Sexist Pig Bill O’Reilly Insists That There Is A Downside To Having A Female President

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On Wednesday night’s The O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly did his normal ‘just asking questions’ bit as a way to allow his true sexist, bigoted self to shine on through. In a segment where he had on two female guest, Kirsten Powers of USA Today and Republican strategist Kate Obenshain, O’Reilly first discussed how Michele Bachmann stated that there is no real desire by the American public to elect a female president.

Now, one should severely question why O’Reilly is using Bachmann as a serious reference for any level of discussion, but that’s a whole other issue. He used Bachmann’s statement to segue into a question he asked his two guests. He asked, ”There’s got to be some downside to having a woman president, right? Something that may not fit with that office?” After the initial shock of O’Reilly’s blatant sexism, the two guests decided to try to play along with his game of finding something ‘wrong’ with a woman being the leader of the country.



Powers eventually served up O’Reilly a nice little meatball by giving a ‘theoretical’ example of a woman voting to authorize force in Iraq to prove that she is ‘macho’ as a man. O’Reilly knew her little ‘theoretical’ example was about Hillary Clinton back when she was a Senator. Powers was just being the good little Fox News contributor that she was hired to be. While Powers is always referred to as a Democrat when she’s on Fox, over time, she’s learned to toe the corporate line and present the ‘facts’ the way Ailes and Co. want it presented.

To wrap it up, O’Reilly made it out like there have been very few strong women leaders in the world. He also made it appear that women would have a hard time dealing with tough, militant rulers in parts of the world like Iran and Russia. First off, I am pretty sure that Angela Merkel would disagree with O’Reilly’s characterization. Also, countries as diverse  as South Korea, Brazil, Ireland, India and Indonesia have all elected women as heads of state. It seems that the people of those countries had no issues with the ‘strength’ of their women or their ability to communicate with leaders of other countries.

O’Reilly, like always, will act like he was merely trying to spur discussion about any potential issues surrounding a female president. However, it is obvious that the man has issues with what he sees as the so-called ‘feminization’ and ‘wussification’ of this country. He sees himself as the epitome of the ‘macho’ male, and he feels threatened when any formerly subjugated group is presented as the equal to the white Christian male. It angers him. But, more so, it scares him.


H/T: Talking Points Memo

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  1. I’d have liked to see him get crossways of Elizabeth of England’ Elizabeth of Russia, Maria Theresa of Austria, or Catherine the Great. And just as an aside, the Laws of Oleron, on which much of admiralty law was built, were drafted by Eleanor of Aquitaine.

  2. Only problem is for sexist pigs. Women can and do everything their male counterparts do. In many cases they do it better. Michele Bachmann is an idiot. She is saying that now because of her failed attempt at her run for President.

  3. As if having a male president (cough) “W” (cough) was an unmitigated benefit to the country and the rest of the world?

  4. I do think a woman president, at least the first one, will have a lot of the same problems as our current president does. She because of her gender and he because of his race. Whoever the first woman president is going to have to be very, very thick skinned and very wise. Some men are very sexist and do not use the brains they were given.

  5. Isn’t absolutely hilarious how billo and limbaugh can say the filthiest sexist things and republican women go into their DEAF- DUMB and BLIND mode??? the majority of republicans who post their nonsensical rants here are republican WOMEN, seems like the only time republican females wanna play Miss “BAD AS$” is on a liberal website! republican women give Stockholm syndrome victims a bad name. The republican mind is a strange thing indeed.

  6. There wouldn’t be a downside if there was a female president. I mean, is that such a problem?

    Other countries have proven that women can do just as good of a job, if not better, then a man could. Why not here? Why not have Hillary Clinton as our next president. It’s worth a shot.

  7. Just a note – it’s “toe” the line, as in putting your toes right up to the line but being careful not to go over – not “tow”, as in dragging the line to somewhere else. Just so you know. ;-)

  8. Is there a urinal in the Oval Office private washroom that would go unused?

    If not, then no … there is no inherent downside to having a woman as POTUS.

  9. I would suggest Mr. O’Reilly consider the strengths of the following former female world leaders before he sticks his mysoginist foot in his mouth again…Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir, Indira Ghandi.

  10. Bill O…just voicing a lot of American’s reservations about having a woman president. For those conservatives I post the question..wasn’t it the Republicans who put the first woman vise-prez candidate on the ballot? At the time McCain had barely survived health problems and she could have very well become President if McCain died in office…so please tell me why are the Repubs trying to find a downside to a woman in the Oval office now? Oh yeah..they just hate Hillary! You gotta love this modern country of ours…first we break the race barrier…now possibly the gender barrier!!!!

  11. While you are absolutely correct in your comment on language usage I would suggest that on Faux News women like Kirsten Powers do indeed have to tow a heavy line just to keep all the lies and false assumptions from drowning them in the cess pool

  12. Woo Hoo!! Reynardine Just love the way you have with words. With just a few lines, old O’really is put in his place.

  13. Uncajoe the difference being, the Democratic Women had some brains unlike the one presented by the rethugs in 1984

  14. This is why our first president who is a woman will be tough as nails, thick skinned, poised, Teflon coated, impervious to nit picking and right wing gnats around her head. And be smart as the goddamed Library of Congress.
    Both Elizabeth Warren and Hilary Clinton fit this description.
    Michele Bachmann couldn’t cut the mustard so now she’s drinking sour grape juice.

  15. Is it just me or did Kirsten Powers’ body language and facial expressions telegraph the thought that if he could have reached across the airwaves and strangled Bill O’Reilly with his own intestines she would have?

  16. Cleopatra VII would have simply had him executed, like she did all of her rivals and annoyances. Isabella was so mistreated by her husband Edward II that she raised an army and deposed him. Margaret of Angou raised an army when her husband Henry VI lost his mind. She kept him from losing his throne for years. Empress Matilda was arguably the first Queen of England before Stephen took her throne backed by the sexist Church. He was finally forced to accept her son has his heir.

    Catharine of Aragon was so powerful that Henry VIII had to rewrite English Canonical law to divorce her. Isabella of Spain was a powerhouse in her own right, more powerful than Ferdinand.

    Let’s not forget Queen Boudicca, who fought against the Romans.

    Susan B. Anthony voted in 1873′ got arrested, eventually resulting in the Susan B. Anthony amendment in 1920, woman’s suffrage.

    History is chock full of powerful women rulers and important women.
    Tomorrow is Women’s History Month. Let’s…

  17. Bill O’Reilly is among those old white male troglodytes who are afraid of losing not only white privilege but also male privilege. While there are so many past and current women leaders of other countries that have been cited above, he simply cannot admit that this country has been behind the times with respect to women’s leadership. He’s also the perfect embodiment of the machismo and bravado that have been disastrous for this country, particularly in terms of foreign policy. However, his blatant misogyny is aimed at Hillary Clinton in particular, because he can see that she is eclipsing any actual or potential GOP candidate for the presidential nomination.

  18. Bill just comes across as a feeble minded joe, who manages to do quite well because he is an easily manipulated mouthpiece for the party of Republican males. Without money from the Republican male party he knows he couldn’t hold his own.

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