John McCain Wants To Push The United States Into A Full Scale War With Russia

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On Saturday, the day after President Obama addressed the nation on the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) made a statement. As per his usual self, McCain made sure to undermine the President regarding his foreign policy strategy. At the same time, he pushed for the US to commit to sending troops into Ukraine and confronting Russia directly.

Below is McCain’s full statement:

“I am deeply concerned that Russia’s ongoing military intervention in Crimea may soon expand to eastern Ukraine. Yesterday, President Obama said that Russia would face ‘costs’ if it intervened militarily in Ukraine. It is now essential for the President to articulate exactly what those costs will be and to take steps urgently to impose them.

Russia’s use of force in Ukraine is unfolding in clear violation of Russia’s own commitments to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, including under the 1994 Budapest Memorandum. None of us should be under any illusion about what President Putin is capable of doing in Ukraine, especially now that he has requested, and the Russian Duma has approved, the deployment of Russian troops, not just in Crimea but in the country of Ukraine.

Every moment that the United States and our allies fail to respond sends the signal to President Putin that he can be even more ambitious and aggressive in his military intervention in Ukraine. There is a range of serious options at our disposal at this time without the use of military force. I call on President Obama to rally our European and NATO allies to make clear what costs Russia will face for its aggression and to impose those consequences without further delay.”

Make no mistake about McCain’s statement that there are other options available without resorting to military force.  He wants the United States to go to war and he wants it to happen yesterday. He’s been banging the war drums especially hard lately, whether it is Iran, Syria or Russia. He not only wants to push us into a full-scale war, he wants to try to make the President look like a weak leader while doing so.

However, nobody is taking McCain seriously anymore. The President isn’t going to listen to anything he says, and McCain’s sphere of influence has rapidly shrunk the past few years. Other than maybe Senators Kelly Ayotte and Lindsey Graham, nobody on Capitol Hill is really joining forces with McCain when he goes off on his hawkish tirades. While Republicans in Washington love to rip the President for every decision he makes, most also know that the American people have no appetite for another war. The recent situation with Syria made that abundantly clear.

Once again, we just see bitter, angry old man McCain taking out his frustrations with the 2008 election results every time he goes off on one of these hackneyed rip jobs on the President. He is so transparent and impossible to take as a serious foreign policy expert. He just wants to shake his fist angrily at the White House and claim that the President doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s become the crazy uncle at Thanksgiving dinner that only reads WND and The Blaze and watches Fox News 24/7.

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  1. I see whats happening as a serious problem. Obama is going to have to back up what he has said and Putin is now calling him on it by sending troops into the Ukraine.

    Instead of sending the mighty troops, its time to cut off all the food we send Russia. All (governmental) trade. Shut down everything. Russia may want to have us militarily in the Ukraine at their back door, but we need to pull everything out of the front door.

  2. first of all, the conflict arose because of an agreement between the EU and the Ukraine, so the
    I would expect the person to decide on the steps taken against Putin would be Angela Merkel who is the head honcho in the EU, and the pres would give her all the support she asks for.
    One thing suggested is a boycott of all the nations including the US against the coming conference to be hosted by Putin at Sochi.

    If I am wrong I hope someone can correct me -please.

  3. He should have been charged with Logan Act violations when he sneaked into Syria, through Turkey. (He says he had authorization although that seem hard to believe.) Emboldened by that adventure, he slipped into Ukraine and stirred the shite there too, although anybody could have predicted what Russia would do. Every time I see this man’s pasty face, I think how blessed America is that this man did not become Mr. President and Palin did not get anywhere near the oval office.

  4. As long as McCain is one of the first grunts on the ground at the time of invasion. Otherwise use sanctions.

  5. This is a foolish report. I doubt that the Senator “wants” the US to go to war. I know the President is working through diplomatic channels to ease the situation and prevent Russia from complicating things for the Ukrainian government. I’m confident the President will not “cowboy” us into the kind of costly and tragic commitments we’re just now working clear of.

  6. McCain should have retired when Palin quit. He’d now have a cushy job at Fox News acting like a jerk on their dime, instead of being a jerk on ours. I realize President Obama has made the GOP look like idiots over the years, and they are pissed, but really. Another war? Really? What happened to the John McCain who was against torture and conflict? Oh, right. The Tea Party can be thanked for that too.

  7. john mccain has become such a sleezy, dirty little chickenhawk!! see this is classic white guy republican!! too damn old to be the fantasy tough guy and too damn cowardly to just STFU, wouldn’t you think john mccain who has actually seen war up close would look for other answers rather than bombing everything and everybody in sight? the entire republican party has become chickenhawk fascist.

  8. Had Palin and McCain had their way back in 2008, the United States would have declared war on Russia (over the conflict with Georgia), North Korea, Iran, and the country of Africa (Sarah’s personal pick).

  9. So he votes against increasing veteran benefits but wants to send us in another war? I am living in a bizarre world

  10. Oddly, I was reading “Without Conscience”, a book by Dr. Robert Hare on the subject of psychopaths. In discussing the kind of combat pilots they made, he described them as hot dogs who couldn’t be bothered with basic safety and maintenance measures on their planes, and who, in their overbold grandstanding, frequently risked their aircraft in ways that got them killed or captured. When captured, they are not loyal to their comrades, and when repatriated, they lie.

  11. John McCain is nuts, PERIOD! Why is he so desperate to get the United States involved in numerous wars, bombings, invasions, and killings? No one can be that spiteful because he was rejected for the presidency. The Republic party must shut up this old warmonger, McCain is making the GOP become known as the party of wars and killings. Is John McCain still mentally competent to even be in the senate? Isn’t it time that he retires and deals with his hate and defeats. McCain should seek professional therapy to help him deal with his utter hate

  12. I’m not sure we send them anything. We might trade with them in some minor way but we have rarely seen economic embargoes do any good. Plus Putin could easily retaliate for any economic embargo we put in place by taking it out on Europe by shutting down the natural gas they receive. Since this amounts to almost 30% of Europes energy needs who do you think would really win this?

    In all honesty there is little the US can do unless we want to go to war. I for one am completely against that option.

  13. the military industrial complex has a large presence in Arizona…it is sad to think this is the reason behind McCain’s cheerleading us into war but war is his answer to every conflict anywhere in this entire world….

  14. He is an old Fogey for sure BUT!Did any of you read what he said? No mention of us going to war at all. In fact he said we have many non-military options and for POTUS to explain what his actions would be. If anyone knows the horrors of war he does.

  15. I think they are both right, Ukraine needs its sovernty but why has obama noticed what goes on here, hes trying to push laws that makes him like putin putin an obam are playing war games. I think nato forces will get deployed but the protestors are going to initate the attack. Hope they reform soon

  16. John McCain still can’t stand the fact a black dude beat him. His hatred is all consuming and will be his downfall.
    John, please deal with immigration reform, raising taxes on those that can well afford it, doing away with tax breaks for ALL corporations and keep YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!!

  17. this story is misleading Mccain said there are a number of options without the use of troops I am a liberal but get it straight or no one will take what is said seriously by us.

  18. Perfect picture of John McCain.

    On July 29, 1967, a fire on the USS Forrestal caused chain-reaction explosions that killed 134 sailors and injured 161. John McCain was directly involved. There are books and interviews with sailors who were there who described what happened.

    McCain was also involved in the destruction of at least 4 other aircraft during his “illustrious” military career.

  19. On another note:

    Will someone please, PLEASE explain to me what McCain did to make him a war hero? Be captured and held prisoner?

    What about the hundreds of other Americans who were captured and held prisoner by North Vietnam? What were they, reality show contestants?

    John McCain WAS NOT THE ONLY AMERICAN HELD AS A PRISONER OF WAR. There were almost 800 American POWs, with 661 returning home alive.

    McCain did not go through anymore than the other 800 Americans. Some of these men went through more than McCain, ESPECIALLY SINCE THEY RETURNED HOME IN A BOX.

  20. McCain was considered a jerk and a lousy pilot by his peers before he was shot down and became a POW. His (then) wife worked tirelessly in the POW/MIA cause to get the prisoners better treatment and to get them released and he came back and dumped her for a rich blonde heiress. He is/was all ego without any moral character.

  21. Every day since 11-04-08, I have been endlessly grateful that this fool was not elected to the White House. Sarah Palin’s presence on the Republican ticket was bad enough by itself and more than enough reason to vote against them. However, John McCain’s dangerous character flaws have become increasingly obvious over time, starting with his abandonment of common decency and common sense, along with his pandering to the most ignorant of the GOP base in 2008. This latest stupidity is only a continuation of his determination to help sabotage the presidency of the man who beat him back then. He is just as consumed with hate and bitterness as his running mate at the time, and his gratuitous potshots at President Obama make it painfully obvious.

  22. Why this crazy old man is not talking about NAZIs who took contol to Ukrain government and parliament, who were beating MPs and disperse constitutional court? You can see all truth here

    Why this crazy old man is not saying that he is supporting neo-nazis of Ukrain whos leaders are going to kill all non-ukrains leaving in Ukrain?

    Why he is not telling all us how that “peaceful” demonstrators were shooting to police and were beating people See truth here and here and here

    You can see here how these “peaceful” demonstrators make “peaceful” demonstrations, our police will kill theme all without thinking but that guyes were doing nothing and here

  23. The best thing about Obama winning the 08 election is that Mccane and Palin got nowere near the oval pffice

  24. You seems to forget the USA has already done this to Russia in the past not only did it make Russia stronger as a country but the also gained some powerful a
    Lies in the Asian region. Another war with USA v Russia is a war the USA cannot win

  25. How stupid is it precisely for the US to go to war against Russia? Did Putin go to war against the USA over our illegal invasion of Iraq? Was McCain interested in the opinion of Russia over our occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan? Why do we believe that we are the Rulers of the Universe?

  26. If McCain wants war so bad, let’s just send him over there himself to stomp his foot.

    The US is only bullying Ukraine because they’re sovereign & Rothschild banking is trying to get them under their filthy hands. Russia is only there to protect them.

    Sorry, America, you’re in the wrong. (& no, I don’t mean the people, I mean the government.)

    As the people, we can’t be fooled by this anymore. Its time to denounce our tyrannical government & take our country into our own hands.

  27. It amazes me almost every commenter cant comprehend a couple of words…McCain says there are many options WITHOUT the use of military force…how the fuck can you sit here saying he wants war with Russia?

  28. I guess at 75 years of age McCain should become a suicide bomber– the ultimate orgasm for a WarHawk.

  29. Sally

    Palin never quit– she just said she saw this situation coming — from her front porch?

    I used to respect Mc Cain in some ways but he has used up all credibility and is really showing his age.

  30. knight444

    McCain is many things but you cannot call him a chickenhawk. He is a Hawk and proud of it.
    A chickenhawk is someone who leads us into war and them but has zero idea of what war is really like. Mc Cain is just old and should entire to Fox NEWS.

  31. Actually, he has no business going into Ukraine and meeting with these people. He is not Secretary of State nor is he an employee of the State Department. This is the same crap he pulled when he snuck into Syria and posed with the Syrian rebels — who are affiliated with zl Qaeda. I’m so sick of his grandstanding.

  32. That sounds exactly like mccain. I have never considered him as any kind of hero. His recklessness cost the taxpayers a lot of money. Not counting the toll on the men his actions put in danger. He kept getting away with it because of his family and their connections. He was shot down before he could do more damage and spending that time as a POW paid off big time. He parlayed that into a real career. What were his chances if he had come back without the Budweiser fortune behind him. He didn’t hesitate for a second to dump his injured wife and family for his selfish ambitions. Just like he is a more than willing tool for the war industry. Every action he has taken in his whole miserable life has been ALL for his own selfishness.

  33. Since I am an old people watcher. I can attest to this fact. You hear the excuses all the time that people have “changed” when they get old. Very very few people ever change in reality. The only thing that changes with age is the ability to hide their real personalities. McCain is now exactly what he has always been. And a perfect example of how easy it is to use someone with absolutely NO scruples to manipulate decent people. McCain works for the war industry and himself. His interests have never extended beyond himself. He is always beating the war drums for his masters…how many body guards is he surrounded by at all times?

  34. American Corporate Evangelical Christianity, the true definition of a death cult. What is their one big push? Forcing their Armageddon upon the Earth and the life she sustains. Advocates of this death cult are now screaming and crying that the United States needs to go to war against another nuclear super power. Why you ask? Either to hasten the above mentioned Armageddon or force the world into another protracted “Cold” War.

  35. But did you notice in his speech where those words were uttered? Those should have been the first words out of his mouth instead of at the end after he pushes for US intervention?

  36. I will not beg but I’m hoping you guys don’t censor truth. My previous statement had no profanity, racism, hate, ect. Just objective truth. Hopefully, you don’t have a political agenda, influential bosses, or coersion influencing your decision. If you do, you have the choice of free will to remain in such a system & to reap the consequences when it falls. Media approval is at an all-time low. The American people are waking up. You can be a bastion for change or reap what you sow.

  37. This is the first I’ve heard of McCain pre-POW and I find it very interesting. Is there accessible material about what others thought of him then? I’d love to read it. What came after was all a kind of glow around a POW hero…..

  38. @crude, I strongly suggest YOU do your homework, mccain was a american pilot but in all honesty he did more damage to our side than the Koreans! Maybe YOU should educated yourself on how many planes he crashed, many you should educated yourself on how his fellow soldiers REALLY feel about him. maybe you should ask his ex wife how she feels about him. No @crude, mccain is a CHICKENHAWK! because he didn’t actually do ANYTHING that helped the USA against Korea.

  39. could somebody give McCain a gun. Send him over to where ever we are in conflict and let him have at it. I don’t see why this numb skull should cost me or any other young man their lives.

    If he’s so gungho then let him put his ass where his mouth his. . . wait a minute, that’s already done. Well, you know what I mean

  40. Much sound and fury, signifying nothing, to para phrase “the bard”.

    Ignore idiots like McCain. The Ukraine may end up in two parts which will be O.K. War will not happen even in spite of what will soon be, hopefully, the EXTINCT Republican Party!

  41. I echo your sentiments. This is just a stupid old warmonger, trying to play soldier as long as it is with someone else’s life/lives. It’s way past time this sorry excuse of a politician were put out to grass and maybe he could take his nomination for vice president with him. They could have lots of meaningless discussions about how things should be without any impact on others. ‘Tis a real pity that scarce taxpayer dollars are wasted by giving this fool a salary and benefits!

  42. Perhaps he never had it to lose! If so, what does that say about those whose votes put him into office time and time again?

  43. Any body know exactly how many US corporations, are in Russia now, having the Russians do, what American workers used to do??? There are a lot, that much I know and Putin knows it to, because above all else, he is a capitalist at heart. So…you can bet your sweet bippy, that Putin and President Obama, will play the sabre rattling game to the hilt for a while, but in the end….Crimea will be under Russian control. After all, it has a a couple of military bases and a naval port there. Russia could care less about the Ukraine as a whole, to much headache and money wasted.

    In the end, all sides will make nice and go back to playing in their sand boxes and continue making money.

  44. Thank the American people for NOT electing John McCain – along with Sarah Palin – the war-hungry duo. Or we would have been in at least two or three wars!

  45. McCain’s comments just prove one thing: Being a war hero doesn’t make you smart. Look at Forrest Gump!

  46. Mc Cain is a war monger. Do we need to fight every country’s battles? Do we need more American service men and women to become casulties, when visits for our wounded now wait for months for VA to provide services due to the tremendous back log. Is the military budget to be increased to support warfare? My heart breaks now when I see the destruction of the bodies of, once fine military men and women. Thanks to GW Bush, Cheney, and the others who forced us into an unnecessary war.

    U.S. President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron said that Russia’s actions in the Crimea are unacceptable. This conclusion policy came during a telephone conversation – said Espreso.TV with reference to the British edition of Mirror . Cameron warned Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin that if Russian troops leave the territory of the Crimea in the next hours, Russia will face a “significant losses . ” Politicians have also agreed that the need to de-escalate the conflict in direct dialogue between Ukraine and Russia. recall, last Saturday the Federation Council approved entering the Russian army in the Ukraine…. click the link to read the rest.

  48. I am certainly no fan of this senile, drooling, depends wearing Methuselah and consider him sociopathic at best and psychopathic at worst. But, in all fairness, in every report about his statements, it seems that one sentence is being left out. That sentence changes the entire interpretation and it is a little suspicious that strong political oponents all leave out this detial.

    That sentence is, “There is a range of serious options at our disposal at this time without the use of military force.” To me, this seems to clearly indicate that McCain is NOT advocating military intervention at this time.

    If we on the left resort to this kind of thing, we are no better than Fox News and the teabillies. Lets take the high road here; there is plenty to hate about these fascists without resorting to this sort of thing.

  49. Old fossil MCcain is nothing more than a warmonger and we do not like him here in Europe. The fact that he was running for office with a completly NUTS hockey mum says enough.

    Americans are hypocrits to put the blame on Putin while at the same time they invade other country’s and invade Irak based on multiple lies.
    So MCcain has to shut up.
    Whe know the hidden agenda of the US spoken by Wesley Clark former general that US wanna take out 7 conutry’s in 5 years.
    I hope one day the Russian will support riots and other extremist to your borders and sent high officials to destablize your country like MCcain did in Ukraine.
    Shame on you Devided States of America.
    I am not angry against the American people but their hypocrit moron government and especially MCain.
    The world is very happy that he never been chosen as president.And with a Hockey mum that do not even know which newspaper she daily read.
    Imagine in what kind of disaster they would have put the world.

  50. Maybe mister MCCain can ask his Nephews and his own sons if they wanna go to war instead of using innocent other mens children for a war that has nothing to do with America.
    This man is so evil and it is time for him to back off.
    His act on Syria was also disgusting and shows the real intensions of that old boys network of the Republican party.
    We in Europe do not understand that Americans are so naiev and allow such warmongers, who use blood of American soldiers for nothing.
    Maybe the AMerican people has to sent him and his family to fight in his own wars without amunition

  51. There is absolutely NOTHING the US needs to do in Ukraine. Nothing. The US has absolutely NO business going to war with Russia. If you think the US has some sort of stake in this game then NAME THE STAKE. Tell us precisely why you believe this nation should attempt to go head to head with Russia and how it will help us in the short and the long run. If you can’t then YOU can sign up to go to war with them.

    Signed, a former US Marine.

  52. Has there ever been a war that McCain DIDN’T want. The guy’s a nutcase – luckily he never became president ‘cos we’d be in about six countries right now fighting wars.

  53. Russia isn’t even in the top 24 countries to whom the U.S. exports, nor is it amongst the top 12 from whom we import, so “Stop everything” would be laughably small to them and hurt Americans in trade with Russia.

  54. people have short memories and no knowledge of history. They don’t know that WE (the United States) send 10,000 troops to Siberia to kill Russian revolutionaries and prop up the Czar. When it was seen that the revolution was a done deal we just left; But Russia never forgot and never has really trusted us since. Would you? Let’s stay out of this one and let all the war hawks send their children to Ukraine. If they live through the war, they can enjoy the spoils, if they don’t, well, at least we looked tough and strong and we gave it our damnedest.

  55. Kindly asked those who are beating their war drums if they are willing to fight the war themselves on the front line should President Obama orders it? If not should economic sanction and international pressure be enough as a cost for such unwarranted action of Russia?

  56. I suggest if John McCain wants to have a war with Russia that he and any of his friends go and fight that war. I love it when these old guys always want our young guys to fight their wars for them. Either you go to Russia John McCain or SHUT UP!

  57. The thing i most recently remember about lets bomb everybody who doesnt kiss Israels ass McCain is when during one of his town hall speeches, some young man said something John the bomb did,nt like. He called the guy a little jerk. The guy should have said ;I fuck your mother but then the goons probably would have beat the kid senseless. Lets face it, men approaching 80 yrs of age do not call out 24 yr old men unless they have the goons to protect them. So that being said I fuck your mother John.

  58. The thing i most recently remember about lets bomb everybody who doesnt kiss Israels ass McCain is when during one of his town hall speeches, some young man said something John the bomb did,nt like. He called the guy a little jerk. The guy should have said ;I fuck your mother but then the goons probably would have beat the kid senseless. Lets face it, men approaching 80 yrs of age do not call out 24 yr old men unless they have the goons to protect them. So that being said I fuck your mother John.

  59. In this nuclear age going to war with a power like Russia would be suicidal. We would not win, they would not win,just millions of innocent corpses. There has been talk for years about limited nuclear war, bullshit the minute one side felt they might lose they would throw everything they had at the other side. So who wins?

  60. Shiva do you know any thing about Russia? What food are you talking about? Russia if needed can close all the doors and never need any thing from any one. Any way if Maccain will go in the front of US army, then he can open his yapper! Big mouth little ballz! Funny 90% of americans never heard about ukraine and give damn about it. And i was thinking about america as a freedom…not any more, CNN needs to be shut down for all lies they feed us about Russia!
    P.S. Search net for Maccain taking pics with a leader of Nazis group in Ukraine. What els to say.

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