Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Vetoes Hatred That Was Disguised As Religious Freedom Bill

Arizona Republican Governor Brewer listens to testimonies during the Economic Development and Commerce Committee meeting at the National Governors Association Winter Meeting in Washington


Jan Brewer vetoed SB 1062, the bill that would have allowed businesses to refuse services to people on religious grounds.  Arizona dodged the bullet of religious tyranny and hatred this time.  A big part of why this hate law failed is the public outcry.  The bigger part was the reaction to saner business owners who saw how this law would affect their bottom line.

When announcing her decision, Brewer said:

“Senate Bill 1062 does not address a specific or present concern related to religious liberty in Arizona, …The bill is broadly worded and could result in unintended and negative consequences.”

Brewer didn’t need several days to figure that out about a two-page bill. While obviously directed at the LGBT community, this bill would have been a recipe for disguising many forms of hatred badly disguised as “religious freedom.”  Racism, opposition to single parenting, women being out in public without a male escort or with their ankles showing.  Taxi drivers could refuse service to someone who had been drinking because consumption of alcohol goes against their religion.

In reality, SB 1062 is a slippery slope of hate, badly disguised as “religious freedom” of the Taliban variety.

Let’s remember that Brewer did sign the equally unconstitutional and repugnant “papers please law” that was eventually struck down by the courts.

Brewer didn’t veto the bill because the law was so blatantly hateful and so obviously unconstitutional.  If she did recognize and care about that, she would have vetoed the two-page bomb on democracy in a heartbeat.  She exercised the veto on economic grounds.

To be sure, Arizonans can breathe a sigh of relief because they dodged the bullet of hate disguised as religious freedom this time.   But, it is worth noting that the same people who supported this law, will try again.  And if they can find a way to make hate profitable, they can count on Brewer to make it law.

Moreover, they will try again in other states across the country.  So while we can breathe a sigh of relief, the war against hate is far from over.

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11 Replies to “Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Vetoes Hatred That Was Disguised As Religious Freedom Bill”

  1. Perhaps the phone call from Apple stating they would pull out of AZ if the bill became law had something to do with the veto. But, whatever her reasoning, I don’t care. For once, the governor did something I agree with. She still won’t get my vote when she decides to run for McCain’s seat though. Oh no.

  2. As the author said, ole leather face didn’t veto that disgusting bill because she has a heart up under that George Hamilton’isk hide of her’s, it because the NFL would have BIT@HED slapped Arizona just like they did when Arizona thought MLK holidays was just an abomination!

  3. Big business put the final screw in that coffin. As the saying goes, ” Money talks, bullshit walks”.

  4. Next up is Arizona HB 2481 which passed caucus in the State House yesterday and is the House equal to 1062 except it allows Judges and Justices of the Peace to follow the SAME guidelines in regards strong held religious beliefs. Expect a stealth House floor vote sometime soon on this.

  5. I am no fan of Jan Brewer but this woman isn’t stupid and I believe she would have vetoed the bill even without all the outsid e pressure. She vetoed a similar bill about a year ago

  6. She vetoed it because the superbowl might be there next year.

    I have NOTHING that is sacred because of this PC garbage, oh that’s right my home only.

    I lay my head down every night knowing I do my best for God and if it means I don’t photograph homosexuals together then so be it, THEY don’t have to do business with me, there are plenty that will sell their soul for money BUT NOT ME.

  7. Will that eventually apply to redheads, left handers, muslims, catholics, blacks and any other thing your “religion” deems necessary? Thats what the Arizona legislature wants. But your sucked into thinking its all about the gay.

    You do your best for your god? Your god says love thy neighbor. You really wont turn anyone away for religion, you do it for legalized hate. Thats the kind of “christian” you are. You are so far from christianity you can see Uranus in your read view mirror

  8. @cj, tell everybody how two consenting adults that love each other bothers you so much?? you need three things @cj, A LIFE- SOME THERAPY- AND stop playing GOP christian.

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