Darrell Issa Humiliates Fox News By Lying About Lois Lerner Testifying at IRS Hearing

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It turns out Rep. Darrell Issa lied to Fox News Sunday today, Lois Lerner won’t be testifying at his latest Obama witch hunt IRS hearing.

Here is a transcript of what Issa told Fox News Sunday:

WALLACE: All right. Let’s talk about that because when you recall Lois Lerner under subpoena to testify again this coming Wednesday, her lawyers said can you call her but she is not going to testify. She’s not going to answer any questions, continue to take the Fifth. But I understand you have some late breaking news.

ISSA: We do. Her attorney indicates now that she will testify. We’ve had a back and forth negotiation. But quite frankly, we believe that evidence that we’ve gathered causes her in her best interest to be summoned to testify.

WALLACE: But let me make sure — Lois Lerner, former IRS official, who took the Fifth last night, will testify before your committee?

ISSA: According to her attorney.

WALLACE: This will be on Wednesday?

ISSA: Will be on Wednesday. WALLACE: What changed her mind? Was it — did you give her immunity for her testimony? Was she frightened by the possibility of contempt? What changed her mind?

ISSA: Well, we really don’t know. What we do know is that during the intervening period, we interviewed all the people around her to build a case for why she is at the center of this targeting, why it wasn’t Cincinnati as you said in your opener. It wasn’t liberal and conservative groups. It was groups targeted first by their name, “Patriot” or “Tea Party,” and then later at Lois Lerner’s insistence, by some objective statements. But for the most part, it continued to target conservative groups.

However, Lerner’s attorney, William W. Taylor, told Politico, “As of now, she intends to continue to assert her Fifth Amendment rights. I do not know why Issa said what he said.”

Fox News plastered the story everywhere. This was the Republicans big break. They were going to revive the widely debunked IRS scandal. Lerner’s testimony was going to give the Republicans the smoking gun that they thought they could use to impeach President Obama.

Fox News is scrambling to adjust the content of their story, but in typical Fox fashion, they haven’t changed the headline.

Fox News and Issa both revealed their agenda by lying about Lerner’s testimony. Judging from her attorney’s statement, Lerner never intended to testify. The breaking news of her testimony was something that Issa cooked up, and Fox was ready to run with.

Issa’s interview this morning was a pathetic attempt to plant a bogus Obama scandal into the news. It all blew up in the faces of Issa and Fox News.

The only person that has less credibility than Fox News is Darrell Issa and only a sucker would trust either of them.

33 Replies to “Darrell Issa Humiliates Fox News By Lying About Lois Lerner Testifying at IRS Hearing”

  1. Ive gotten 2 breaking news emails and texts that say she is. Another calculated gambit by Issa. Another thing for him to be investigated for.

    More money wasted, more lies and doing it right in front of everyone.

  2. Hope he enjoys the freshly planted egg on his face.

    BTW, when can the people of California vote this moron out of office?

  3. I would be inclined to believe we do have a hell of a lot of suckers than, because a lot of misinformed people will believe either or both of these liars.

  4. Taylor’s statement was follow by a release from the oversight committee that stated Taylor had confirmed in writing that his client is willing to testify, but wants to delay the hearing by one week.

  5. aericle 1 section 5 comes to mind onexpulsion from the house for misconduct and conspiring against our potus obama which is it seditonist or treasonist

  6. I certainly feel for her, but this fact fails to get addressed:

    To get a 501-c-4 status, you have to APPLY. The IRS isn’t coming after you. You went to the IRS. The data show that the conservative c-4s vastly outnumbered any others, and therefore YES – the IRS did pursue MORE of their reviews than any others because THEY WERE IN THE VAST MAJORITY.

    That this woman is being made a target of investigation for an agency that is DOING ITS JOB is disgusting.

    Now the IRS righteously should look at what the c-4 organizations DID with their tax exempt status because if they engaged in partisan politics, they should be prosecuted to the fullest and without reservation. I am sick of supporting phony “charities” that violate the law. They have the right to advocate on NON PARTISAN issues as all c-4s do. They are forbidden to campaign for partisan offices as many of the Bagger groups are.

    PROSECUTE them IRS and strip them of their protection if they have violated the law!

  7. They have wasted enough money on these scandals to bring down the debit for what they spent.They hate the american people for disobeying them and electing an miniorty for president this was never suppose to happen. The republicans is used to people doing what they say and vote the way they tell them too. This president is not the first miniorty to run but is the first one to win so they were total unprepared for him to win. They kept thinking he would not win and people really would not vote for him, they really believe they had put enough fear in people that they would vote for Romney. What they had not account on is that they were taking people rights from them,like the rights to vote, women had no control over what to do with their bodies, rights to work laws were being taken from them, healthcare rights being taken from them. Cutting programs that the poor and the middle class need to help them meet their needs.

  8. He is either suffering from early onset dementia or a pathological liar. Either way, I question his ability to function in a position of responsibility.

  9. The real scandal is these groups are allowed to break tax laws. You little tax payers misrepresent yourself to the IRS and see what happens to you. Everyone knows these groups main function and activity is not social welfare charity to the community, as the law requires. Their main function and activity is to funnel unlimited amounts of money to candidates and political agendas without disclosing its source. They are fake charities. Think the IRS would turn a blind eye to you if you did not follow the tax code?

  10. Nordangb

    Perfect reply— how in the hell could anyone or anything humiliate Fox?

    I try watching them for a few minutes just to see how the other side lives but now I don’t care how the other side lives. They are caving in on themselves— there is no air to breathe on Fox.

  11. The only reason way, to embarrass Faux News, is to not watch it. That show reminds me of those glittery, television, give away and musical shows.

    All the on air personell look like something out of a buffed up fashion magazine and all have that blank look in their eyes. Kind’ve like those those information commercials the former Soviet Union and the Peoples Republic of China used to make, to show what a great bunch of thugs and other assortment of characters they were.

  12. Why would Issa go to prison?
    Why would you even suggest he go to prison?
    How would you feel if Bush used the IRS as a tool against left mined organizations.

    If she testifies under oath and revels that even a “smidgen” of acknowledgement came from the White House regarding “KNOWING WHAT WAS GOING ON” the entire country deserves to know.

    This is how one party governments are formed (CHINA) by shutting out others by using tools of the government to aid in this quest. This is not about politics. This is about killing democracy by using the IRS to go after a point of view under the direction of ??????? and that’s what we need to know. We need to get to the bottom of this.

  13. First you are an idiot. Dhow one piece of evidence that Obama used the IRS against anyone. The IRS job is to investigate all groups seeking tax exemption in fact it was liberal groups that were denied. Every one of you right wing nuts were approved. Stop being stuck on stupid

  14. Brad, Everything the GOP touches is their effort to destroy PBO!

    Stories are created and parts of scenarios are exaggerated.
    All to savage any Democratic President who comes along.

    Wake up and see the GOP M.O.
    Sadly, you and thousands more hear those LIES day-in-day-out.

    You have been brainwashed my friend!


  15. Issa is a republican, which means he is a liar. That is what lying republican liars do, lie republican lies.

  16. You know a liberal is blowing nothing but smoke when they start calling you names instead of simply stating facts. As a rule, they have no facts, just “sound good”, “be fair”, “equal” remarks that will not hold up to reality.

  17. Correct: Fox News Cannot Be Humiliated.

    So right! When they’re caught in their lies, they simply change the subject and move on to their next manufactured “breaking news” set of lies. Thats what they do, and they really suck at it.

    BTW, there’s an old saying: Those watch absolutely NO cable news, are more informed than people who watch only Fox “News”.

  18. You are a Moron. This isn’t over, she works for the American people. You take the fifth for one reason and one reason only, if you have something to hide. To avoid self incrimination. But liberals are not held responsible or accountable for any of their actions, including the big guy.

  19. You don’t know. Lois Lerner is a civil servant who was appointed by bush. And I know being dimwitted you only know the 2nd amendment but it is her constitutional right not to testify

  20. Why insult?
    We are all playing into the hands of politicians.
    Our country is at the verge of collapse because of politicians, both Democrats and Republicans and we are busy attacking each other. That is exactly what the politician’s want, a divided nation.
    I want to know the truth and every politician and bureaucrat has a responsibility to answer questions.

  21. Why insult? Because the information has been out there for over a year from non bias sources and still they lie and put out false info. I am tired of these baggers who don’t read or know history. Maybe its they don’t want the facts because of their racist tendencies. So if I let your nonsense through It is my duty to shoot you down. Sometimes I will insult but most of the times I cite links to back up what I say. This time my patience is running thin. If ou are to stupid to just Google then I will call you an idiot

  22. This is why Issa is a snake oil salesman.Chairman Darrell Issa literally shuts off the mic and walks out of the room when Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings, the committee’s top Democrat, criticizes the GOP’s bogus IRS investigation. And what set Issa off? This line from Cummings, apparently:

    Cummings: I would like to use my time to make some brief points. For the past year, the central Republican accusation… [Issa cuts off mic]
    Issa: We’re done. Close it down.
    Watch the vid
    Wimpy Darrell Issa storms out after Democrat criticizes GOP

    Truth? You baggers don’t want the truth

  23. People resort to insults or treats when they do not have a reasonable argument.
    If the information is out there then disseminate the information,
    If this is, a witch-hunt Lois Lerner had the opportunity to embarrass Issa by testifying and disclosing the truth.
    I do not care for politicians or bureaucrats; they are all experts in the art of deception. We cannot give them too much power; we need to hold their feet to the fire.

  24. Reasonable arguments? Hell I don’t know where you have been but I have debunked this bagger bullshit for over a year. Why should I keep repeating myself to people with ODS? Check the archives before you throw stones.

  25. The entire scandal was created by Darrel Issa. There may or may not be anything with Lerner, but the over all scandal doesnt even exist. Issa and House republicans asked that the report only focus on conservative groups. If you read the unredacted report you would see that all political groups seeking the status were investigated the same.

  26. And the only people who were denied were progressive groups.
    Meet the group the IRS actually denied: Democrats!

    Although Tea Party applicants got unfair IRS scrutiny, only one known group had status revoked. They’re Democrats

    Sometimes I think these people still believe the Earth is flat and revolved around the Sun. Facts don’t matter. That’s why I call them racist idiots

  27. I “KNOW” the law. Citing the 5th Amendment properly does not mean people have something to hide. The purpose of the 5th Amendment is to protect citizens from unscrupulous police and other law enforcement officials from unwarranted twisting of truthful statements into incriminating ones for the purposes of finding ways to prosecute and hold people accountable for crimes. The criminal justice system is not geared to finding the truth about a crime. It is geared to allow for prosecution of people who “could have perpetrated” a crime. If the police can find anyone who could commit a crime and pin that crime on them, they’ll do that every time – they don’t look for “who exactly committed the crime…” they look for who they think “could have committed the crime…” – Justice Breyer indicated the 5th Amendment should be used by everyone who stands accused of crimes in order to make the police actually work to solve a crime by truly finding the exact perpetrator of that crime.

  28. Issa is an arrogant tea bag S.O.B., thank the stars he’s the ONLY TEA BAG in VIBRANT BLUE LIBERAL CALIFORNIA. Unfortunately the ignorant tea bag/repubs that live “behind the Orange Curtain” a tea bag/repub ghetto, will still vote for him. He’s the one that CRIED TEARS when the CA rejected him as governor so we got stuck with ARNOLD because the repubs were STAR STRUCK. Arnold couldn’t do much damage because of our democratic majorty legislature….YEAH!!!

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