary results. If the poll is accurate, Texas Democrats are setting up a runoff between a Lyndon LaRouche disciple and a wealthy dental chain mogul who once helped bankroll the campaigns of Mitch McConnell, Rick Perry and several other Republicans.

According to the February poll, Kesha Rogers leads with 35 percent. David Alameel is in second  with 27 percent. Maxey Scherr polls third with 15 percent. Harry Kim is at 14 percent and Michael Fjetland garners 9 percent support. Rogers is a follower of conspiracy theorist Lyndon LaRouche. She carries posters of Barack Obama sporting a Hitler mustache, calls for his impeachment, and compares the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to the genocidal policies of the German Nazis in the 1930s. Like most Lyndon LaRouche followers, she also thinks the United States is being secretly controlled by a cabal of London bankers. In addition, she favors expanding manned space exploration and colonizing Mars  to prevent “mass extinction of the human species”. Yet, despite her hatred towards President Obama, she sits atop the Democratic Senate primary in Texas.

Her nearest challenger is wealthy dental chain mogul David Alameel, who has contributed generously in the past to Republican candidates including Mitch McConnell, Rick Perry and Greg Abbott. Ironically, he also helped bankroll the campaign of John Cornyn, the man he now hopes to unseat. Kesha Rogers leads while comparing Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler. David Alameel is running in second, despite having contributed heavily to Texas and national Republican leaders. Democrats in Texas are in grave danger of nominating an embarrassing Senate candidate who will undermine the Democratic ticket throughout the state. Rogers, in particular, can do nothing but fuel Tea Party paranoia, while running on the Democratic ticket, giving bipartisan cover for right-wing fantasies about an Obama dictatorship.

With Wendy Davis and Leticia Van de Putte running for Governor and Lt. Governor, Texas Democrats are running its strongest state wide slate since Ann Richards was at the top of the ticket. However, if Democratic voters sleepwalk through the Democratic primaries and allow the wrong Democrat to become the U.S. Senate nominee, 2014 could turn into a political disaster for Lone Star state Democrats. Frankly, neither Rogers nor Alameel seem like candidates that Democrats should rally behind. Primary voters who want a progressive candidate for U.S. Senate should probably opt to select Maxey Scherr and hope they can boost her into a run-off.

Under no circumstances, should any self-respecting Democrat cast a ballot for Kesha Rogers, whose comparisons between Obama and Hitler should be regarded as offensive and absurd by all rational people of conscience. Democratic organizers in Texas need to get the word out about what Rogers stands for and make sure that she does not secure the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senator. Voters need to vote on or before March 4th and send a message that the Texas Democratic Party is awake, and that they do not think Barack Obama is a Nazi. If Kesha Rogers secures the Democratic nomination, it will be a disaster for the Democratic Party in the state of Texas, and sadly it will be a catastrophe of their own creation.

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  1. Cannot the state of Texas Democratic party find someone who claims to be democrat but is sounding like a Tea Party candidate? That state has more than its share of loonies.

  2. “…she favors expanding manned space explorations and colonizing Mars to prevent ‘mass extinction of the human species.’ ”

    Really? That’s an “in addition”…what, exactly, does this have to do with her being an unsuitable Democratic candidate or being nuts?

  3. She is already a disappointment to me a Dem…Be careful who you’re voting for… She is a huge mistake. And a nut..ewww

  4. texas?? yeah I know, here come the flood of “NO” votes on my post but texas is beyond CRAZY!! too many redneck, idiot religious fakers and WAAAAAAY too many RW supposedly tough guy white guys gubbers! texas prides itself on always TRYING to be the biggest in EVERYTHING, including being ranked 3rd in illiteracy, and ranks 4th in STD’s, need I say anymore? I see why nugent moved to texas!

  5. The issue isn’t so much that she supports space exploration, which is a reasonable position by itself. The issue is that like many followers of LaRouche she believes that colonizing Mars soon is essential to our survival as a species.

  6. Lyndon LaRouche is still kicking? I remember when he was passing out fliers saying that the queen of England controlled the money supply of the US. I see the idiocy has continued

  7. Just the fact that she is instigating racism towards our president by carrying posters of him with wearing a Hitler mustache.
    Oust that woman as fast as you can people! She is a plant! She is not one of us.
    What the hell is wrong with Texans anyway. Stone crazy!

  8. This is the final straw. If true, there is no doubt that the entire state of Texas is populated with lunatics. I’m a Democrat, and frankly I’m embarrassed by what I’ve read in this article if true. Perhaps there’s something in the water…….. In fact I’m not sure this isn’t a copy/pasted Onion satire article.

  9. As a current resident and voter in the state of Texas, I’ve try to talk to and educate as many people as possible about the importance of voting and why it matters. And believe me when I tell you that the level of ignorance and apathy here is absolutely heartbreaking, especially among the under 30 age group. It’s as if they’ve been brainwashed into believing that they have no voice and voting doesn’t matter. Maybe if we could incorporate voting into some type of video game maybe we can somewhere.(I say that partly in jest) But we have to keep trying.


  11. Check their voting records they most likely voted Republican. They will do anything to get into office including running as a Democrat this is Tea Party bullshit through and through.

  12. Why waste your vote on anyone else when David Alameel is second in the running? David Alameel could be the front runner, except for all the rest who are siphoning the votes and making this Kesha Rogers the next nut from Texas going to the Senate.

    Is Texas the new Florida?

    Vote for David Alameel and bring some sanity to the Texas that once was.

  13. I guess she never heard of Jessie Owens and the 1936 Olympics and how a black man kicked their Aryan asses. She probably thinks Jessie was invited to the Schloss Adler for tea after wards. She also must be ignorant of the FACT that Hitler was a Christian Conservative along with Mussolini and Franco. And yes Democrats are susceptible to idiocy and religious lunacy, I made campaign signs for a woman who was Catholic and ate up with God and hated Obama but the hate was racism pure and simple.

  14. It just show more proof that she is a follower of crazy Lyndon LaRoche who has been running for president since 1972. He and his followers are scary and the complete opposite of the Democratic party.

  15. It sure sounds like she’s a “plant.” I think Republicans have found a new way to CHEAT, just like they have planted deceiving ads for donations that make you think you’re contributing to a Democrat, until you’re finished, and it shows your donation went to the GOP.

  16. She “reeks” of Tea Party and Republican loonies. A good rule of thumb is don’t vote for anyone unless they are like Wendy Davis. Now SHE is a true Democrat and a Patriot!

  17. 1. She’s not a Democrat. LaRouche’s are not Democrats – the beliefs are completely incompatible.

    LaRouche’s have more in common with Rand psuedo-libertarians, and John Birchers than they do with Democrats.

    2. It’s a plant. This is not new. The GOP has done this same thing in other states.

    3. If you’re a Dem in TX, get active! Not all the state is wackos.

  18. Why can’t the Texas Democrats endorse acceptible candidates, advertise same, and elect them. Like we do in Minnesota.

  19. That is what scares me the most. People on the center-left seem to fall into the cynicism trap. They think all politicians are corrupt and then they avoid getting involved in politics, making it a reality. The Koch Brothers love to rally the Right and to disempower the center and the left. What makes me sad is that as a nation, we are far too eager to let them get away with it. Get out and vote like your life depends upon it, because it does.

  20. In the March primary, voting for any Democrat besides Kesha Rogers works against her getting 50 percent and at least forces a runoff between the top two candidates. If it becomes a runoff between Rogers and any other candidate, it is essential that Democrats get behind whoever that candidate is.

  21. In Minnesota, at least on the DFL side, we have an ongoing arguemnt about our process for picking candidates, but neither the Larouche nut nor the GOP rich guy would get through the caucuses and convention. They would run in the primary, and the rich guy might spend a ton of money, but it’s hard to beat the party endorsement, and a nut won’t get endorsed. Some people complain there aren’t enough people participating in caucuses, but at least the people at caucuses are paying attention.

  22. LaRouchePAC is a multinational organization that really is a political cult. I have studied it extensively. Go to their website and watch some of their video material and read some of their stuff. LaRouche publishes insanely long essays almost weekly sometimes in excess of 15,000 words and holds 3 weekly web shows. On Monday they have “the policy Committee” of which Rogers is a part, these are the candidates. On Wednesday they have “the weekly report” where they discuss weird pseudo science. On Friday the 91 year old LaRouche does a webcast where he basically stands at a podium answering questions, except he never answers the question and goes on long rants about the British and throws in racist jokes. The process repeats weekly, we are always one minute to doom and only LaRouche has the answer that can save us. So if you plan on voting for Kesha I would go look long and hard at the organization behind here.

  23. Oh @Steve, how true! that drug addict, child molesting, coward nugent was hatched here!! michigan at least went BLUE the last couple of elections. we just gotta get rid of rick ”THE DICK” snyder!!

  24. I am not from Texas, but disappointed that Wendy Davis is so behind in the polls. Polls, being what they may, who knows if it is even correct or how they polled.

  25. We have brains but no money. The air-waves are full of Anti-Obama ads. Voters are uninformed. Wendy Davis is the only one who seems to be fighting. If they don’t get the word out how will we know. This is the first I have heard of this. I am thinking of early voting tomorrow. Glad for this information.

  26. Nugent’s from Michigan? Ick! But yeah that dick Snyder has GOT to go! I sooo hope we vote his ass out this year.

  27. Um, the rest of the insanity aside, whats wrong with space exploration?
    The space race of the 20th century wasn’t a waste of money, it wasn’t a contest to see which big manly nation could conquer the Moon. It was one great leap for mankind. The preparation for which directly led to the technological innovations that now allow me to write this post.
    Colonizing Mars should be a serious notion, and serious effort should be put toward it. While colonizing Mars may not yet be “essential to the survival of the human race” the efforts to make it possible would not simply be money thrown down a hole.
    A serious effort to colonize Mars would spawn a another technological revolution. NASA already has the science behind terraforming Mars pretty much mapped out; they estimated it would cost 30 billion dollars. Cut the fat out the defense budget, and the US can raise that in a year.
    If nothing else, a space race to Mars would speed up tech development, and give us a place to send the…

  28. Well, it’s certainly not unique to Texas, but Texas has produced a number of prominent Democrats with a policy agenda similar to Kesha Rogers. The list would include Ralph Yarborough and Henry Gonzalez. But until recently, we’ve had nothing but the Wall Street types.

  29. Excuse me, but your comment makes no sense. Do you mean that if someone presented an image of George W. Bush, whose policy agenda was virtually identical to Obama’s, with a Hitler mustache, that would not be racist? As far as I can tell, the mustache has to do with placing Wall Street above the general welfare of the population.

    I base my opinion of Obama not on the color of his skin, but on the content of his character — and the content of his character is dreadful. Despite his liberal rhetoric for public consumption, he’s the most right-wing president since Nixon.

  30. You’re right — and the other policies she espouses are just as good. You won’t get an accurate picture of them from the sleazeball propaganda coming from the courtesans of the press. She wants the sort of big infrastructure programs we had with FDR and continuing to the death of JFK, when everything went sour. She wants a real national health plan, single-payer, not a huge boondoggle for the private insurance companies. She is presenting the sort of platform that used to make the Democratic Party attractive to low-income Americans.

  31. “Under no circumstances, should any self-respecting Democrat cast a ballot for Kesha Rogers, whose comparisons between Obama and Hitler should be regarded as offensive and absurd by all rational people of conscience. ”

    Did you all feel and write the same when people compared Bush to Hitler?

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