With Christie On The Outs, Joe Scarborough Finds a New Man-Crush in Bobby Jindal

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On Wednesday’s Morning Joe, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was on for a 15-minute interview. For the most part, the hosts wanted to discuss Jindal’s recent comments on the White House steps where Jindal claimed the President was surrendering and settling for minimum-wage economy. Jindal received a smackdown from Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy, who lashed out at Jindal for using the moment for partisan gain and to essentially campaign for 2016.

Prior to Jindal joining in for the interview, co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough had a short discussion about Jindal’s comments. They also talked about a recent column by Kathleen Parker where she praised Jindal for his comments and performance. She also stated that he was obviously campaigning for 2016 by attacking the President and trying to fill the void in the GOP 2016 field left by Chris Christie. That gave a nice lead-in for Scarborough to start complimenting Jindal.

Scarborough used his time to state that Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, during the Bush years, would be nice and cordial to President Bush inside the White House and then go on the steps and “quote call him a war criminal and a liar.” Now, I am not going to dispute the fact that Pelosi and Reid disagreed with Bush. I won’t even dispute the fact that they likely felt, and have even publicly stated since then, that President Bush committed war crimes and lied while in office. I will dispute the fact that they ever called him a ‘war criminal’ or ‘liar’ on the steps of the White House right after meeting with him.



Scarborough making that comparison doesn’t really work. Pelosi and Reid during the Bush years would be comparable to John Boehner and Mitch McConnell today. And, let’s face it, Boehner and McConnell use EVERY opportunity to speak poorly of President Obama today. On top of all of that, none of these party leaders were ever looking to make a Presidential run at any point. To make a truly fair comparison, Scarborough should have looked towards a Democratic governor during the Bush years who used an opportunity after a White House governors’ meeting to campaign for President and rail against Bush. Of course, Scarborugh isn’t really interested in things like ‘fairness’ or ‘honesty.’

During Jindal’s interview, the Republican governor utilized his time to essentially spout his new 2016 slogans: ‘Waving the White Flag of Surrender’ and ‘Obama’s Minimum-Wage Economy.’ When asked actual questions by Mika, Chuck Todd, Mike Barnicle and Thomas Roberts, Jindal just retreated into talking points mode, going back to the same well multiple times. The Keystone XL pipeline got mentioned over and over, as did privatization of education.



Predictably, Scarborough spent his portion of the interview fawning all over Jindal. He couldn’t help but to agree with every single thing Jindal said and all but declared his undying love for him. Most likely, with Chris Christie having broken Joe’s heart, Scarborough was just primed and ready for a quick rebound. Jindal was the perfect person to capture Joe’s heart again.

Jindal is the perfect candidate for supposed ‘reasonable’ conservatives like Scarborough. Like Christie, Jindal is able to present the facade that he is a someone of true substance. As with Christie, Jindal has the undeserved reputation as a leader with ideas who is willing to buck against the party and do what is right for his state. He is supposed to be someone who can appeal to independents and moderates on a national scale.

However, when you see the ‘substance’ that Jindal brings to the table, you realize it is just the same old crappy Republican model presented in different packaging. Basically the list includes: more tax cuts for the wealthy, privatize the school system (and any other non-profit, public sector areas), slash regulations, approve the Keystone pipeline, destroy labor unions, allow for more ‘religious freedom’, outlaw abortion, repeal Obamacare, no gun control and no raise to the minimum wage.

Once again, the perfect candidate for someone like Scarborough.

19 Replies to “With Christie On The Outs, Joe Scarborough Finds a New Man-Crush in Bobby Jindal”

  1. Joe Scarborough belongs on Fox (faux) news. Mika could certainly run that program better than Joe. He is ridiculous by keep referring to his time in the Senate which he constantly acts as though he was the model Senator!!!!!why wasn’t he voted back in???!!!!!

  2. Who in their right mind would want Joe Scarborough’s support. This guy’s got more skeleton’s in his closet than Mt. Sinai hospital.

  3. Morning Foe tried to justify Bobby Jindal’s grossly disrespectful manner after the WH meeting. Jindal get some rest, you like a raccoon.

  4. Bobby Jindal could never be President. I have a GOP Friend who says, “The President must be handsome…Jindal would never make it to our WhiteHouse”.

    Perhaps, he would do better in India…but not here in America.

  5. If you take a good look at Joe Scarborough notice how small a beady his eyes are. The eyes are the windows of our (soul) or intellect rather more accurately and Joe’s (soul) or intellect is small and beady!

  6. Joe is an imbecile. He served six years in the House and left when an intern was found dead in his Florida office – got divorced, re-married, divorced again – he is typical Repig hypocrite and liar – he is also threatening to get into the 2016 race, come on, Joe, you moron. We really want to know what happened to the dead intern.

  7. Poor, lost, brainless, money grubbing, TOKEN! Piyush you’re a buffoon! but then anybody who prostitutes himself and believes changing your name to Bobby gives you street cred with the GOP then you run with that! BTW, you do look rather ”racoonish” these days

  8. Are you f***ing kidding me? I live in Louisiana, and I know what an ignorant POS Jindal is. Palin is a genius political spokeswoman for the middle class and poor compared to Gov. Jindal.

  9. Are you f***ing kidding me? I live in Louisiana, and I know what an ignorant POS Jindal is. Palin is a genius political spokeswoman for the middle class and the poor compared to Gov. Jindal.

  10. Somehow I don’t think the republicans ae going to vote for an indian for president, they really are
    a party for the elderly white rich set. And who can forget Piyush’s first time on the public stage when he gave the rebuttal to Obama’s state of the union.
    It was even more pathetic than Rubio’s.

  11. I didn’t look at MJ this morning for this very reason, I knew that Joe and Mika would be falling all over him like something crazy. They need someone to take CC place because they know he is going down and they still can’t accept it. I don’t what is going to happen when they realize they are being taken for another ride. Joe want so bad to hate the president on every turn that it is burning him up, the man is going to a nervous breakdown. He is against the minium wages how stupid can you be but for him that is easy to be. He really think people don’t need any help at he against the ACA he is for nothing, he is still living in the old days.

  12. Didn’t take long for Joe to find himself a new boyfriend.

    I hear Piyush makes a great aloo tikka saag.

  13. I didn’t comment on MJ because he’s a NOBODY! he works for MSNBC to get moderate republicans to watch! He’ll NEVER run for office! as soon as someone asks him about Lori Klaustis he’ll turn WHITER than a ghost and float back to MSNBC!

  14. They let Piyush get away with saying La. was doing the best ever as far as jobs. And not just minimum wage jobs, but great paying jobs and that they were drawing a lot of business to La. I guess when Duck Dynasty gets shot off the air, poor Bobby’s high wage lie will show through.

  15. personally, I think JS would just love to run for the Pres. job himself. He didn’t run for his seat in congress again because he had some very messy history. History with dead body’s in it. So JS is left with falling in line with the rethug’s what ever they say. You just can’t erase dead body’s.

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