GOP In Disarray As ‘Uncle Sugar’ Mike Huckabee Jumps To The Front Of The 2016 Line

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PPP released a poll on Thursday showing that former Arkansas Governor and current Fox News TV show host Mike Huckabee has jumped to the front of a crowded field of 2016 Republican Presidential candidates. The poll was conducted in Iowa, a key early-primary state. Apparently, Iowa Republicans are so confused about who to support that they are starting to think a far-right huckster like Mike ‘Uncle Sugar’ Huckabee sounds like a good choice.

Much like in other statewide polls recently, Iowa shows that embattled New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has fallen out of favor, making the Republican field wide open. Normally, at this point, there would be at least 2 or 3 favorites among the field, creating distance between themselves and the also-rans. That is not the case this time around. Republicans have no idea who they are going to support so they are bouncing between awful candidates that have absolutely no chance to win a general election.

In the poll, Huckabee received support from 17% of the voters. There were seven other candidates that received at least 7% of the vote. After Huckabee, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul was second at 14%. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush placed third with 13%. The other two candidates with doubt-digit support, Christie and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, each received 10%. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal were all in high single-digits. Florida Senator Marco Rubio only received 3% of the vote.

Meanwhile, just like everywhere else, Hillary Clinton dominates the Democratic field. It really isn’t even close. As long as Hillary decides to run, the nomination is hers. In the poll, Clinton received an amazing 67% of the vote. Vice President Joe Biden was a distant second at 12%. No other candidate got over 5%. Among Iowa Democrats, Clinton’s favorability is off the charts, as 82% hold a favorable view of her while only 9% see her in a negative light. It also speaks to her high visibility, as most voters at least have some opinion of her. Outside of Biden, the other candidates face a large percentage of voters holding no opinion of them due to not being well-known enough.

Clinton is also ahead of every potential GOP candidate in a head-to-head matchup. Huckabee and Bush come the closest, as each trail by four points. Christie is behind by six points while Paul has a deficit of five points. This is pretty much right in line with how the state voted in 2012, as Obama defeated Romney 52-47.

While we are far away from the Presidential election, and a lot can still happen in the next 2 years, it is looking like the GOP’s chances of winning the White House in 2016 are non-existent. All the supposed swing states (Iowa, Ohio, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, etc.) are looking like they will stay Blue. Considering that Obama won with a margin of 126 electoral votes, if the GOP can’t flip a few states, let alone any, they are looking at certain defeat. As it stands now, they might be looking at an even bigger whooping than they received in November 2012.

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  1. Which is why it’s important to vote in 2014. If we can scrape the bagger doo-doo off our collective shoe then, by 2016 sanity may return.

    I suspect the President is going off the chain during the next 2 years and make the mudsill GOP positions indefensible. Even to whack jobs.

  2. The Republicans keep looking for people to be their “saviors” instead of changing the horrible policies that keep costing them elections–especially presidential ones. Mike Huckabee is no exception, with his ridiculous remarks about birth control and women’s libido. It doesn’t matter whether he experiences scandals like Chris Christie’s or Scott Walker’s that would take him out of contention. He shouldn’t be in contention in the first place, with his misogyny, among other character flaws.

  3. I’m registered I and get to choose my ballot for the Primary. I’m going to take an R ballot and make sure that the LOONIEST Republitoon possible gets my vote to advance to the November ballot. If that is Huckabee, then so be it. But somehow I don’t think that he’s the worst they have to offer. I’ll wait and see.

  4. As seen in 2012, the one way to get Black Americans to the polls is to threaten our right to vote. The sh*t Husted and others tried to pull in 2012 pissed us off and we showed up and waited in line for hours to vote. We turned the waiting into a party in 2012, and we are prepared to do the same thing this year. The GOPTPers don’t understand that we remember well the difficulty our parents and grand-parent had in getting the right to vote, and that there’s no way we’re going back to those times. One good thing we have on our side is black radio. The hosts on these programs talk politics all the time and focus on getting out the black vote. If the GOPTPers think we’re uniformed (and it seems that they do) they need to educate themselves. We know what’s going on, and we know who is to blame for the gridlock in D.C. It ain’t Pres. Obama!

  5. Mike Huckabee is running again! Oh, please. Obviously he didn’t get the message the first time around. He lost big time. If this is the case, why not run Sn. John McCain again…He did so well in that election. LOL.

  6. The GOP is dying! want proof? mike huckleberry eeerrr, I mean huckabee, michele bachmann, rand paul, rick perry, rafael cruz, mitch mcconnell, scott walker, piyush jindal, chis ” maffia wanna be” christie, john mccain, sarah ”the white guys wet dream” palin, ted “I love me some 11 yr old girls” nugent, fux news, limbaugh, I think you get my point.

  7. Anne

    You are 100% correct— the Repugnants keep looking for a new lead dog for their
    sled of shit. No matter who pulls it — it still stinks.

    Wonder if we would have to vote in only Christian churches as polling places?

  8. Ya know, say what you will about the corruption of past Republican Presidents, (before Bush Jr.), at least they didn’t appear insane.
    Yes, they were corrupt, stupid and power hungry. But they were not the same breed of psychopath we see today.

    Chris Christie reminds me of those Presidents. Corrupt. Stupid. Power hungry. But not truly a monster. Not in the way the most of the rest of the people seriously being floated around for the 2016 Republican ticket are.
    Because of this, Christie’s fall from the national stage gives me a bad feeling. He was the only sane candidate standing. It’s the same feeling I had when Romney was nominated in 2012; the fox was too close to the hen house.
    If somehow Hillary Clinton were to lose the election, it would be bad. But at least if she lost to Christie, the nation would survive his Presidency, corrupt though it would be. If any of the other nutcases were to be elected, in the first 100 days we’d be instigating WWIII.

    Just some sour food…

  9. Chris Christie was the GOP’s great hope until recently, but his fall from grace has been rapid, total, and complete. In the process, he has also been unmasked as being anything but moderate. He’s just not crazy like the other wannabe nominees. If there were Republicans like Dwight Eisenhower, for example, it wouldn’t be disastrous. But what we have with Republicans in 2014 is a group of folks seemingly determined to outdo each other in terms of which one can go farther off the deep end with wacky, outdated policies on just about everything.

  10. Please let pudgy, paranoid religious zealot Mike Huckabee win the primary. He wants to double down on talking about women’s libidos & “uncle sugar” providing them with sinful birth control pills. That should win over the women’s vote. He’s got a son with a history of animal cruelty. He was charged with animal abuse when he tortured, tied a stray dog to a tree & set it on fire. This happened while he was some kind of eagle scout leader. Daddy payed off law enforcement & covered it up. If they want to dredge up Hillary & the 90’s there’s a few skeletons in the Huckabee’s closets too.

  11. Christie was at a town hall last convincing the crowd pensions need to be cut. Typical republican. I didn’t see anyone challenged him. I think he pre-screens town hall attendees. Unless they are that in awe of his “awesome” personality. Whoopie, he acts like a bully. He’s a “regular guy” isn’t that special. His actions say different. Repubs are all the same. Screw over workers while never touching tax loopholes for their corporate donors. Ignoring that people work their entire lives to build up a pension to retire with dignity. It’s not a gift. It’s always the middle class that has to suffer. He hates teachers & the unions that represent them. How is Christie different that the wingnuts? He’s worse, jammed up a bridge against a Dem mayor & still expects to get away with it.

  12. I love the way you all attack the Republican Party. It’s a bunch of name calling and mean spirited comments like “pudgy, paranoid religious zealot” “women’s libidos & “uncle sugar”. And by the way, if you are going to use that one, do your homework and find out exactly what he said, not what the CNN network said he said. There never seems to be any positive comments about what the Democrats have accomplished. I would think if the Democrats are so wonderful you would be singing their praises. Maybe that’s the problem, there are no things to praise. You had all better hope and pray a Republican gets elected, it may be the only hope for this country.

  13. Well spoken. If any of these people would take the political party off the table and base their views on merit and accomplishments of the candidate we may have a chance at restoring security and respect for our country and better yet be able to leave something besides Trillion dollar debts to our children. At this point we should ALL apologize to our grandfathers for throwing away what they fought so hard for. I’m sick to death of this damned race card that has divided our country..remember there were an awful lot of whites that lost their lives because they knew slavery had to be abolished.

  14. The problem may also be, our children will leave much bigger debts to their children.

    At the same time we will leave an environment to our children that may not be conducive to good health so what does it matter?

    The only answer is capitalism must learn to live with the workers and purchasers being able to live to buy their products and pay off the debts.

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