82% of Democrats Want Hillary Clinton to Run for President in 2016

Hillary Clinton is a wide favorite among Democrats. According to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll, 82% of Democrats want Clinton to run.

When asked if they would like Hillary Clinton to run for president, 82% of Democrats said yes, and 13% said no. Among Independents, 52% wanted her to run, and 42% said they did not want her to run. Vice President Joe Biden divides the Democratic Party. 42% of Democrats want the vice president to run, and 39% do not. The other potential Democratic candidates, Elizabeth Warren, Martin O’Malley and Andrew Cuomo weren’t well enough known for the majority of Democrats to have an opinion.

On the Republican side, things are a mess. No candidate had a majority of Republicans wanting him to run, Chris Christie has fallen so far that more Republicans don’t want him to run (41%) than do (31%). The most poplar Republican is Jeb Bush. 41% of GOPers want him to run, and 27% don’t. 39% of Republicans want Rand Paul to run, and 27% don’t. Thirty two percent want Marco Rubio to run, and 15% don’t.

The Democrats have one clearly dominant candidate. In fact, the Democrats may have the only candidate, besides Jeb Bush, that has the name recognition and platform to win an election right now. The good news for skeptical Democrats and Republicans are that the election isn’t being held right now. There is still plenty of time for candidates to develop and emerge.

If the Clinton momentum continues, this could be the beginning of something very historic. Not since Eisenhower in 1952 has their been the demand for a candidate like what is visible for Hillary Clinton.

Democrats are not only wanting Hillary; they’re ready for her.

10 Replies to “82% of Democrats Want Hillary Clinton to Run for President in 2016”

  1. i would vote for that combo in a heartbeat.

    but I have to wonder how many more elections are going to be bush vs Clinton. it’s time for the bush dynasty to end.

  2. Sounds good. Now that is a team!
    Perhaps I am out of the mainstream w/Democrats on Hillary.
    My thoughts. If Joe Biden would run for the office of the presidency and he won the nomination, he would certainly get my vote.

  3. I’d LOVE to see Elizabeth Warren and Tammy Duckworth run! That said, I WILL get out and vote…Even if it’s just to vote AGAINST republican candidates. Enough is enough!

  4. I believe you are right.

    I never was in favor of Hillary running against Obama in the first place. One of the happiest days of my life was when Barack Obama won the presidency! I am a true supporter of President Obama!

  5. Elizebeth Warren, YES!!! Tammy Duckworth?, AAAAAAHHHH NO!!!!!!!!!!!! but thanks for playing ”I’m not quite a democrat”, 86 Duckworth

  6. my nut case cyber stalker, who said they used to be some friend, that used to know me, in Washington State, years ago, is always ranting, like a lunatic, about Hilary Clinton! what’s up with that?!?! what is your problem, nut case, cyber stalking me???? why are you always ranting like a lunatic, about Hilary Clinton????

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