President Obama Brilliantly Takes Down a Heckler Who Thinks He’s Going to Blow Up Russia


During his speech at the DNC, President Obama was interrupted by a heckler who claimed that he is planning a nuclear war with Russia. The president’s reaction was priceless.




THE PRESIDENT: — I consider Republicans patriots who love this country just as much as we do.

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Tell us about your plans for nuclear war with Russia!

THE PRESIDENT: I’m sorry, who’s that back there? (Laughter.) What the heck are you talking about? (Applause.)

AUDIENCE: Obama! Obama! Obama!

THE PRESIDENT: No, no, don’t worry about it. We’re okay. Have a seat. I don’t know anything about that plan. (Laughter.) I don’t know what you’ve been reading. (Laughter.) Let me return to what I was talking about. (Applause.) See, he thought happy hour started earlier. (Laughter and applause.)

The look on President Obama’s face was priceless. If that wasn’t the ultimate WTF look, I don’t know what is. When protesters have an issue that they care about, this president has been very generous in letting them speak. However, this particular heckler was a crackpot.

President Obama doesn’t want to go to war with Russia. He most definitely has no interest in starting a nuclear war. This isn’t the Cold War. Obama isn’t going to nuke Russia over the events in Ukraine. It’s silly to think that is a possibility.

It is even less likely to happen because the president made a statement today that emphasised that the consequences for Russia’s actions in Ukraine will come from the international community. For the millionth time, Barack Obama is not George W. Bush. Even George W. Bush wasn’t cowboy enough to threaten to drop a nuke on somebody.

This heckler was a bit of a paranoid freak, and the president handled this individual’s rude interruption incredibly well.

38 Replies to “President Obama Brilliantly Takes Down a Heckler Who Thinks He’s Going to Blow Up Russia”

  1. Where is CNN and FOX and all the other networks on this? They should be showing how the President made a TOTAL fool of that IDIOT to all the world!

  2. Obama handles all adversity with grace, dignity, intelligence and humor. He’s a class act and a decent human being. But, yes I agree he handled it very well. Love this POTUS!

  3. That’s odd. Obama doesn’t look anything like John McCain or John Bolton. Can’t understand how the heckler got them mixed up.

  4. I wish PBO should simply plant heckler’s to discredit the many GOP Lies.

    Example: “Obama, you’ve taken more vacations then any previous president”. “Ah, No…George Dubya has me beat in that department by Three Hundred and Sixty Seven Days”.

    Or “Obama, Benghazi was the worst attack in history of our US Embassy on your watch”. “No, there were 31 embassy deaths during GWBush’s and 91 embassy deaths during Ronald Reagan’s Presidency”.

  5. You seem to forget that according to Republican historians there were no terrorist attacks on US soil during G.W. Bush’s presidency… except that one in New York, or the one in Washington D.C. or the one foiled in Pennsylvania but those all occurred within a matter of minutes.

  6. I hope you have citations for you magic claims.

    All those people who claimed that Obama can’t deliver without a teleprompter can consider themselves served. NOSTROVIA, children!

  7. You are thinking of the Bush/Cheney regime that insisted that water boarding was not torture. It was when the Japanese used it in WWII, but not now when they used it.

  8. Oh, look, Andrew, we have our own teapublican heckler. It doesn’t matter that what they’re heckling about is a ton of BS…they’ve just got to spew it which of course just makes them look silly. LOL

  9. Clearly the RETHUGS are desperate to go back to the 50’s. You have to wonder,when they are finally going to SURRENDER?

  10. Actually, from what I’ve been reading, the Republicans have this love/hate thing going on with Putin. The hate Putin because he represents Russia and all things BAD … but when you put Putin up against President Obama … PUTIN GOOD. Republicans LOVE War … I mean, they REALLY LOVE WAR AND GUNS. But moreso, they LOVE MONEY. And they always stand to gain LOTS of money from wars, because they invest heavily in the military industrial complex. So it is the REPUBLICANS who are pushing for war … war in Russia, war in Iran, to keep the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. They just ARE NOT HAPPY when there’s no war! I don’t know if the drink more when there IS war or when there ISN’T. But we know they drink a LOT. Just like they HATE a lot. They just are pitiful people. It’s hard to even know what to say about them anymore, because there are no words in the English language that are adequate.

  11. Instead of the “happy hour” remark, I thought for sure he was going to say, “did you hear that story on Faux News?”

  12. President Obama is just too suave. I wish he could run for President again. Never will there be another like him. Go team Obama!

  13. It never ceases to amaze me these ridiculous theories these idiots come up with. I use to get disgusted now I’m just amused.

  14. Well, when we have Senators McCain and Graham proclaiming that the President had better get with it and bomb Russia, this guy isn’t so far off. I’m glad Obama is the one in charge.

  15. Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) said about McCain back in 2008:”The thought of his being president sends a cold chill down my spine,” Cochran said about McCain by phone. “He is erratic. He is hotheaded. He loses his temper and he worries me.”

  16. the hecklers question should be taken seriously. obama did threaten war with russia over ukraine. war with russia means thermonuclear war.

  17. Thanks for posting my other comment, wouldn’t want to rock the boat on all the dreamers.
    All go down with a sinking ship people, wake up!

  18. I wonder when are the Republicans going to stop planting thses pitiful people in these types of meetings? Two things come to mind….The Republicans are doing this and number two (kind of “far fetched), there are foreigners attending these rallies/meetings pretending to love Republicans and hate this Administration who are here for one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to try and destroy the United States from the “inside” out by infiltration. My thinking is, Republicans don’t know who these “anti-Obama people are, but they are embracing them. My theory (and like I said, it probably far fetched)is, they are not only “anti-Obama”, these people are “anti-America!”.

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