Wendy Davis Obliterates Ted Nugent and Greg Abbott With Blistering New Ad

wendy davis

The Wendy Davis campaign is slamming both Ted Nugent and Greg Abbott with a powerful new ad that features rape survivor Nicole Anderson.


The ad features rape survivor Nicole Anderson speaking out, “I am speaking out because it really bothered me for Greg Abbott to partner with Ted Nugent knowing his history of being a predator. I was at home. I heard about it on the news. It made me feel like the it minimized the fact that Ted Nugent is a predator. I think that it sends the wrong message that he partnered up with this man that is very vocal about liking underage girls. There’s something wrong with that. It’s not okay.”

This ad is important on a couple of different levels. First, it is telling the truth about Ted Nugent. These types of ads should make Republican candidates think twice before they decide to cozy up to, and appear with, a self admitted sexual predator.

Secondly, the use of Nugent as a campaign booster by Abbott is an escalation of the Republican war on women, and the men who support the rights of all women. Abbott’s embrace of Nugent is sending the message to all voters that if Greg Abbott is elected governor, open season will continue on the rights of women.

It is good to see Ted Nugent getting called out for what he really is, but it also highlights the crucial issue in this election. Do the women and men of Texas think it is representative of their values to have the Republican candidate for governor getting cozy with a sexual predator? If Greg Abbott has no qualms about buddying up with Ted Nugent, he’ll also won’t hesitate to accelerate the extremist anti-women agenda in the state of Texas.

Greg Abbott is still refusing to answer any questions about Ted Nugent. He has been ducking all media inquiries for more than a week. Republicans would prefer to carry out their war on women in silence, but in Texas, Wendy Davis isn’t going to let that happen. Davis is already running an aggressive campaign.

Wendy Davis is showing that she isn’t going to back down from anybody, and she won’t be intimidated into not telling the truth about Ted Nugent, Greg Abbott, and the Republican war on women.

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  1. There’s a very famous hardware store here in my town that is now managed by a woman who married into the family. And as nice as she is she is a diehard Ted fan and has even traveled to put her kids into this camp that Ted has(had?) that teaches gun safety(no such thing) and his brand of faux Christian patriotism. And she still to this day after all the factual proof that I and others have given her backs Ted to the hilt and does not believe any of it and claims it is only our “opinions” although the rest of us know it to be factual. I guess that she won’t believe it until her teenage daughter gets molested by him at the summer camp she sends her to.

  2. I think it’s a mistake for Wendy Davis to call Ted Nugent a predator–I’ve seen her say it before (in print). The first time I ever heard the words predator and Nugent in the same sentence, I automatically thought of a “hunter” before I got the full context of the statement.

    Ted Nugent is a SEXUAL predator. Just by adding that one word (sexual), it would get someone’s ears to perk up even if they were only half listening.

  3. I like the ad. But I’m pretty fed up with the “war on this and the war on that” rhetoric.
    Just tell it like it is. The everyday bigotry, racism, misogyny, and xenophobia coming from the right doesn’t need a
    “war on” tacked onto it. That is Fox propaganda speak. Let’s leave it to them.

  4. I wish Wendy all the best. I don’t live in Texas, but women there need to vote for their best interests, not against them. Vote for Wendy!

  5. So Greg Abbott is palling around with a pedophile?

    What’s next…? Getting financial advice from Bernie Madoff?

  6. Yeah, me too. A sexual predator is far more specific than just predator. However, for someone who has been victimized by a sexual predator, a predator is a sexual predator for there are no other kinds.

  7. Nugent is also a draft dodger. Wendy Davis’ campaign would be well-advised to dig even deeper on Nugent. There’s more than enough there to keep people thoroughly repulsed until Election Day.

  8. The sad fact is palling around with Ted has not hurt him one bit. As a matter of fact he is now polling about 11 points higher than Davis. All that is required is love guns and hate the black man in the “White” house the more vulgar the better. It doesn’t have to make sense. That’s why he can just through out a jumble of nasty labels and they love it. Same for Beck, Levin, Palin, Rush and the rest of ther kind they get extremely rich by what they sell and hate is what they sell. As rich as they all are they could go away and live off their ill gotten gains but they don’t, greed and a need to fill their grandiose personality won’t let them stop.

  9. As a Texan, I can attest to the fact that right-wingers don’t care about Nugent’s unsavory record. The hate for all things liberal/progressive is deeply embedded in these folks and they will not change their minds. Our only hope is getting our base stirred up enough to actually get off our complacent butts and vote in massive numbers. We have the votes to win, but they won’t matter if we stay home and keep our heads in the sand. So, stop thinking we will change any minds, we won’t, but let this info be used to rally our base into action.

  10. I don’t know if they are intellectual cripples. But they are certainly moral cripples.


    Does the Attorney General and candidate for Governor want to be palling around with admitted child sexual predators. Ted also admitted (then later denied) that he was a draft dodger. I despise people who refused to go to Vietnam when I was there then later when it is safe want to pretend to be a “war hero.”

  11. Ted Nugent, besides all the other things you fine folks mention, is simply trash. I think that says more than anything else. Loudmouth trash. And they proudly ally themselves with him What does that say? Hey, we don’t call him “Ted Nuisance” around here for nothing.

  12. That was also shown by the rights unconditional acceptance of Romneys religion. Totally out of whack with christians, yet acceptable if he would push religious laws

  13. I grew up in Lapeer Michigan and used to see Ted play all the time in the 70’s. I rank him at that time as one of the best guitarists of the time.

    Its too bad he grew up to be such a hateful person.

  14. It’s hard to put a finger on just when the conservatives started to hold racist,draft dodging, pedophiles in such high regard. Perhaps when the Teaparty hijacked the GOP? At any rate Ped Nugent does a really good job of representing their values and hopefully every independent and moderate will see who the Tealiban is.

  15. The Republicans attract horrible celebrities to endorse them. But this guy is beyond just controversial. His words & actions that make him a cancer on society. He should not be able to mingle with people or animals. He had a tendency to get pay off the parent’s & get their permission to molest their little girls. He might be married now but it’s just a cover to make him seem semi-human. I read he still does drugs & cheats. He hunts animals like he’s in a killing frenzy. He may help attract more of the tea Party crazies in texas. But so what? Were they ever going to vote for Wendy Davis? If Abbott’s approval went up 11% due to Nugent, then all he did was attract more scum who would never vote democrat anyway.

  16. Nugent loved using vulgar innuendos on facebook. Like if he goes to a high school to speak he’ll say something sleazy about loving those high school girls. He can “teach them” things. Being a filthy 67 year old pervert is his trademark. About time he’s getting called out.

  17. Maybe next ad she can tell Texans, especially Texas Veterans, what a chicken-sh…(livered)Coward Nugent is. He was so scared to go to Vietnam that he didn’t go to the bathroom for a week and crapped in his own clothes before his draft physical. The new face of the Republican Party. Creepy old draft-dodging coward child-molesting pervert.


  19. As a currently displaced Texan, I am saddened by
    what has happened there under GOP control.
    On Friday- February 28th Rachel Maddow had a story
    about what is going on in the very south of Texas.
    The women there are being especially mistreated on many fronts, including Women’s Health Clinics. Most of them have been shut down because the Republicans
    do not respect or care about women or children.
    It looked like a third world down there.
    I know that Wendy will work to correct that and help all Texans.
    Go Wendy!

  20. Gregg Abbott has done more for Women in the State of Texas than anyone I know. As Attorney General he made it impossible for deadbeat Dads to shirk the responsibility of supporting their children. Regardless of what State they are in, if they work under their SS# ect. they will be paying child support. Not only is this fair to the Children but it is fair to all the Dads who religiously pay their support. Most everything Wendy Davis says about what Abbott is going to do to Women make me wonder if she even knows what the Texas Constitution says. She says he will make it hard for women to Vote…..ONLY IF THEY ARE NOT LEGAL TEXAS REGISTERED VOTERS OR LEGAL REGISTERED US VOTERS….OBVIOUSLY SHE JUST CONTINUOUSLY LIES…LIKE how she worked her way through an Ivy League University while raising her child and living in a trailer….when her husband said he paid for her college and when he made last payment she divorced him moved and left her daughter with him. Some Woman, Some Mom huh!!

  21. I failed to mention in the previous comment….Ted Nugent isn’t running for Governor for the Great State of Texas….Gregg Abbott is and he is a GOOD MAN.

  22. LOL, thats hilarious!

    Your whole little ditty about Ms Davis is a copy and paste of stupidity. That is not how it happened at all, nor have you been intelligent enough to research it.

    Your news source is making a huge fool of you

  23. So the person that knows him knows less than you do? What about forgiveness and saying it’s in the past like we were admonished to do for Bill Clinton? Ted never said he is a Christian that I know of. I don’t think many Christians see him as one. He still admits he likes to raise hell, at least musically and yeah, his language is pretty repulsive. His wife seems to have him pretty much in control though and I doubt he messes around now, like he’s the only Rock and Roll singer who had no morals in the 60’s and 70’s or didn’t go to Vietnam? He still has the right to support a candidate and if he was denied, Abbott would be called a bigot or worse. Politics has always made for strange bedfellows. The party that has been responsible for over 56 million babies being murdered hardly has a lock morality.

  24. Sorry, you cant blame abortion on the democrats. Doesnt fly. Blame it on the Supreme Court and a persons right to make their own decisions about themselves and their bodys. Dont you just hate that rights thing?

    Nuge is a hate filled republican. Who lies and hates with the best of them

  25. If Ted Nugent and his values are the best that Abbott can do, the state of Texas is in deep doo-doo.

  26. Still having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that this woman staged a fight for the right to kill unborn kids much later than even the Europeans have a stomach to do.

    And then to hear people laud this woman’s morals just makes one want to puke.

    If this is the very best the Dems can do, they should just give up.

  27. So, basically you are against your right of choice. Davis is running on more then abortion. She is running to protect yourt rights that you would give up in a heartbeat if told to

    You may forget that what her fight was about, it was women’s rights being destroyed in Texas. Something else you obviously dont support. Women

  28. Great comments from those that say ‘I’m not from (don’t live in) Texas, BUT… Yea? then BUTT out.
    Davis is an opportunist with no, -0- chance. But please continue to donate to her campaign, it’s great for our economy… regards Texas.

  29. Maybe not but we have a ocean and a lot of money to build desalination plants. There are talks of using some of our surplus, something few others states have, to address our water issues.

  30. All she is doing is further diminishing her chances. Ted Nugent may not be the model citizen or even a decent one but he voices support for our rights as US citizens and people commend him for that, especially people who cherish and use their rights. Yes, even democrats in Texas would choose to keep their guns. So, not a smart move on her part. I did like the photo of her holding a shotgun, it was pretty funny.

  31. Says Texas ranks 49th nationally in “what we are doing to support our per-pupil investment in education in the state.”

    Feds rank Texas worst healthcare provider

    Despite its growth and diversified economy, Texas also has had the less fortunate history since 1980 of having a larger percent of its population living in poverty than the overall US average.

    Those some values to live up too and you still have no water

  32. Isn’t it amazing whenever you ask one of these FUX NEWS republicans to provide a link to the BULL$HIT rants the response is always the same? NOTHING!- ZERO that just mysteriously fade away! @justinic, wheres the link bubba!!

  33. You mean she doesnt lie, approve of pollution, try to humiliate single mothers, wants people to actually graduate from school?

    or do you mean she doesnt carry and gun and chew tobacco?

  34. Surely you jest.

    As Sheldon on the big bang theory would say “Oh’ that was sarcasm.

    Windy Wendy has the worst morals of any except Obama Reed Pelosi and Hillary. But wait since they all lie she ma y stand half a chance – NOT in Texas.

  35. If you think he is a great man than your standards aren’t real high, since his apparently aren’t. Why do Republicans and ?or Teabaggers believe the answer for everything is a gun?

  36. If Rick Perry is any example, the people of Texas should be protected from the kind of government they deserve.

  37. Ted Nugent is not a musician, well I guess if you want to call him a one-hit wonder, he is but screw his music, it never was worth a shit anyway. I say Kudos to Wendy for calling this pos out!He is an admitted pedophile, someone should put him to rest for good.

  38. Are you a man or a woman? If your a man you have no say so on what I do with my body and no it is not just a place for sperm donors and a baby making machine. and If you’re a woman SHAME on you.

  39. As a woman I’m losing my rights to people like you. Something a man would never stand for but all women must. B***S***. If you were a real man you would stand with women in their fight for equal rights and pay. Because if we lose those rights you can just be sure that a lot men will be losing also,(in the bedroom department).

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