Republicans Busted for Trying to Use Fake IRS Scandal To Protect the Koch Brothers


sandy levin

Rep. Sander Levin (D-MI) busted Republicans on Wednesday for trying to delay implementing new regulations concerning 501(c)(4) organizations.

Pointing out that the (c)(4) designation protects secrecy, Levin said, “That is exactly the secrecy that the Republicans are trying to preserve. Why? Because the three largest spenders representing fully 51% of the total are a who’s who list of Republican political operatives. Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS spent $71 million. Americans for Prosperity, the Koch brothers, spent $36 million. The American Future Fund, also the Koch brothers, spent $25 million.”


Naturally Republicans, who wasted 14 million dollars and counting on ginning up this fake IRS scandal, want to make sure that actual political activities are not taken into account when determining if a group can qualify for tax exemption.

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Ways and Means Committee Ranking Member Sandy Levin exploded on the floor as Republicans tried to delay implementing the regulations that were recommended after they brought attention to the IRS for alleged (and fictional) targeting of conservatives.

First he called out the fact that there is absolutely no evidence of Republican claims that the White House had created an enemies list and was corrupt.

Levin tartly brought up the $14 million in taxpayer funds that Republicans had already thrown away trying to create a fake scandal for political reasons, and pointed out that after all of that money, we learned that absolutely nothing sinister was going on.

But Republicans were so concerned! SO CONCERNED that they spent $14 million dollars to investigate the IRS and yet they don’t want to implement the changes suggested to the IRS. Changes that Levin pointed out were designed to “bring certainty in determining whether an organization’s primary activities are political.”

Ah, yes. Now we are the heart of it. Levin recounted the way Republicans stomped their feet and insisted – while cameras were rolling – that these regulations be acted upon.

Then Levin got all truth buster on the GOP and brought up the explosion of dark money groups after the Citizens United ruling, “Why is this important? Because applications for 501(c)(4) status have nearly doubled between 2010 and 2012 to 3,357, and 501(c)(4) spending has skyrocketed. In 2006 $1 million was spent by 501(c)(4) organizations. In 2010, $92 million was spent. And in 2012, $256 million was spent by 501(c)(4) organizations.”

Levin pointed out that this designation allows the organizations to keep their donors secret. And that this secrecy is actually what Republicans are trying to protect, “That is exactly the secrecy that the Republicans are trying to preserve. Why? Because the three largest spenders representing fully 51% of the total are a who’s who list of Republican political operatives. Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS spent $71 million. Americans for Prosperity, the Koch brothers, spent $36 million. The American Future Fund, also the Koch brothers, spent $25 million.”

Levin didn’t shy away from the truth, “If you live in a targeted state and you turn on your television, you have probably seen these groups that work at distorting the Affordable Care Act. That is why we are here today purely and simply. Not because Republicans want to stand up for the rights of social welfare organizations, and they often talk about small ones, but to preserve the secrecy around the Republicans’ big campaign efforts.”

And now, after all of the public drama, we get to the entire point of the Republican fable about the IRS, which we explained to you as it was going on. Yes, this is all about protecting dark money. It always has been. Levin demanded, “Why are we standing here and saying to the IRS don’t look at 501(c)(4)s. Don’t look at the possible massive abuse. Don’t look at what has happened in the last few years where political operatives, under the guise of 501(c)(4), have moved from $1 million in many cases to $256 million as reported to the FEC.”

Why are Republicans trying to force the IRS to look the other way? Because Republicans can’t win elections without dark money spreading lies about Democrats. Republicans can’t afford to run on issues. They have to run on smears, since their policies are determined by the Koch Brothers et al, and thus benefit the top 1% instead of the people.

The Republican intention was to manipulate the IRS with a fake story that got a lot of press and thus would be the narrative that stuck in the public’s mind. The press has moved on and barely managed, if at all, to clarify that there was no scandal other than the fact that Republicans lied and schemed to manufacture this fake scandal for the cameras. The Republicans were pulling a classic Karl Rove — attack and put the IRS on the defense, along with the Obama administration as a whole. This way no one would feel free to actually investigate Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers, etc, because it would look bad.

But it backfired. Sure, the public has been duped, but the Democrats did not bow down per usual. The Democrats are on the war path, and they aren’t going down without a fight.

23 Replies to “Republicans Busted for Trying to Use Fake IRS Scandal To Protect the Koch Brothers”

  1. Republicans practice DARVO on a national and international scale, and if they hadn’t shortsightedly strangled our space program, they’d be taking it interplanetary.

  2. The Koch Bros. and Karl Rove need a long sentence in prison, if I did some of the things they have done. that’s were I’d be.

  3. The trolls are still quoting ISSA THE ASSSA’s comments as if there was some truth in there somewhere.

  4. We have been tracking the sources of the contrived IRS scandal at, so we are quite familiar with the people who gave you this false narrative. One of them is Ginny Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Another is Ali Akbar, who ran the “Groundswell” email list and just happens to have been involved in operating fake nonprofit corporations since at least 2009. Dan Backer, the lawyer who created “super PACs” with a lawsuit and is about to demolish federal spending limits with McCutcheon v FEC, was also part of this crew. Backer is the past treasurer of countless “libertarian” and conservative organizations. Last year, Backer unsuccessfully tried to exempt tea party nonprofits from their normal disclosure requirements by claiming that funders were in danger of harassment. It was just one part of his longstanding efforts to nullify campaign finance laws and avoid disclosure of the fact that tea party organizing is rotten to the core.

  5. 14 million dollars of the hard working people of this country’s tax money wasted by Darrell Issa and republican incompetence!
    The republicans say they want welfare recipients drug tested before they are allowed to receive welfare payments.
    I say let’s drug test all these so called law makers, give them breathalyzers and throw in a mental stability test for good measure before they are allowed to waste anymore of our tax money!!!

  6. The entire purpose of the fake IRS investigations Issa conducted was to take the nation’s eyes away from the fact that we, and Pres. Obama were right when we said the Citizens United ruling would corrupt our political system. It’s no secret that the GOPTPers in Congress don’t want any sunlight focused on who is behind the dark money that permeates our democracy. The Koch Bros. have been running lie-filled Obamacare ads in every state where they want a GOPTP politician to win a Senate seat in November. They figure, along with the GOPTP in Congress, that if they can’t win on policy, they can win with lies. It’s a despicable tactic to use in a democracy in which government is supposed to work on behalf of its’ citizens. More Koch-backed members in state legislatures and in Congress means that the one and two percent will have purchased our government, and their politicians will work to benefit them more than the rest of us. The lawmaking bodies will be one and two percenter…

  7. No more Union money in pitics as that are the biggest donors along side banks . Democrats couldn’t win without cheating and buying elections

  8. I DARE you to prove, with evidence, that President Obama was not elected by the people, but by cheating. Then I dare you to try to do the opposite for George Bush. Lastly, I dare you to post again, with all that information correctly spelled, in perfect grammar and punctuation.

  9. James, which party had to get the Supreme court to appoint a Pres.(ShruB) in a recent election? It wasn’t the Dem”s check your history, or do you only read reconstructed history from the rethug party?

  10. Geez, VOTE THOSE IDIOTS OUT! They are nothing but shills and trolls for the wealthy and the Kochroaches, and the likes of Karl Rove. They don’t give a crap about the rest of us. Won’t even extend the Unemployment Insurance for those without a job, and cut the food stamps for those who don’t have enough to eat, but they waste $14Million for their fake and cover-up investigations. I hope someone starts a petition to have Issa pay the money out of his own pocket. We, the taxpayers, did not sanction such an expenditure and there is no reason we should have to pay for it so they can cover up their own illegal activities. Send Issa the bill! He has been running fake investigations for the past few years and I think it is time for him to pay for his own fantasies. Impeach Darrell Issa!


  11. Koch brothers are like Raymond Tusk, the Jewish energy tycoon in “House of cards” who do not give a shit about America and try to manipulate US politicians with money and influence for an outside country (ie Israel) or their own agenda. It always amazes me how the policies of a big country like US, with all the money, resources and intelligent people can be easily manipulated. People like Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) should be banned from contributing and influencing US policies.
    How Americans can not see the conflict of interests here!!!

  12. Here we are – knowing that BOTH parties get bought – I saw a meme the other day that actually hit it on the head – the Democrats want to fleece the flock – the Republicans want to eat it. Made perfect sense. I’m not putting all Democrats in that bunch nor all Republicans.

    I watched an extremely useful documentary tonight Inequality For All – by Robert Reich. He hit it on the head and it’s something that everyone needs to watch. It’s not a Democratic thing nor a Republican thing – it’s an American Thing! While we are busy fighting each other left and right – the 1% are laughing all the way to the bank.

    Let’s quit dividing this country on the basis of Democratic and Republican – Let’s err on the side of common sense and set taxes that make sense – invest in the common good instead of the good of a small percentage of the people. Let’s make that the battle cry. A strong middle class benefits everyone.

    Class warfare was declared in the late 70s – it’s time we…

  13. Never heard it said better Dan. However we have a problem with the GOP brain washing the people.

  14. If Sarah does her homework and actually reads, listens to real congressional hearings she’ll learn that only certain groups that the Obama administration discriminated against were targets for 60 – 70 page unconstitutional inquiries ordered by IRS coming from Washington for the purpose of delaying the approval process until after the 2012 elections. The questions (which I’ve seen copies and you obviously have not) of questions: “how often do you pray”? You can not ask these questions and have 60 pages of questions about every member of the groups personal prayer life!THIS HAS ALREADY BEEN PROVEN. The only unknown is where the orders came from to the IRS and Louis Learner has pleaded the fifth because she seems to not want to go to jail or be indicted. So you actually need to get your facts straight. The IRS has already admitted to doing wrong! Wow, try getting ALL the information before regurgitating the political left propaganda!

  15. Nico – entitlements which are my tax dollars going to hundreds of federally funded programs to various individuals in the amount of over $300Billion in the most recent budget – a bit of an understanding of how this works for some of you bloggers in need of a bit of a civics lesson: I work hard, my husband works hard and we pay approx. 35% in taxes and yet my neighbor does not work because she gets entitlements (government money) in the amount of $40,000 a year in housing assistance, medical insurance, food card, cash, free lunch food for her kids and several other welfare benefits. She pays ZERO TAXES. She has said that she doesn’t want to work because she makes plenty – stays home and watches tv. By the way, I drive a 2004 Mitsubishi and she drives a 2009 Toyota! She does drugs and drinks alcohol. Are you really going to tell me that as a citizen giving my tax dollars to this women doesn’t entitle me to drug screening her? Something is very wrong America!

  16. Ask her how she qualifies for all that. I am not doubting your word, but you cannot qualify for all that by just not working.

    You might also think about how much lower your taxes would be if the 1% paid their fair share. Your other neighbor the millionaire pays about 14% taxes

  17. Wrong.

    The Inspector General was in Collusion with Darrel Issa to show olny conserevative groups were targeted. Were you to read the unredacted report from the Inspector General you would see that. The entire IRS scandal was a set up by Darrel Issa.

    Get your facts straight and find reasonably truthful sources

  18. The point that you people are missing is that Dems were the first to realize that c4’s could be used to funnel money into elections. They used them to their advantage during the 2008, 2010, and 2012 elections. It was only when the GOP caught on that Dems started protesting, but thanks to the IRS targeting conservative applications the Dems were given exclusive rights to benefit from c4’s for one more election cycle (2012). I don’t see the difference between the Koch Brothers and George Soros. I would prefer to see both keep their noses out of politics. My points are that Dems and Reps deserve equal political access and the IRS has no place in politics. In a perfect world there would be no Dems, Reps, or IRS.

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