Bill Clinton and the Democrats Are Fighting Back Against GOP Election Stealing Efforts



Bill Clinton is leading an effort by the Democratic Party to not only stop Republicans from stealing elections through voter suppression, but to also expand voting access.



After going through the various voter suppression tactics and efforts that Republicans are using in many states, former President Clinton said,

They’re all designed to make it harder for people, especially working people, people of color, the elderly, those with disabilities, and young college students to get to the polls. To form that more perfect union, we have to expand rights, not take them away. We have to empower people, not disempower them. Breaking down barriers and expanding opportunities has always been the hallmark of our nation, and the bedrock of the Democratic Party.

It’s not enough anymore just to be against these new voting restrictions. We need to get back on the road forward, and work for more and easier voting. We need to improve the voting experience, registering new voters, demystifying the process., expanding access to the ballot box, and making the process simpler and shorter.

Clinton went on to announce that he is spearheading a new Democratic Party project that is designed to protect and expand voting rights through legislation, education, and grassroots advocacy.

This kind of project is why Democrats have had so much success stopping Republican efforts to suppress the vote. Voter suppression is nothing more than an attempt to steal elections by manipulating the composition of the electorate.

With his wife potentially poised to be the Democratic nominee, it isn’t a surprise that Bill Clinton would be involved in this effort, but this is about something bigger than one presidential election. This is about the fundamental right to vote. Republicans want every electorate in every state to look like the one that went to the polls in 2010.

They want turnout to be small, mostly white, older, and heavily leaning Republican. The GOP knows that they can’t win elections if the full electorate comes out to vote, so they are erecting barriers to voting that predominately impact Democratic voters.

Democrats aren’t taking it. They are pushing back, and they have the perfect person leading the charge in former President Clinton.




46 Replies to “Bill Clinton and the Democrats Are Fighting Back Against GOP Election Stealing Efforts”

  1. For years now, the only way the GOP can win elections is to lie and cheat. They broadcast a steady diet of propaganda on Faux News. They pass state laws to suppress the Democratic vote. They resort to extreme gerrymandering to keep GOP Congressional districts safe. They target contested districts with malicious TV and print ads against Democratic candidates.
    It’s pretty pathetic that this is the only way they can win elections, but they can’t win with their ideology, or with better ideas for the benefit of our country. Today’s GOP is only good for our wealthiest citizens and the big corporations, as well as for the religious extremists and bigots in our society.

  2. Love it when Clinton starts throwing his weight around. He’s certainly using his status of former President well. I applaud his efforts and support them wholeheartedly. Go Bubba, we’ve got your back as well!

  3. Wow, Great article!

    I don’t understand how people are forced to wait in voting lines for hours. Because here in CA…you walk right in and vote! And you’re out of there in 5 minutes flat!
    Is it because they know we Californians are progressive and they have given up on suppressing the CA Vote?

    What is voting like for you?

  4. IT’S ABOUT TIME!!! too long have democrats allowed the GOP to ride rough shot!! the GOP is a dying party that depends on FEAR- LIES- HATE- and corporate dollars!! Bill!! GO GET THEM!! this article just made my day!!

  5. In Michigan the lines for the presidential election was over 3 hours but what do you expect?! our governor is on ”dirty dick” devoss and the koch brother payroll.

  6. Just an FYI to knight4444: I believe you meant the GOP can no longer ride roughshod over Democrats. You can Google the phrase to see how to use it correctly. I don’t mean to insult- only to enlighten you for future use of the phrase. :)

  7. I live in a conservative rural county outside Nashville. The local candidates and the candidates for state office do not designate their party, but if you vote in primaries, you know which side they are on – it is rather ridiculous.

    I vote early but have, on occasion I’ve voted on presidential election day and the line was about an hour long.

  8. Some one please explain to me. If, Hillary is the candidate for the DEM’S, WHAT man, who himself is interested in someday becoming Pres, what man will honestly take on the job, for a Women President. I can’t think of any, can you? Who, where is this man?
    The male figure has for century’s held the position of top dog, again I ask, where is the man that will easily give up the top spot to a Women? Even male vice Presidents have trouble with giving up any decision making power to another male. They do eventually, but dislike it and in many cases their is much disharmony in the W.H. because of it.

  9. How about a man who isn’t threatened by smart women and who is himself smart enough to know that the best man for a job is sometimes….A WOMAN.


  10. Our young voter’s are far more evolved than people realize. They view women at par with men when it comes to brains!

  11. This article just goes to show that it is not enough to vote…everyone must help “get out the vote”. We all know the majority of folks are progressive and it would behoove us to help those of like mind get to the poles…for instance..I once carpooled old folks at a retirement center to their voting place so their voice could be heard. What about helping those that have trouble with literacy register to vote etc. We can all find a way to help someone vote! I say..get busy!

  12. We have these things called elections……… Seriously, no man has to say “Okay Hillary, I’m giving you my power.” because we, the voters, had that power to someone. So in answer to your question, it doesn’t matter because it’s not his to give.

  13. Wow… Confirmed Dead People Voting for Democrat’s for Years Now. DNC ALWAY’S suppressing are service members votes. and all you Kool-Aid drinkers have no Clue who is the real Vote Thieves. “WHY DO DEMOCRATS ALWAYS SUPPORT NO ID FOR VOTING”.?? ONE ID ONE VOTE.!! It’s Not the GOP doing that.!I seen prof Obama Had Multiple Votes By Dead or Illegal aliens. DNC dose Not like the Truth Just like Nazis didn’t.. We Are Doomed By Both Party’s Playing the Blame Game But the Biggest offenders are The DNC Crooked Union Loving Prick’s .. Love to support the Unethical and the Lazy.. Screw Both Party’s spending like a bunch of Drunken Getteo Crack Heads that just got settlement money..! Done with Both..!!!!!!!

  14. LOL, hilarious!

    I cant wait to see your links and what your sources are. This is going to be good stuff!

  15. well this looks like a liberal page to me considering the comments.although there was one guy that gave up on both partys,must be a independant like me.well now let’s get to the crux of the biscut!
    everybody here has been lied to all of our lives. there is no vote that elects the [resident of the stupided states) the electorial college is the ones that decide who wins.our votes dont count.they are all secret society brothers(masons,skull & crossbones,eleitists,poor little rich kids,harvard & yale graduates)that really decide who gets to rule us. satan runs the world by control of the richest people in the world,(you know who they are) the pope is in charge of all religons on earth,regardless of your beleif in whoever or whatever. so it does no good to argue about ignorent things like us all a favor and dont vote for anybody,that way we can tell who is faking the votes.stay home on election day and tell everybody you know not to vote.and when they get the returns in we will kn…

  16. Everything these days require an ID. Clinton can squeal all he wants. The democrats days of stealing elections is over.

  17. For all of you with liberal ideas of Government I challenge you to take your ideas to their logical conclusions. If given some deep thought, most will realize that liberal ideas and argument don’t stand the scrutiny of reality, their exercise has proven detrimental to individuals, society, free enterprise, and prosperity.

  18. I was reading your comments waiting for the comedic punch line but apparently you actually think/believe what you wrote is correct/true…….That in itself is hysterical…….

  19. Guess you haven’t seen the latest list of the richest people in Congress……Well surprise,surprise the majority are Democrats……………..

  20. So we should the dim witted idiots like rand paul, ted cruz and the rest of the clowns known as teabaggers as role models?

  21. Qualify yourself

    Here’s the breakdown: the median net worth for all House members was $896,000 (Democrats averaged $929,000 to Republicans’ $884,000) and, for Senators, $2.5 million. The median net worth for Senate Democrats was $1.7 million, down from $2.4 million in 2011; for Republicans: $2.9 million, up from $2.5 million in 2011.

    Read more: For the First Time, the Majority of Congress Are Millionaires |

  22. Its OK Doug……the Dems themselves have introduced IDs because in order to get OBAMACARE you have to have an ID…….Thus ID for OBAMACARE ID for VOTING…..Checkmate !!!

  23. She has to have the dumbest sources on earth. Its the GOP forcing ID’s, and you sure dont need one for the ACA

    When someone says swallow, she gulps deep

  24. Nice article except no president governs in a vacuum. Economic growth is by no means determined only by Republican vs Democrat being the president. Have Democrats at time done a good job? Yes. And have Republicans failed at times? They have. How you view the prerequisites for social and economic prosperity is a matter of philosophy. Liberal philosophy is at best incoherent and liberal policies are not sustainable in the long run.

  25. And please tell us what conservative policies have benefited the average American in the past 40 years?

  26. To name just a few

    reduction of government spending
    reduction of marginal tax rates
    monetary policy
    reduce government regulation
    reduction of long term welfare.

    Now its your turn to give me examples of liberal policies that actually work and are sustainable.

  27. Ah reduction of government spending? G.O.P. Spendthrifts Preserve Government Expansion
    The only tax rates that they reduce was for the rich Middle class could face higher taxes under Republican plan, analysis finds
    On government regulation just ask the people in West Virginia, the plant explosion in West Texas, and the people in North Carolina about that coal ash. Long term welfare? You may have a point but they have shifted welfare to the rich. Government Spends More on Corporate Welfare Subsidies than Social Welfare Programs.

    But then again you are a bagger so facts don’t compute

  28. Continue: I guess you never heard of the TVA, Medicare, Social Security, Civil Rights, Voting rights, the hoover dam, women’s rights, minimum wage, child labor laws, workers rights, 40 hr work week, paid vacations, I could go on and if you want to know I will

  29. Sugapea…do you believe everything you read? There are no long lines for voting and the suppression of voters that the Democrats are talking about is making sure that everyone who votes has a valid ID showing that they are United States citizens. Democrats are the ones who call showing proof of citizenship as suppression..I call it common sense to make sure that no one can steal an election.

  30. Totally hilarious!

    This is not about showing an ID, this is about the fact that states changed what could be used as Id. For instance not allowing students to use College ID’s they have used for years and years. Its about closing polling places in primarily Demoicratic areas, changing voting times, shortening early voting in Minority areas.
    Its obvious you beleive everything you read. Stop being a moron

  31. The United States economy was at its peak when Reagan, a Republican, was president. Clinton followed Reagan and was smart enough to leave well enough alone and ride the success of Reaganism. During Clinton and Reagan’s terms, the congress was dominated by republican conservatives. You need to get your facts straight djchefron. There is no way to spend your way to prosperity. Government doesn’t create jobs…it just creates bigger government.

  32. Shiva, by your reasoning anyone with a social security number should be able to vote. People with green cards have SS#’s. Should this allow them to vote. ID registration should be mandatory to prove you are an American citizen.

  33. Cant read? Many forms of ID have been used for a very long time. I have no probolem with ID, but in a college town you suddenly dont close a polling place by the college and stop them from using college ID’s. THATS the problem. Not having to show an ID

  34. No, wages started to go flatline under reagan. Clinton had to raise taxes to get us out what Reagan left us. Reagan dropped taxes on the rich and ever since them the rich get richer and the poor either stay static or lose wages. Reagan was the biggest traitor to this country we have seen since Arnold. Government does create jobs. Roads, legislators, millions of jobs. You have to spend when you have a congress that is committing treason

  35. Top 10 wealthiest politicians, rick scott 83 M, hillary AND bill clinton 89M- al gore 100M- john kerry 193M- willard rommey 255M- michael mcaul 305M- john corzine 375M – arnold schwarzenneger 400M- darrell issa 455M- michael bloomberg 27BILLION

  36. listen @wacko, spouting rush limbaugh talking points and crying like a little “B” doesn’t change one single think! you got OWNED by Obama!! not once but twice! now since your ”@wacko, The Magic Caucasian”, why don’t you tell us why your beloved neo conservative party sucks so badly! getting beat by over 13 MILLION votes in two elections should tell you something spanky. now no get some rogaine! Class dismissed.

  37. Don’t ya love whining little republicans, saying reagan was worth a damn is like saying john wayne gacy was a childs right advocate. reagan! was the worst president since bush jr and hoover!! reagans legacy!?! destroying unions, no funding for AIDS, IRAN/ CONTRA, star wars scam!, spending money on breaking the USSR when the USSR was already economically broke , ushing in the filth of the jerry falwell grifters! lol reagan? who? in his last couple of yrs as president he didn’t even know what planet he was on! LOL I guess next you’ll be saying nancy wasn’t in astrology and reagan wasn’t into the freemasons, RIGHT?

  38. Reagan Tripled the Deficit. He also raised the Debt ceiling 7 times. And his trickle down never trickled down. And the GOP still thinks that works even though it has never worked and has never been proven to work. That’s why Reagan left with a Deficit. And Bush Sr. also left with a Deficit. And it was President Clinton who gave us a surplus until Bush Jr.decided to give us the economic disaster of 2 wars on a credit card. And now everyone doesn’t bother to look at how far the deficit has fallen under President Obama. Facts our Facts. Try reading them. Its called economics. And there is a difference between Debt and Deficit. Learn what the difference is.

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