Bernie Sanders Blasts Republicans For Trying to Torpedo Veterans Bill With Iran Sanctions


Sen. Bernie Sanders blasted Senate Republicans today for trying to betray the nation’s veterans by attempting to kill the veterans bill with a demand for sanctions against Iran.


Sen. Sanders said, “I think there is widespread support across the country for this bill, and I frankly think there is a lot of support in the Senate for this bill. And what has happened for the same old stupid partisan reasons, Republican leadership says well, we want to attach to this bill Iran sanctions, and they know that this is something that the president doesn’t want. They know it’s something that the Secretary of State doesn’t want at this point. They know that the Democratic leadership doesn’t want it, and it’s a means to torpedo what is such an important piece of legislation for our veterans. I really get very upset.”

Sanders later said that the tactics that Republicans are using are part of what makes people so disgusted with Washington, “The average American says, you want to vote for the veterans bill? Vote for it. You want to vote against it? Vote against it. You have amendments improving the bill? Bring them to the floor. What does Iran sanctions have to do with the veterans bill? It has nothing at all to do with the veterans bill. That’s the simple truth.”

Sen. Sanders told those Republicans who claim that the country can’t afford the bill, “If you can’t afford to take care of your veterans, than don’t go war. These people are bearing the brunt of what war is about, We have a moral obligation to support them.”

Every American, no matter what their politics, should be outraged by this sneaky and underhanded attempt to kill a bill that would improve veterans’ benefits. The bill restores the COLA for military retirees, provide more access to healthcare, expands healthcare services for vets, and provides in state tuition assistance for post-9/11 veterans.

Senate Republicans don’t want to cast a vote against veterans, but they don’t want the vets to have better benefits, so they are trying to add the poison pill of sanctions for Iran to the bill. Iran has nothing to do with taking care of veterans. The Iran sanctions demand is being used to hide the real reason why Republicans are doing their best to kill this bill. The truth is that Senate Republicans don’t want to support veterans.

Republicans are threatening to kill the veterans bill with obstruction if Harry Reid does not allow a vote on sanctions for Iran. They know that President Obama will never sign a bill that would destroy the current negotiations with Iran so Mitch McConnell and company are trying to set up a situation where they force a presidential veto, then claim that the president is not supporting veterans.

Sen. Sanders was correct. This is more of the same old dumb partisan game playing by Senate Republicans. They should be ashamed of themselves for what they are threatening to do to the nation’s veterans, but many congressional Republicans have no shame.

Mitch McConnell and company also lack the integrity and patriotism that would compel them to do the right thing for those who risked their lives for their country.

These same Republicans voted to send our troops to war, and now they are refusing to do right by our veterans. It is an embarrassing disgrace, but a million demands for sanctions towards Iran can’t hide the yellow streak that is running down Mitch McConnell’s back.

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  1. Lessee…we have the vets themselves, then we have their wives, parents, brothers, sisters, friends…. I wonder how many millions of votes for democrats that adds up to?

    I’ll bet the number of teahaddist veterans just dropped significantly. By 2016, a republican won’t be able to run successfuly for dog catcher.

  2. The republicans are false patriots kowtowing to their corporate masters.Thank you Bernie,we need more true patriots like yourself.Give’em hell,speak the truth.

  3. We can’t afford veterans benefits but we can afford another war with Iran. What part of that rhetoric don’t I understand ? Republican especially are all red ,white and blue when it comes to starting a war and spending trillions on a war but want to spend nothing on those who actually fight those wars. This is the same party that this week was bashing the administration for cuts in our military forces but the pertained to arms, munitions and personal. On the other hand they have no problem cutting or eliminating military benefits of those who have served or are serving at this time. So I guess that what we can take away for this argument is this. Republicans will fund military benefits only if we let then start another war. This is the American defence industry and their lobbyist and Israel with their lobbyist speaking loud and clear. Yep lets start another trillion dollar war and then wonder why the budget isn’t balanced.

  4. What a crock of CRAP! You notice they didn’t put the bill number? That’s because they don’t want you to go read the PORK shoved in there by so called progressives. STOP believing the media and read the bills yourself! This is the FOURTH time democrats blamed republicans for turning down help for veterans. They turn it down because of the fat in the bill that people like Bernie don’t tell you about. If democrats were really interested in helping veterans, they would have passed the bill submitted that only dealt with veterans, no pork, no fat. But they didn’t. They wanted all kinds of crap added. READ THE BILLS YOURSELF! Stop believing the so called “news” reporters and bloggers who have their own agenda. Believe me, their agenda isn’t to help you!

  5. As usual, the TGOPs are inept (to put it mildly) at doing anything for their constituents, our country and most certainly for our veterans – that is, except for war, war, war!

    These pseudo-representatives need to be voted out of office or better yet … impeached for their treasonous actions.

  6. I think the problems of veterans and the republicans should be remembered at election time. They want another war with Iran but they don’t want to support even healthcare for our veterans. It is time for a big change in republicans–vote them OUT. Clean house.

  7. The late George McGovern said it best:

    “I am TIRED of old men, sitting in air conditioned offices here in Washington DC, dreaming up new wars for young men to die in.”

    Not only is this a problem, but the Chickenhawks don’t want to pay the piper, for starting the wars and paying their soldier victims who fought in it.

  8. I do notice you gave no evidence of what you are saying being true. Just more bs from someone who cant stand being honest

  9. @mca, you, A- decided to willfully bring yourself to a liberal site to whine B- your justifying the GOP for shooting down the bill because democrats loaded it with “PORK”, C- throughout your asinine rant you didn’t tell us what the supposedly “PORK” was?!! and you wonder why republicans always are the butt of jokes!

  10. It is a disgrace to live in a country that values football players, musicians, and entertainment more than the men and women who fight to maintain our freedom. This includes the freedom that our capitalistic government takes advantage of in order to maintain a society of social and economic inequality. Lets compare the salary of a contracted baseball player with the salary of a contracted military worker. In 2013 Alex Rodriguez enjoyed an annual salary of 29,000,000, compare that to our military earning chart for 2014.
    <2 Years Experience 4 Years Experience 6 Years Experience
    Private (E1) $18,378** — —
    Private (E2) $20,602.80 $20,602.80 $20,602.80
    Private First Class(E3) $21,664.80 $24,418.80 $24,418.80
    Specialist or Corporal (E4) $23,994 $27,936 $29,127.60
    Sergeant (E5) $26,172 $30,661.20 $32,814
    Staff Sergeant (E6) $28,569.60 $34,171.20 $35,578.80
    *Based on 2014 pay tables.

    Pretty sad state.

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