Darrell Issa and Fox News Lay the Foundation for Impeaching Obama Over the IRS Scandal


Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) teamed up with Fox News Sunday today for an interview that was designed to make the case for impeaching President Obama over the debunked IRS scandal.



After playing a video clip of President Obama saying there wasn’t a smidgen of corruption at the IRS, Rep. Issa made the claim that the IRS “scandal” was directed from Washington.


Chris Wallace: Now, there are six current investigations going on of the IRS scandal, four inside Congress, two inside the administration, one in Treasury, one in the Justice Department. A couple of questions. One, have any of those investigations been completed and cleared the IRS of wrongdoing, and what do think of the president stating there that there isn’t a smidgen of corruption?

Rep. Darrell Issa: Well, he’ll have to define smidgen and corruption for all of us because there certainly is real evidence that there was wrongdoing and that wrongdoing was not in Cincinnati, but,in fact, in Washington, DC….And that’s where the president is introducing things that have already been disproven.

But let’s understand, this is an administration that wants to have you believe a video launched the Benghazi murders when, in fact, that was disproven, and even after it was reintroduced by this administration again and again including by this president. Senator Feinstein and the Select Intelligence Committee in the Senate led by Democrats have made it clear that the factors that led to that had a lot more to do with terrorism than it ever would a video.

Issa couldn’t answer either of Wallace’s questions because the testimony gathered by his own investigation already cleared President Obama and Washington, D.C. of any corruption or wrongdoing.

Rep. Issa had to change the subject to Benghazi to hide the fact that he has no evidence to back up his claim that there was targeting of conservatives, and that it was being run out of Washington, DC.

Fox News and Issa have to place the activity in Washington because the point is to gather evidence that House Republicans can use to impeach President Obama. The IRS scandal isn’t going to be a big issue in the 2014 election, but Republicans, like Issa, are hoping that they win control of the Senate then they would be free to pursue their dream of impeaching the President Of The United States.

Republicans are dreaming that they can impeach Obama over the IRS and Benghazi “scandals” because that would also wound Hillary Clinton, and leave them a clear path to the White House in 2016.

The Republican Party couldn’t defeat Barack Obama in two elections, so they are looking to impeach him. It is unlikely they will be able to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016, so they are trying to sabotage her candidacy before it starts.

Congressional Republicans are trying to overthrow the will of the people, and overturn the results of the 2012 election.

This story isn’t really about the IRS or Benghazi. At its core, these witch hunts are about finding a way to impeach President Obama.

37 Replies to “Darrell Issa and Fox News Lay the Foundation for Impeaching Obama Over the IRS Scandal”

  1. Issa is long past due in being charged with treason. It is past time to start rounding up these numerous traitors to the USA that try to disrupt and Lie about the President and the USA Government.

  2. Debunking, 4 Pinocchios, Pants on Fire — none of it matters to Republicans. They simply ignore facts, their own history, or that they’re lying.

    That’s the essence of propaganda. One can’t say they haven’t learned at least one lesson from WWII history.

    (see how adroitly I avoided mentioning Hitler? ;-} )

  3. What a slimy man he is. How about “JOBS JOBS JOBS!” Darrell? That is what thrust your ignorant behind into power, is it not? You know, talking to the unemployed masses that you have then spent three years trying to bury? God, if anyone other than Fox buys this drivel, we need to invest in a massive campaign for more mental health services.

  4. This is obscene, right now we need to have honest dialogue re: Ukraine v Russia crisis, and this slimy idiot, is talking about “Benghazi, and IRS, scandalous witch hunts, too further try his “IMPEACH the President”, wet dreams.

    Is there no end to the STUPIDITY of this absurd wing of the GOPOOPERS????????

  5. Do it! DO IT! Impeach Obama! You very nearly destroyed yourselves the last time you pulled this senseless nonsense and spent double digit millions revealing a sweaty if irrelevant BeeJo! Lets see if you can’t really huff a bus pipe this time! IMPEACH OBAMA or be scurvy liars and insipid frauds! IMPEACH OBAMA!

  6. If they can’t win elections then they will just do their best for a coup. I guess they will use Bengazie to try to impeach President Clinton. Democrats better vote this fall if they want to put a stop to all of their oppression. Get mad vote them out. It’s a damn shame that people that are elected to work for the people instead turns into a battle to protect us from them.

  7. They are using our hard-earned taxpayer dollars for this useless chaos. They are not financially responsible in any sense of the word.

  8. Dear God already – This load of excrement has been proven to have manufactured evidence by Congressman Cummings and goodness knows how many hearings, at this point he is thinking if he repeats the lies
    often enough it will be played on right wing media.

    This man need to be locked up!

  9. Issa and the like are wasting millions of tax money investigating non-issues and I just heard they want to try to repeal the ACA again. They keep cutting programs yet they are the ones who are doing all the spending. November can’t get here soon enough!!!

  10. Its amazing to me how such a very few evil, dirty, corrupt and insane politicians (human-waste) in our government systems can f*ck up all of our country’s (U.S.A) citizens lives and futures. In my opinion. Its time now to throw these people out of government or into prison (if they qualify). In my opinion. We have no choice, if we the 99% are too survive.

  11. I am enraged to exhaustion that this “Representative” (and I use the term loosely) is using Taxpayer monies to propagate pure, unadultered lies.

    Shameful and pathetic….

  12. At this point, Issa isn’t just beating the dead horse… he’s doing some very unspeakable things to said dead horse. Many of which I cannot mention here for good reason.

  13. We need public funding of all elections with no personal or lobby money involved. And strict equity in all political ads on TV or radio. If they want to play a 60 second spot for or against something, the other side gets 60 seconds in rebuttal. No more “auctions” instead of elections.

  14. Sounds like most on this board don’t want to know why the woman responsible took the actions she did?

    Makes one wonder what concept of democracy prevails for liberals.

  15. I can tell you the concept of liberty dont include making laws to keep huge numbers of people from voting,writing or voting on laws to keep women repressed, voting to keep military vets from getting what they deserve.

    Just to name a couple

  16. Bring it on baby. I believe that it will end the Tea Party idiots. Maybe it will end the Rush show. They will not win and they will lose a big chunk in the house.

  17. We should have a flat tax anyway! We don’t go to the store and pay taxes on a product, according to our income or how many children we got! It’s a flat tax!

  18. If that is her testimony I will be interested to see his response. Seems a little absurd but I am never surprised what nonsense some Americans will accept to keep the gravy train rollin

  19. This will continue even after 2014 and 2016 when they lose and democrats win the white house. 2014 will be a test for them to see if that people will come out to vote just like they did in 2012 inspite of the hurdles that the republicans put up. That will be the very reason they will be voting, the women will be ready to take back their rights totheir ability to have control over their body and people will be fighting for their rights to vote. Also the states that don’t havethe ACA will be voting for the ACA to be expanding in the their stated and a clear message will be sent to the republicans to stop trying to repeal, defund, delay the ACA but to improve it and work to get more people cover. More and more people will be on the ACA by election time and more by 2016 and no one will want to give it up for nothing. A lot of changes will happen by election time that the republicans will not like but they need to get used too it because the world is changing

  20. I would like to put Issa, Cruz, & Paul in a room together with a Fox New camera recording live. I’d bet all that ego would be real live entertainment!

  21. D. ISSA, I hope you are removed from office and kicked out of D.C. You are an embarrassment to your party and our government. You are telling lies and making up hateful statements bc you are a racist sir. Shame on all of you. Familiar with KARMA???? AND YOU ARE COSTING THE TAXPAYERS A LOT OF THEIR MONEY, OH THAT’S RIGHT , YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT MONEY. THE KOCH. BROS. WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU AND YOURS.

  22. We need it badly, Sally. I made the mistake of reading comments on a TPers Facebook page regarding a comment about Putin and Russia invading the Ukraine and these people are ignorant at best, violently insane at worst. I have never read such a collection of ridiculous, vile, hateful, ignorant, acidic bullshit before in my life. It’s was infuriating and terrifying. So large scale mental heathcare push? BRING IT.

  23. It was not an impeachable offense to have a sex act with agreement between the two partners also with an of age partner either, yet, the rethugs did it. That is why the rethugs are salivating at the thought of gaining votes in this election. The rethugs would like nothing better then to bring charges against a Democratic President. Any, Democratic President. It’s called “pay back” for the very unpleasant Nixson impeachment.

  24. Use your punctuation. IRS “scandal” is the reality based version. Leaving out the BS flags makes the scandal appear real, instead of flat lies.

  25. The IRS scandal is real, it’s just not the one Issa claims.

    There was corruption, and it did come out of DC.

    Specifically, from Issa’s office.

  26. The crook,Issa the assa,arsonist & car thief needs to quit wasting our tax dollars on b.s.
    We must vote these arseholes out,vote mid-term.JUST VOTE this jerk out when the time comes. please

  27. Why isn’t Issa impeached for frivolous investigations leading to nowhere while pissing away millions of taxpayer dollars? He is such a headline seeker, he’d even investigate his background to keep his name alive. I say his name backwards is appropriate…………..ASSI Yep. He and Palin should find an island so she can see Russia!

  28. Ignorance is Bliss.
    Those ignoring the light shall never be enlightened.
    History has recorded the end result of all reighns of power. All ending.
    All leaders of all times enjoy blindly loyal subjects.

  29. Habitual lier lying on a network that habitually lies to people who lie to their friends; “don’t wrestle with a pig you will get muddy and the pig loves it”.

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