Pat Buchanan Says Conservative Christians Are True Victims in Arizona

Pat_BuchananPat Buchanan asks in the pages of World Net Daily, “If the conditions that called for the laws of the 1960s have ceased to exist, why do those laws still exist?” thinks that because we no longer see white and “colored” drinking fountains that we no longer have civil rights problems in this country.

Buchanan proceeds from a false premise. Sure, if the conditions that created the need for a civil rights campaign no longer prevailed, we would no longer need special protections for minorities. But as both Kansas and Arizona – and now Georgia – have demonstrated, as five years of intense racism against our first black president have demonstrated, we are not at that point.racist-obamacare

Actor and gay rights activist George Takei, in an open letter, called Arizona a Jim Crow state for passing SB 1062. He is right. There is no substantive difference between bigotry based on skin color and bigotry based on sexual preference. And even many Arizona Republicans, if they’re not using Takei’s language, seem to know it. Heck, even Fox-clone CNN has noticed that a license to discriminate is not a good thing.

Re-criminalize_sodomyYet what Buchanan takes from these examples of right wing bigotry and intolerance that frighten even some Republicans, is this: “What we are seeing in Arizona in microcosm is what we have witnessed in America for half a century: the growing intolerance of those who preach tolerance and the corruption of the concept of civil rights.”

Yes, Buchanan thinks civil rights is the right to take away other peoples’ rights.

Already unable to extricate himself from the deep end, Buchanan writes,

Last year, the Supreme Court struck down the pre-clearance provision of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Yet, somehow, Mississippi still has more black elected officials than any other state.

The facts are somewhat different than Buchanan presents them. The New York Times observed last year that,

The voting battles in Mississippi did not end in 1965. The state dragged its feet for four years before the first Justice Department review, and since then the federal government has objected to voting changes in Mississippi 173 times, 116 of them coming since the act was renewed in 1982.

And now? The Times points to a less rosy reality:

With a black population of 37 percent, by far the largest in the country, Mississippi did not have a black representative in Congress from Reconstruction until 1986. As recently as 1990, only 22 out of the 204 members of the Mississippi State Legislature were black. While no black statewide official has been elected, there are now a black congressman and 49 black state lawmakers.

Many of these changes came about through application of Section 5…

The fact is, blacks are still discriminated against. Latinos are discriminated against. Women are discriminated against. Muslims are discriminated against. Atheists and minority religious groups like Wiccans and others, are discriminated against. Gays and lesbians are discriminated against.

The spirit of Jim Crow is alive and well in America.

Yet Buchanan says it is slander to say that “America is a racist, sexist, homophobic and xenophobic country which would revert to massive discrimination were it not for heroic progressives standing guard.”

But it’s not slander. It’s the truth. Even with heroic progressive standing guard, Red States regularly strive to deprive minorities of their voting rights. As Adalia Woodbury wrote here last year, the only thing that seems to scare Republicans more than paying workers a living wage is voting rights.

You have to wonder if Buchanan is even really paying attention, when he asks things like, ” As for the Christians of Arizona and same-sex unions in Arizona, if they don’t like each other, can they not just avoid each other? After all, it’s a big state.”

Sure, that would be great, if it wasn’t for the so-called Christians of Arizona passing laws allowing discrimination of gays and lesbians. He says we no longer have segregated drinking fountains but if the Religious Right gets its way, it has more than proven it’s willing to reinstate them for the LGBT community.

Buchanan asks,

Does anyone think hotels, motels and restaurants across Dixie, from D.C. to Texas, would stop serving black customers? Does anyone think there would again be signs sprouting up reading “whites” and “colored” on drinking foundations and restrooms?

Yes, we do, and Kansas, Arizona, and Georgia prove it, because Republicans like Pat Buchanan have tried to do just that, to reinstate segregation based this time not on skin color but on sexual preference, just as they have discriminated on the basis of religion when they rail against the First Amendment rights of Muslims. Contrary to conservative belief, religious freedom is not freedom for only one religion, and civil rights are civil rights for all, or they are not civil rights at all.

Updated [2.25.14 8:39 am] to reflect Georgia’s anti-gay law

28 Replies to “Pat Buchanan Says Conservative Christians Are True Victims in Arizona”

  1. Sexual orientation! Never sexual preference. As though I simply “prefer” to fall in love with someone of my own gender. No…my sexual ORIENTATION means that I am capable of ONLY falling in love with someone of my own gender.

  2. I suspect laws like this one and the one that barely failed in Kansas are a legal ploy: if “religious convictions” are found legally sufficient grounds to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, then they are legally sufficient to uphold discrimination based on any immutable characteristic. Indeed, as has been pointed out, as the law is written, it is already applicable on the basis of “gender”, which means women could be discriminated against, and so could men in heterosexual unions where the couple was “too” egalitarian for someone’s idea of a “Godly” marriage.

  3. Oh thank God, the arbiter of fairness and sanity as entered into the fray. Now that Buchannan has explained things to us, we can relax and let the discrimination begin.

  4. Yes, we know: conservatives are ALWAYS the victims, especially when stopped from imposing their beliefs unto others or discriminating against others.

  5. Christian Conservatives are the victims allright…they are the victims of their own small minds and weakness of intellect AND this fantasy called Faith and Religion.

  6. Let all these LGBT-hating Republicans and preachers hop on the next plane to Uganda – then you can’t complain you’re the victim. How come these same leaders don’t talk about rape, pedaphiles, adulterers? Ted Nugent would be in jail for a long time. These men are always selective in their bible readings.

  7. Burn in the hell you made Bucky… corporatist swine. Christianity as you and a herd of half-wits practice it is one of the reasons humanity wears an asshat and is a likely scourge of the galaxy.

  8. Using Pat’s logic a business can refuse to serve blacks because they believe they bear “the mark of Cain” or perhaps a a business owner can refuse to serve Catholics because they offend the born-again Christians, who believe papists are evil. Maybe fundamentalist Christians will refuse to serve women who wear pants. Best yet – how about those Christians so concerned with sin refuse to bake a cake or take wedding photos for the divorced? How about known adulterers like Newt Gingrich? Just being a business owner does not give you the right to judge others. Guess what? With this law I can refuse to serve judgmental Christians! Sweet! But seriously, and most importantly, it is bad business to exclude certain groups and this policy will backfire in a huge way if it passes.

  9. Pat Buchanan has a big mouth and the logic of a broken toaster.

    Forgive me for slandering broken toasters.

  10. I don’t think this bill is discrimination. It just further helps a person who has fundamental beliefs keeps those beliefs and not feel he’s going to be attacked and slandered by all you advocates against this bill. Should a business you open be subject to to laws that go against your beliefs? This almost happened to Hobby Lobby
    This bill only ensures that things like this won’t happen in Arizona.

    I admit I might be ignorant to many laws but I don’t see what’s so wrong with this one. What’s wrong with standing up for your beliefs and not allowing for others to trample them under their feet? If you start a business in this country you should be able to do with it what you want because it’s yours.

  11. Then you are in favor of jim crow. If I am black and was curse then you as a white should be able to not let me take a piss? You are a bigot

  12. pat is a national disgrace! from his embarrassing failed presidential run to being a stooge on the Mclauglin report where Elenore Clift just OWNS his sorry AS$! buchanan is nothing but the face of OLD- REPUBICLIAN- WHITE GUY, which is why no one with a IQ over 10 takes him seriously, his solution for USA superiority was to become isolationist! pat isn’t very bright!

  13. @gimply, you are a pathetic excuse for a human being! now heres the really sad news, this anti gay filth works very well in the black community!! As a black man I’m deeply ashamed how many black people start talking like republicans when the hate turns towards gay people!! For some who don’t comprehend my post, I’m not anti caucasian at all, I’m anti ignorance, anti hate my frustration isn’t with color, but unfortunately many caucasian republicans use hate and ignorance on a everyday basis.

  14. If you are unable to keep your beliefs because someone else questions them or does not believe as you do, then you need to look within yourself and ask why is it that way for you.

    No one is trampling on your beliefs, but the rest of us have been attacked and slandered by the fundamental Christian right, pretty much for the last 3 decades, but even more so since Obama took office. We have had simply enough of being attacked and slandered and our rights trampled on because we do not believe as those who advocate for and/or support this type of legislation.

    Citing a Fox News report as evidence of a truth is simply asinine. As Fox News told a judge: They are not a news station but rather are an entertainment channel, thus they are not required to be truthful.

    If you want to have a business that excludes those you do not wish to deal with, then have a private, for members only type of business, not one open to the public.

  15. Your ability to so easily dismiss the potential widespread impact of laws like these informs me that yes, you have little understanding of laws which can be used to discriminate against anyone, even you if someone else objects to anything having to do with you as long as the person doing the discrinating claims s/he is doing it based on religion. It could be something as simple as the material your clothing is made of or the length of your wife or girlfriend’s hair! These types of laws are open to the personal interpretation of one’s religious beliefs.. This is why they are dangerous not only to gay Americans, but to every American, including you, gimply.

  16. I miffed at how business owners choose who to discriminate against. Say a family owned motel decides not to allow 2 males to stay in the same room overnight. How do they know what their intentions are? Maybe it’s a business trip & they want to cut costs. Would the owners have the right to ask? Or 2 women go into a bakery to order a wedding cake. They could be getting married or they could be the bride & her sister. Who’s business is it to judge then confront? Rampant profiling is OK? Accuse & hope you’re right?

  17. I can’t stand Bay Buchanan. A real religious zealot. Reminds me of James Carville’s evil wife. What kind of people raised Pat & Bay to be such haters?

  18. I have to wonder how gimpy found his way here. I read lunatics & losers like Cruz, Rand Paul, Scott Walker & Christie pay trolls to lurk around progressive sites to “defend” & “write good stuff” about the idiots. Especially during primaries & elections.

  19. Gina, yes I’ve seen James Carville’s wife from time to time, She ALWAYS seems if she is on drugs and never quite with it not to mention that she’s uglier than a mud fence after a hard rain.

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